James Williams, TechPenny.com

James Williams is the founder of TechPenny.com.

He has a strong IT background and is an absolute geek when it comes to vintage video games!


James Williams has a university background and a long interest in figuring out how electronic devices work. He has articles published on Medium but mostly writes for TechPenny.com these days.

He took his first CD player apart when he was ten and got an electric shock. That didn’t stop his curiosity, though. Today, James spends more time learning about digital tech. He has tested and reviewed smartphones and he’s also your go-to-guy for apps and digital design.

James has been trained in Ethical Hacking. A good skill to have today in order to secure computer networks as well as WiFi networks against various attacks.


E-commerce Specialist
James has founded (and sold) two e-commerce stores and worked with e-commerce for more than a decade.

Nintendo SNES Master
James is a specialist in old Nintendo games and will beat you in Super Mario Bros. any day.

Ethical Hacker Trained
James has taken a course in Ethical Hacking. It’s designed to teach people how to protect computer networks against attacks.

Experienced Writer
James also has a background as a tech writer for sites like Medium. He has written hundreds of tech-related articles.