Are RCA TVs Good For Gaming? (Explained)

Though RCA TVs are cheaper than the bigger name brands, they have a reputation that spans over a hundred years,

Does that make them good for video game use?

Are RCA TVs Good for Gaming? 

RCA TVs have the potential to be your gaming TV if you play games that don’t require low lag time and super-quick updates from the graphics. For Xbox and Nintendo consoles RCA tvs will work just fine. However, serious gamers and professional gamers will want to use computer monitors with low lag made for gaming.

How Much Input Lag Do RCA TVs Have?

The input lag of RCA TVs can go as low as 20ms at 4k resolutions, a 60 Hz refresh rate, and Game Mode on. 

Game mode contributes a lot to the input lag of these TVs, as they divert processing power from the graphics to the response time of the TVs.

What Are The Refresh Rates On These Models?

The refresh rates of RCA TVs are limited to 60 Hz, which is more on average in today’s standards. 

Do RCA TVs Have a Variable Refresh Rate? 

RCA TVs, unfortunately, do not have a Variable Refresh Rate feature. 

Variable Refresh Rate helps your TV keep up with the spontaneous motion when rendering frames of consoles to avoid screen tearing. 

This feature would improve the performance of a TV had RCA included this feature. 

But that would also mean increasing the price per unit and move them out of the budget-friendly market. 

Do RCA TVs Have a “Game Mode”?

Game Mode is a standard feature found on RCA TVs.

It lets users move processing power from the graphics processing of the TV to improve the input lag.

Game mode significantly improves the performance of RCA TVs when it comes to games. Thus, you need to turn it on if you plan on using it for games.

To turn on Game Mode, you need to be on the HDMI input source of your gaming console. You will then open the picture settings and select Game Mode.

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Can All RCA TVs Be Used As Computer Monitors?

RCA TVs may be used as a computer monitor, but you should manage expectations.

First of all, you should expect input lags when using your TV. Unlike dedicated computer monitors, TVs have higher input lags.

You can resolve this by switching to Game Mode.

Your mileage may matter as well, as the input lag on RCA TVs varies from each model.

Another consideration, although not related to gaming, is how text is rendered on the screen.

And luckily, the newer RCA TVs support the 4:4:4 chroma, which helps in rendering text.

What About RCA PlayStation and Xbox Compatibility?

RCA TVs are limited to a 60 Hz refresh rate and may encounter issues when playing games optimized for 120 Hz.

An example of these games are shooters, and racer games, which have fast movement every time.

You may encounter some problems with games that run at 120 frames per second (fps) as these work best with a higher refresh rate, such as 120 Hz.

Many of these games are found with the Sony PlayStation. But that does mean you can’t use it with RCA TVs.

You can use lower game settings to match your TV’s specs for more decent results.

When it comes to the Microsoft Xbox, you won’t have any issues using an RCA TV since most games on the Xbox only have 30 or 60 fps. That makes the difference between 60 and 120 Hz gaming negligible.

Do People Generally Use RCA TVs For Gaming?

RCA TVs are not the popular choice when it comes to gaming.

There are more powerful TVs in the market that can provide a smoother gaming experience.

But that does not mean all RCA TVs are not worthy of a good gaming experience.

There are good ones, such as the RTRU6527 series, which performs remarkably well with video games.

How Good Is the Image Quality and Resolution?

RCA’s image quality and resolution are okay, and their HDR performance is quite remarkable for the price.

When it comes to resolution, RCA TVs can display up to 4k.

That said, RCA is compatible with newer games, which are now in 4k.

Are RCA TVs Durable?

RCA TVs are durable, but like any other TV in the market, they need proper care and maintenance to last.

You can get up to 60,000 hours of usage when set to the brightest settings and heavy usage.

If you tame the brightness and don’t abuse its usage, you can get more mileage.

What Features Should I look for in a Gaming TV?

If you plan to get a gaming TV, crucial features must be present for a smooth gaming experience.

It would be best if you looked at is the Refresh Rate.

While 60 Hz is fine for many games, having a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz helps fast action games.

If possible, you should consider getting a TV with a Variable Refresh Rate, which helps a TV adapt to different gameplay.

What Are the Best RCA TVs for Gaming?

The RTRU6527:

If there’s any TV worth checking out from RCA, it’s got to be the RTRU6527.

As the meticulous gamer looks for smooth images when playing video games, the RTRU6527 delivers good quality for this aspect.

For one, the input lag is low, and the motion lag is quite good. It’s actually at par with previous flagship smart TVs that came out during its time.

And speaking of input lag, even with the game mode off, this TV still manages to keep latency low. But keeping game mode on ensures better input lag levels.

The only thing that could beat this performance is an OLED TV.

The HDR10:

If you’re playing in HDR, you may have to set the input type of the TV to HDMI 2.0 to ensure that your consoles recognize the TV as an HDR TV.

Another weak point for this TV is lower than usual maximum luminance, as other TVs have twice the luminance compared with the RTRU6527. It’s not that bad, though, as games in HDR are still impressive to look at.

This TV could have used a 120 Hz refresh rate, although, at 60 Hz, it’s still good. After all, most games are still using 60 Hz.

You won’t have any issues using this TV for extended gaming. It cools well, and there’s no risk of burn-in.

Other things to note with this TV are:

  • It does not have Chromecast built-in, unlike other smart TVs in the market.
  • It features slim bezels and a weathered aluminum leg stand.

All things considered, this TV makes a perfect option for those who are on a tight budget.


RCA may not exactly be the best choice for gaming, given its limited refresh rates.

But it does not mean you can’t use them for gaming.

As most games are still set at a 60 Hz refresh rate, it will only be a matter of time until the TVs of RCA become incompatible due to higher standards.

And it will only be a matter of time until RCA adapts these standards as well.

That said, you can’t go wrong with RCA TVs for your gaming needs.


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