What Does Audible Offer? 30 Typical Questions (Solved)

Audible is undoubtedly one of the biggest, if not the king, of the audiobook platforms. This household name has been providing listeners with many hours of audiobooks over the years.

However, knowing everything that this service has to offer may provide you with some surprises, and who knows, they may have more in that giant catalog than you expected.

Everything Audible Has To Offer Their Users

Audible provides audiobooks in every genre imaginable and now offers podcasts, too. New audiobooks are released each week and members have the option to pre-order titles. Audible has more than 500,000 titles available and 100,000 podcasts. Audible only provides audio content, and thus, does not offer movies or picture books.

Smart phone with headphones and the paper books. Concept of listening to audiobooks.

Using ‘Whisper-sync’ allows readers to listen to a narrated audiobook whilst reading along using a Kindle or tablet (only available for certain titles). 

Does Audible Have Podcasts?

Podcasts keep us company on our long commutes and allow listeners to keep up to date on the subjects that matter most to them.

Whether you’re a crime fanatic or just need a laugh, Audible will have something that meets your podcast needs.

  • Audible offers 100,000 free podcasts, including some of their ‘Original’ Audible podcasts.
  • Audible Plus members get access to exclusive podcasts.
  • Audible does not offer the most extensive catalog of podcasts. For example, TuneIn Radio offers 4 million podcasts to choose from.

Does Audible Have Manga?

Manga is, in essence, a visual medium. Whether it’s a manga comic book or a manga video, it is so much about the distinctive imagery.

This is why you won’t find many audiobooks, if any at all, that fall under the category of manga.

  • However, Audible has made available the series entitled: Manga Math Mysteries, which is designed to help kids get to grips with mathematical puzzles with a theme of Manga thrown into the mix.
  • You’ll also find audiobooks on Audible that deal with the subject of manga, such as the history of the art form and tips on how to start creating your own. 
  • For a pure incarnation of a manga audiobook, head over to Amadi where they have declared that the best manga audiobook (and possibly one of the only) is Alpha Kite.
  • Alpha Kite can be listened to for free on Spotify.

Does Audible Have Light Novels?

Anime seems to get more popular by the day, so it’s no surprise that many folks want to get that anime-esque hit whilst listening to an audiobook.

Light novels do just that, and thankfully, Audible stocks some great options.

  • Audible has a great selection of light novels including the highly acclaimed ‘Overlord’ series, ‘The Saga of Tanya the Evil’, and ‘Sword Art Online.’
  • Although English language light novels are relatively new there has been an increasing demand for them.
  • Just type into Audible’s search bar ‘light novel’ or one of your favorite animes, such as ‘Bakemonogatari’ and you’ll get your fix in no time.

Does Audible Have Every Book?

Audible is the biggest name in the audiobook world – and for good reason.

  • Audible stocks over 500,000 audiobooks.
  • However, there are of course more than 500,000 books that have been written.
  • Although Audible doesn’t have every single book in the world, it does have a huge selection.
  • Audiobooks.com has a whopping 300,000 titles, 10,000 of which are completely free.

Does Audible Have Bionic Reading?

Bionic reading employs the use of bolded text to allow the brain to pick up on certain aspects of words quicker, which results in a faster reading time.

  • Audible does not have bionic reading as a standalone feature due to the fact that Audible is an audio platform.
  • However, using Audible in conjunction with the Kindle, which can use bionic reading, will mean that you can listen along with Audible and read on the Kindle with bionic reading enabled. 

Does Audible Have Comics?

We all love a hero and some of our favorites originated in the pages of some of the most famous comic books and graphic novels.

  • Audible has a selection of audiobooks that adapt famous comic books to be listened to instead of being read, such as the adaptation of John Cassady and Joss Whedon’s  ‘Astonishing X-men: Gifted’.
  • Audible also provide unique stories based on comic book characters such as ‘Spider-man The Darkest Hours’.
  • Audible also stocks audio dramas which adapt the magic of the comic book into the audio format.

