Can Oricom Baby Monitors Be Hacked? (Checked)

Oricom is an award winner when it comes to baby monitors. This Australian company has been providing parents the peace of mind that their baby is under a watchful ear and eye whilst they are in a separate room.

However, with reports about the ability that hackers have to exploit baby monitor devices many parents may be wondering if their Oricom baby monitors are vulnerable.

Here’s If Oricom Baby Monitors Can Be Hacked: 

Oricom baby monitors can be hacked. All baby monitors can be hacked. The problem with baby monitors is that they are not secure enough. However, most have modern encryption to help protect them. Oricom uses WEP encryption which is very outdated and easy to hack.

Oricon baby monitors

Can Oricom Baby Monitors Be Hacked?

Baby monitors have the potential to be hacked, however, it is unlikely that an Oricom baby monitors will be targeted and exploited.

The Oricom 710 uses 2.4GHz digital FHHS to prevent hackers from gaining access. 

If you are still concerned, you can improve your overall WiFi security by changing any default passwords and ensuring those passwords are unique. 

Why Does My Oricom Baby Monitor Sound Like

It’s Being Hacked?

If your Oricom baby monitor sounds as if it is being hacked then it’s understandable that you’re concerned.

However, with the exception of hearing the hacker speaking to you over the monitor, it is unlikely that the sounds you are hearing are in fact an indication that your device has been hacked.

Strange sounds should not necessarily give you cause to throw out your Oricom baby monitor. Baby monitors, such as the ones made by Oricom will make unusual sounds due to a few common factors.

What’s Making Your Oricom Baby Monitor Sound Like It’s Being Hacked?

The cause of these unusual sounds are likely due to the following:

  1. The parent unit and the baby unit are too close together.
    • If you hear your device give off an unpleasant screeching noise then this is caused by feedback.
    • Feedback happens when your parent and baby units are too near to one another.
    • Although it is an unpleasant noise it does not indicate either unit has been hacked.
    • Increasing the distance between the two devices will stop this sound and give your eardrums a rest.
  2. Your parent and baby units are too far apart.
    • Conversely, when the distance between your units exceeds the model’s specific range you will experience strange sounds.
    • Sometimes you will hear a repetitive beeping which is signaling to you that the two units need to be brought closer together.
    • You may also experience static and crackling.
    • Moving the units back into the required proximity will alleviate these sounds.
  3. Interference From Electronic Devices.
    • Interference, whether that be crackles, white noise, or distortion, can cause concern for parents worried about the potentiality of being hacked.
    • It is worth checking that your Oricom baby monitor is not placed by any electronic devices that may be interfering with your audio signal.
    • Items such as WiFi routers, microwaves, mobile telephones, and even mirrors can cause these issues.
    • Remove objects that can create signal issues for your baby monitor and this should stop the problem from occurring.

Many sounds that emanate from your baby monitor may sound unusual, however, by studying the troubleshooting guide in your Oricom baby monitor’s manual you are likely to find a more probable cause rather than hacking.

Why Would Someone Hack A Baby Monitor?

It’s difficult for most people to understand why someone would want to hack a baby monitor.

You may be wondering what would cause an individual to pursue such a niche attempt at infiltrating a piece of technology that is used by parents to keep their baby safe.

That said, there are a few reasons why someone will, and has, hacked baby monitors.

  1. Voyeuristic Opportunists.
    • Some people out there are creepy and reality TV just doesn’t cut the mustard for them, so to speak.
    • Unfortunately, these strange individuals find a sense of pleasure and power from being able to spy on unsuspecting families.
    • By gaining access to your camera and audio feed of your baby monitor the voyeur can watch and listen to what goes on in the room your device is in.
    • In a way, it is someone stalking you in your own home and although it is very disconcerting, it probably does not pose an immediate danger.
  2. Digital Pranksters.
    • A step-up and technical-minded version of the childhood prank of knocking on someone’s door and running away.
    • Digital pranksters hack a baby to make practical jokes which can take the form of shouting obscenities, to pointing the camera in the wrong direction.
    • These attacks are disturbing and, at the very least – annoying.
  3. Criminals.
    • Baby monitors can be exploited by criminals to gain sensitive information that can be used to further their criminal activities.
    • The baby monitor could be checked to see whether the house is unoccupied, thus allowing an undisturbed robbery.
    • They also can be a backdoor into your WiFi and any other connected devices. This allows passwords and other important data to be stolen.
    • Information can also be stolen by a criminal listening over your audio feed.

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Are There Any Reports Of Oricom Baby Monitors Being Hacked?

