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About James Williams

About James Williams

James has been working with e-commerce for more than a decade. He has worked as a consultant for large and small companies and also built two e-commerce stores himself. TechPenny is where he shares his tips and knowledge with the world.

Peter Williams


I’ve studied Information science for two years until I dropped out to start my first e-commerce company in 2007. I did that for several years and eventually sold my shares in the company.

I moved on to become an e-commerce consultant and I’ve worked with a long list of companies with everything from the initial online roll-out plan to complete branding and SEO strategies.

I’ve been trained in Ethical Hacking. It has taught me how to secure computer networks as well as Wifi networks against various attacks.

  • E-commerce Specialist
    James has founded (and sold) two e-commerce stores and worked with e-commerce for more than a decade.

  • Online Marketing Veteran
    James has been in the online marketing business since 2007 and he also holds a Google Ads certification.
  • Ethical Hacker Trained
    James has taken a course in Ethical Hacking. It’s designed to teach people how to protect computer networks against attacks.

  • Experienced Writer
    James also has a background as a tech writer and he has written hundreds of articles about e-commerce and online marketing.