According to Audible:

“The best audio adaptations of graphic novels and comic books tend to be audiodramas, which create a rich, immersive storytelling environment using a full cast of talent, sound effects, and music. Their playful nostalgia factor matches the inherent charm of comics and graphic novels.”

Does Audible Have Christian Books?

If you want to understand Christianity on a deeper level, Audible can help.

  • Searching ‘Christianity’ on Audible will bring up more than 10,000 results. 
  • They also provide a dedicated section called ‘Christian Living’ with over 14,000 titles.
  • ChristianAudio.com may be an alternative to Audible as this site is solely for Christian audiobooks and has 7,500 titles to choose from.

Does Audible Have Educational Books?

Audiobooks are not restricted as a form of entertainment. You can also use audiobooks to learn!

  • Audible has a vast selection of educational material, with almost 26,000 titles that fall under this category.
  • Whether you’re studying for an exam or learning a language, Audible has got you covered.
  • Students may not be able to pay for a membership to Audible, but the site Overdrive offers a huge online library of audiobooks that budding learners can use for free.

Does Audible Have Books For Kids?

If you want to get your children into the joys of audiobooks then look no further.

  • Audible offers over 57,000 audiobooks specifically for children.
  • Top authors, such as J.K Rowling, Rauld Dahl, and Philip Paulman can be found in their extensive catalog.
  • There are even classic fairy tales, myths, and fables that will set alight their imagination.
  • For kids who miss the imagery of picture books, Storyline Online has actors reading from some of the most famous picture books and the site also provides activities to ensure your kids stay engaged throughout the stories.

Does Audible Have Magazines?

When searching for audiobooks on Audible, users have the option to select ‘Magazine or Newspaper’ under the format section.

From here, customers will be able to see roughly 300 titles, from Vanity Fair to Harvard Business Review.

Audible is quite limited in its audiobooks of magazines compared to its other sections.

Audiobooks.com also features a magazine section, which was new to the site in 2021, and includes titles such as: ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ and ‘Wired Science’.

Does Audible Have Music?

Audible is a platform for audiobooks and podcasts. For listening to your favorite artist you should turn elsewhere.

  • You can listen on Audible to audiobooks about music, but it is not a music streaming platform. 
  • For the best of both worlds, you should try the likes of Spotify or Apple Music which can cater to both.

Does Audible Have Meditations?

If you’re looking to get a little zen then maybe Audible can show you the way.

  • Audible has over 7,000 meditation audiobooks to help you find inner peace.
  • Some top titles are included in their catalog, such as ‘The Headspace Guide to Mindfulness and Meditation’.
  • However, if you’re looking for an app that is centered around the art of meditation you might want to consider Insight Timer which has 45,000 meditations that are completely free. 

Does Audible Have Movies?

Audible may be a behemoth in the world of audiobooks, but its sole purpose is to entertain the ears, not the eyes.

  • Audible does not feature movies in its catalog.
  • For your movie needs consider a subscription to Netflix, Prime Video, or another video streaming platform.

Does Audible Have New Releases?

Getting your hands on something brand-spanking-new is a thrill and Audible will satisfy that craving with their ‘New Releases’ section.

Audible releases new audiobooks every single week, that’s not a rotation of older books, but completely new additions.

You can also check out their ‘Coming Soon’ section to keep an eye out for what’s on the audiobook horizon.

Moreover, you can ever pre-order books so that you’ll have them as soon as they arrive on the digital shelves.

Does Audible Have Parental Controls?

Audible does not have any specific parental controls, however, there are ways to share books that you deem suitable with your child.

Audible makes clear that it:

“(…) offers the ability to share purchased titles with a Child profile using Amazon Household Sharing and Amazon Kids+. Titles included in the Plus Catalog cannot be shared via Household Sharing.”

Through this process, you can ensure that your kids are listening to audiobooks that are right for them and have been approved by you. 

Does Audible Have Read-Along Books?