Thankfully, as of this date, there have been no official reports of Oricom baby monitors being hacked.

Other brands, such as the brand Wyze, made the headlines earlier this year after reports of several of their monitors being hacked due to a verification bypass flaw in the firmware. However, this has since been resolved.

Perhaps due to the hype surrounding the topic of baby monitors being hacked, there are unofficial reports or rumors about the brand Oricom circling the web – yet nothing has ever been officially proven.

Can You Check If A Baby Monitor Is Being Hacked?

So you’ve heard the horror stories and the reports of baby monitors being exploited, but you may still be wondering how you can tell if your specific device has been targetted.

There are a few main things to look out for which could indicate that your baby monitor has been hacked.

However, it is always worth checking your device properly, referring to the user manual, and by talking with anyone you know who has access to it, before jumping to conclusions.

That said, if in doubt, switch off your device until you are certain it is not posing a threat.

Is Your Camera Moving On Its Own Accord?

  • Baby monitor cameras should only move when you choose to make them move.
  • If you find your baby monitor has changed position, or if you see it tracking around the room without your command, then you should be concerned.
  • Cameras can be controlled by other people who have access to your device, for example – with an app.
  • Check with family members to see whether they have been changing the camera position.
  • If your camera has been compromised then a hacker may be watching the room and gaining data.

Is Your LED Light On When It Should Be Off?

  • Often, an LED light will signify whether or not the camera is in an active state – whether the camera is sending a live video feed.
  • If you, or anyone who has access to your baby monitor, are not watching the camera then the LED should indicate that.
  • If you find that the LED is in fact indicating that the camera is active when it shouldn’t, then someone may be watching without your permission.
  • Check your manual to understand the LED functions, but do not use the baby monitor until you are confident that your camera has not been compromised.

Are Your Hearing Voices From Your Baby Monitor?

  • If someone has gained access to the audio feed of your baby monitor then you may hear them.
  • If you hear voices from your baby monitor, either someone shouting directly at you or your baby, then switch the device off.
  • Breathing, other than your baby’s, may also be an indicator that someone has access.

Can You Protect An Oricom Baby Monitor From Hackers?

Fortunately, there are several easy ways in which you can help improve the overall security of your Oricom baby monitor.

The most obvious way to increase security is to use a strong password.

UK privacy watchdog Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) strongly advises parents or guardians using baby monitors to choose a password that contains:

  • Upper and lowercase characters
  • Symbols
  • Non-sequential numbers

Do NOT include names of your family or pets, however tempting this may be, as it is too easy to predict.

It’s worth noting you should always change the default password of your baby monitor, along with the default password of your internet router. Most routers nowadays come with pre-installed encryption technology as default, but it’s worth checking whether it has WPA3.

The original WPA (Wireless Protected Access) first came about over 10 years ago, so it’s advantageous to ensure your router is up-to-date and supports the most recent version-WPA3.

Another method to improve security with your Oricom baby monitor is to always update the firmware to the latest version.

This prevents any bugs or glitches that leave your monitor vulnerable.

Lastly, disable remote access unless its use is required.

Are Oricom Baby Monitors Encrypted?

Oricom’s latest range of baby monitors employs what is known as FHSS.

  • FHSS stands for frequency-hopping spread spectrum and was created by engineer and physicist, Jonathon Zenneck.
  • FHSS allows the transmissions that are sent from your Oricom baby monitor to repetitively switch between different carrier frequencies.
  • FHSS helps to maximize the security of your device against hackers, making it extremely difficult for would-be hackers to intercept your frequency.

The folks at stated that:

The main feature parents want to look out for is a digital baby monitor with frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) – this new technology is a powerful way to keep peeping toms away from your device.

TellMeBaby also rates Oricom baby monitors very highly, they even feature on their top safest monitors. 

Can Oricom Baby Monitors Be Hacked When Not On WiFi

Up until recently, Oricom baby monitors did not have any WiFi capabilities.

However, Oricom’s new Nursery Pal range of baby monitors has two ways to connect to WiFi by using:

  1. The Hubble Club for Partners App – this can be used on all smart devices.
  2. The FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) digital connection – a wireless connection method.

Both of these methods are incredibly secure but are still susceptible to hackers.

If your units have lost connection with the WiFi it is near impossible for them to be hacked via your internet connection.

A model that has dual radio and WiFi abilities still can have the potential to be hacked when not using the WiFi option – though this is highly unlikely as the hacker would need to be in close proximity to the parent or baby unit.

It is worth noting that however unlikely it is to be hacked, unfortunately, there is no absolute method to prevent it even when disconnected from WiFi. 

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