Where Are Garmin Watches Made, Sourced, & Assembled? (Explained)

The streamlined designs, sophisticated capabilities, and meticulous construction of Garmin timepieces have garnered widespread acclaim globally. 

From Silicon Valley’s picturesque landscapes to Taipei’s vibrant cityscape, the production process of Garmin watches involves an intricate network of global collaborations and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Here’s Where Garmin Watches Made, Sourced and Assembled:

Garmin watches are produced at different sites around the world, such as the US, Taiwan, China, the UK, and Switzerland. The assembly process involves both Taiwanese and Chinese factories, yet they still boast an unmistakable American identity due to their US-based manufacturing facilities.

Where Are the Garmin Parts Manufactured?

Although the company’s main headquarters are in Olathe, Kansas, the production of Garmin parts extends across international borders.

Taiwan assumes a pivotal position in fabricating Garmin elements, particularly those about electronic subsystems. 

Taiwan’s reputation for electronics manufacturing serves as the foundation for the production of GPS navigational tools, exercise trackers, and maritime navigation gear. The skillful labor force within Taiwan are crucial factor in guaranteeing the accuracy and technological complexity inherent in every Garmin component.

China also plays a significant role in Garmin’s manufacturing process by harnessing its vast scale and cost-efficient production methods. Garmin’s Chinese factories concentrate on assembling basic GPS devices and activity trackers. 

While most manufacturing activities take place abroad, Garmin retains domestic production facilities in the United States with a focused emphasis on niche markets. These facilities exclusively produce aviation and maritime navigation systems, adhering rigorously to strict quality assurance protocols and regulatory requirements. 

Domestic manufacturing guarantees that these specialized Garmin components conform to the highest levels of dependability and performance.

Where Are the Materials Sourced From?

Garmin’s global procurement practices involve the acquisition of raw materials from diverse geographical locations, including those necessary for the design, production, and maintenance of their extensive range of products. 

To guarantee an uninterrupted flow of high-quality inputs, the company’s dedicated supply chain management team leverages the strengths of various regions, such as Taiwan and China.

In Taiwan, Garmin benefits from its renowned expertise in electronics manufacturing by obtaining critical electronic components through strategic partnerships. 

Moreover, Garmin expands its sourcing reach to China, where the country’s vast scale manufacturing capacities and cost-efficient processes provide valuable support for certain component supplies.

Complementing its geographic diversification, Garmin adopts a responsible sourcing approach that prioritizes ethical considerations. 

Specifically, the company engages in the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) to promote compliance with conflict-free standards among suppliers. 

Through the use of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT), Garmin collects uniform data from its suppliers, underscoring conscientious material procurement practices.

Where Are the Watches Assembled?

Garmin’s watches have American roots, with two manufacturing facilities located in the US – one in Olathe, Kansas, and another in Salem, Oregon. 

These sites are instrumental in creating top-notch models like the Forerunner 955 Series, Venu Series, and Marq (Gen 2). 

Meanwhile, Taiwan stands out as the second-largest producer of Garmin smartwatches, with four facilities spread across the country. Each of these plants boasts state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftspeople, ensuring that every watch meets exacting standards.

In addition to Taiwan, Garmin has a manufacturing unit in Yangzhou, East China, which contributes to the global production of its smartwatches. 

Although this facility churns out fewer watches than others, it’s an important part of Garmin’s overall production strategy. By operating in multiple locations, Garmin can offer its watches in diverse markets worldwide.

Europe gets a piece of the action too, thanks to Garmin’s UK factory at Hounsdown Business Park in Southampton. This is the biggest manufacturing plant in Europe. 

Lastly, the iconic Garmin Fenix watches, renowned for their multi-functionality and GPS capabilities, are proudly made in Switzerland. Nine models make up the acclaimed Fenix series, showcasing the country’s mastery in watchmaking.

How Much of Garmin’s Production Is in the U.S.?

Garmin’s manufacturing operations are primarily based in the US, with state-of-the-art facilities situated in Olathe, Kansas, and Salem, Oregon. 

These domestic factories play a crucial role in the assembly and production of Garmin’s extensive lineup of smartwatches. By maintaining a sizable portion of its production in the US, Garmin demonstrates its commitment to quality, innovation, and catering to the needs of its primary American market.

Furthermore, investing in domestic manufacturing enables Garmin to capitalize on the skilled labor force and modern infrastructure available in the US. 

Although Garmin expands its production to other nations like Taiwan, China, and the UK to diversify its manufacturing reach, the substantial US production share highlights the company’s resolve to maintain a strong and agile domestic manufacturing presence.

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What Sport Watch Brands Are U.S. Made?

When it comes to top-notch smartwatches made in the USA, there are a select few that stand out as true technological masterpieces, fusing cutting-edge innovation with an emphasis on healthy design and a dash of good old American know-how. 

Let’s take a closer look at these US-based heavyweights:

  • Apple – Apple Watches have become synonymous with redefining timekeeping in the digital age. As a true trailblazer in the tech industry, Apple continues to push boundaries with its sleek designs and groundbreaking features.
  • Fitbit – Originally designed to cater to fitness fanatics. However, over time, the brand has evolved into a comprehensive health coach, providing deep insights straight from your wrist. 
  • Coros – With their focus on versatile designs tailored to athletes and outdoor lovers, this brand embodies the dynamism of US-manufactured smartwatches.

Together, these US-made brands exemplify the forward-thinking nature of American innovation when it comes to sports and fitness wearables, effortlessly blending cutting-edge technology with a dedication to overall health and well-being. 

Are Any Sport Watch Brands 100% Made in the U.S.?

The pursuit of creating a fully American-made sports watch faces a subtle yet formidable obstacle due to the intricacy of the global supply chain within the wearable technology sector. 

Although some brands may assemble or design their watches in the United States, procuring essential components such as sensors, processors, and display technology typically necessitates collaboration with international partners. 

By leveraging these partnerships, companies can tap into specialized knowledge, streamlined production methods, and an extensive array of innovative features. 

However, it is crucial to stay informed regarding the latest changes in manufacturing by consulting directly with individual sports watch brands through their official websites or customer service channels.


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