Read-along books enable users to read books at the same time as listening to the audio narration; this creates an immersive reading experience.

This feature is particularly fantastic for children as it improves literacy by combining both audio and visual stimuli.

Back in 2019 Audible announced its new read-along feature “Whispersync for Voice”.

Whispersync for voice enables users to become more engaged with the text, with customers able to read and highlight text in real-time whilst also listening to the narration.

Whispersync for Voice is available on:

  • Kindle App (for both Android and iOS)
  • Fire HD 6 &7 Tablets
  • Kindle Fire HDX Tablet
  • Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

To find read-along books simply go to the “Whispersync for Voice” section in the Kindle department on Amazon and you will find over 60,000 titles, or search for kindle books with audio narration.

Does Audible Have Regular Paper Books?

Audible does not sell any physical copies of books, it only specializes in digital files.

However, it is possible to print a physical copy of your audiobook if the title has a downloadable PDF.

To do this, log into your Audible account and go to your Library. Under this section you will see ‘View PDF’ if it is available; simply click this and you will be able to open, download, and print a physical copy of the PDF file.

Does Audible Have Romantic Books?

Audible currently has 58,190 romance books in its library.

It also boasts 18 sub-genres in its romance book collection, with the top sub-genres being:

  1. Contemporary romance books (20,516 titles)
  2. Romantic Suspense books(8509 titles)
  3. Historical romance books (7560 titles)
  4. Paranormal romance books (7549 titles)

With such a huge collection, it is no doubt that Audible is the best audiobook provider when it comes to finding a title that will make your heart flutter.

Does Audible Have The Bible?

Audible has 61,016 audiobooks in its ‘Religion and Spirituality’ section.

This includes many recordings of the Holy Bible under the section ‘Christianity’.

Audible has the most extensive religious audiobook library, but if you are interested specifically in Christianity, other providers such as Christianbook.com host 13,210 audiobooks that include everything from recorded sermons to church history.

Does Audible Have Other Religious Books?

Audible has audiobooks that encompass a range of different religions and spiritualities – not just Christianity.

Other religions and spiritualities include, but are not limited to:

  • Agnosticism (70 books)
  • Judaism (1,739 books)
  • Atheism (204 books)
  • Hinduism (463 books)
  • Occult (4,553 books)
  • Buddhism (1,405 books)
  • Islam (744 books)

Audible has 3 other sections:

  1. Religious Studies (which has 2,715 titles)
  2. Spirituality (hosting 17,185 titles)
  3. Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts (which has 3,306 titles).

These sections cover audiobooks with a more general outlook on religion and spirituality.

Another well-known audiobook provider, Kobo, has quite an extensive religious and spiritual section, with over 31,000 titles.

Depending on what religion or spirituality you are interested in, you may be able to find an audiobook provider that is more specialized, but generally speaking, Audible has the largest religious and spiritual audiobook library.

Does Audible Have Self-Help Books?

Self-help books have become increasingly popular over recent years.

Audible has 36,598 audiobooks under its “Psychology & Mental Health” section, where users will be able to find a large range of self-help books.

The Audible range of self-help books covers:

  • Addiction
  • Career advice
  • Dating advice
  • Coping with depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses
  • There are 6,993 audiobooks specific to mental health.

The widely popular “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is available to listen to on Audible.com.

Audible is by far the best choice when it comes to self-help audiobooks, with other services such as Blinkist only housing 376 titles under its “Mindfulness and Happiness” section.  

Does Audible Have Horror Books?

If you enjoy the thrill of being frightened and love it when things go bump in the night, then you’re probably a candidate for the fear factor of horror audiobooks.

Audible has 24,942 horror audiobooks, from Stephen King to H.P. Lovecraft, so horror fanatics are bound to find their specific scares lurking in the depths of Audible’s catalog.

Anybody that loves horror will also know all about Creepypastas. Thousands of these well-known internet-based urban legends have been made into podcasts on apps such as Spotify, making it a great alternative to listening to horror audiobooks on Audible.

Does Audible Have History Books?

Looking back into the past offer a fascinating perspective on the way things once were, and with Audible, you can learn from some fantastic authors who will guide you on your journey.

  • Audible’s historical audiobook library contains an impressive 48,904 titles.
  • With 13 historical sub-genres, from world history to religious history, Audible users will be safe in knowing they can uncover the mysteries from a specific point in time.  

Audible also offers podcasts all about history, including:

    1. Days That Changed The World (an Audible Original)
    2. The History Chicks
    3. Behind The Bastards
    4. Futility Closet
    5. Dark Histories

Does Audible Have Ebooks?

Electronic books, or eBooks for short, are digital books designed to be read and enjoyed with electronic devices such as tablets or kindles.

Audible doesn’t have a service for eBooks as it is an audio-based platform.

However, using Audible’s “Whispersync for Voice” feature, customers can purchase eBooks that have audio narration, so they can listen to their audiobooks and also read along on their Kindle at the same time.

  • Audible has 60,000 audiobooks compatible with Whispersync for Voice.
  • When it comes to eBooks, Kindle is the place to go. It has an incredibly vast library, housing over 1.5 million titles, making it the largest eBook platform out there.

Does Audible Have Books About Language Learning?

Being able to communicate in more than one language is one of life’s greatest skills, and audiobooks are a brilliant way to learn pronunciation as well as intonation.

  • Audible has 15,712 under its “Language Learning” section.
  • In this section, Audible users can find language books in 22 different languages.

As Audibles range of languages is quite limited, avid language learners may be better off using a language app such as Mango, which gives the ability for users to learn up to 70 different languages through audiobooks and other methods.

Does Audible Have Picture Books?

As Audible is a platform with spoken word content, users will not be able to find illustrated works or picture books within its catalog.

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Does Audible Have Philosophy Books?

If you fancy yourself as the modern-day Aristotle then you’ll want to ponder over some philosophical audiobooks.

Audible has a range of philosophical audiobooks that fall into many categories, including:

  • Ethics
  • Aesthetics
  • Metaphysics
  • Logic
  • Epistemology

There’s a total of 13,414 philosophy audiobooks currently available in Audible’s catalog.

They even have audiobooks that take a look at the lives and works of famous philosophers.

Does Audible Have School Books?

When it comes to your child’s education, it’s not just the teacher that counts.

School books go hand in hand with learning and it’s likely that your child’s school will have specific books on the curriculum.

  • Audible has a massive catalog of famous books written by historical authors which may well be on the syllabus for your child’s literature exam.
  • However, school books that are used in classrooms are unlikely to be found on an audiobook platform.
  • You can use audiobooks to supplement your child’s learning, but the textbooks that your child needs for school cannot be replaced by an audiobook on Audible.

Does Audible Have Sportsbooks?

If you love sport then watching it may not be enough, perhaps it’s time to give it a listen, too?

  • Audible offers over 37,000 sports-related titles for the sports aficionado.
  • From biographies of your favorite athlete to the history of your favorite game, there’s something for everybody.
  • Audible revealed their best sport audiobook titles, the top three holding the medals are:
    1. Behind the Mask – Tyson Fury (Boxing)
    2. How to Be a Footballer – Peter Crouch (Football)
    3. My Life and Rugby – Eddie Jones (Rugby)

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Does Audible Have Science Books?

You might not be able to understand how to split the atom overnight, but listening to science audiobooks will definitely get the cogs turning.

  • Audible has over 20,000 books that deal with science.
  • They have subcategories that include, biology, astronomy, physics, environment, and more.
  • The Audible Plus catalog has some fascinating podcasts that will appease the budding scientist, such as ‘Artificial Intelligence, ‘Bill Bryson’s Appliance of Science’, ‘Exoplanets: The Search for Another Earth’, ‘Sue Perkins Earpedia: Plants, and ‘A Grown-up Guide to Dinosaurs’.




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