Audible & Influencers: 6 Typical Questions (Answered)

Living in the digital era means that companies have had to find new ways to advertise. Since most people now rely on streaming services, they are not wading through commercials like they used to.

This has led many amazing services, like Audible, to find new ways to reach a younger audience. And, what better way to do it than through the use of influencers?

Here’s Why Influencers Are Important To Audible:

Audible uses influencers to extend its reach and brand exposure. Audible pays YouTubers, Podcasters, social media influencers and members of the affiliate program to promote and get sign ups. Influencers can earn up to several thousand dollars per month depending on their popularity.

How Much Does Audible Pay YouTubers?

Influencers are paid by companies like Audible to spread the word. When it comes to Youtube, this is done by adding a promotional ad for Audible that generally plays at the beginning of their video.

You can tell which influencers are paid by Audible by checking for the “Paid Promotion” warning that will be displayed on the video.

This was done so that fans of the influencer will know that they were paid for this promotion, so it might not be considered completely genuine.

So, when it comes to using influencers to promote Audible, how much do they actually get paid?

If the video only features a short ad at the beginning of the video, an influencer will get paid an average of $20 per 1000 views-5000 views. So, if the video gets 100,000 views, the influencer can make $2000 on just that small spot.

If the influencer had been contracted to make a fully integrated video promoting Audible, they can expect to make much more than they would with just a video spot.

Depending on the YouTuber’s popularity, they can request as much as $10,000 for a full promotional video. However, this will come with certain guidelines meaning that the influencer will have to make sure to mention important details at Audible’s discretion.

How Much Does Audible Pay Podcasters?

Around 2004, podcasts started catching fire when it comes to popularity. These days on average, most Americans listen to up to 8 podcasts a week, making it one of the best ways for companies to advertise.

Audible has also taken the decision to use influencers to promote Audible through podcasts.  

However, unlike YouTube, Audible pays podcasters through sign-ups as opposed to a flat viewership fee.

When Audible is promoted on a Podcast, you will find a special link or promotional code in the description of that particular show that is customized to that podcaster.

Every time someone clicks that link or signs up for an Audible account using that special code, the podcaster gets paid.

Depending on how popular the podcast is, they can expect to make anywhere from $15-$30 per link sign-up. If just 100 subscribers purchase Audible through this link. The podcaster can make up to $3000 per promoted episode.

Also, unlike YouTube, podcasters can re-use recorded Audible promotions and can play them during any episode in order to increase Audible link clicks.

How Much Does Audible Pay Affiliates?

One important thing to note is that it doesn’t have to be just influencers who can get paid for promoting Audible. Through Audible’s affiliation program, any user can start making money by promoting the brand.

However, you have to be first accepted into the Audible affiliation program, which takes a lot of hoop jumping – which we will dive into a little later down.

The Audible affiliate program is a service that is offered through the mega-media giant, Amazon.

With this program, you will be promoting Audible through your own personal website in order to start generating revenue through advertisement.

Once you sign up, you will be given a customized link for people who visit your webpage to click on. From there, they can sign up for Audible membership as well as see book recommendations that you make.

You will get $15 for every premium account sign-up as well as a $.50 commission every time a book that you recommend gets downloaded.

The amount of money you can make depends on how popular your website is. The more clicks you get, the more money you can make.

On average, affiliated users can make anywhere from $250 up well into the thousands per month. However, it is important to remember that you will need to do a lot of promoting in order to make a good deal of money through these programs.

So, don’t expect to make bank on it if you are not going to be promoting your website often.

Does Audible Pay Directly For Sponsorships?

Outside of using paid promotional spots in order to advertise, Audible also offers sponsorships to a select number of people. Through sponsorship, Audible can expect to be advertised across social media as well as special events.

Most commonly, you will find Audible sponsoring specific videos. This means that they may have paid for the production of the video in return for getting an advertisement.

However, these days, most influencers are looking for much more than just payment for production.

Since influencers mainly make their money through paid promotion, along with covering production costs, Audible also will offer a sponsorship link.

As mentioned, each click of the link will give the influencer commission-based pay. On average, this payment will be $15 per click.

How Do You Get Accepted Into The Audible Affiliate Program?

While making money through the Audible affiliate program may seem like a dream, it isn’t as easy as you think.

In order to be in this program, you have to first apply. Whether or not you get accepted is solely up to Audible. However, there are some things you can do to help increase your chances.

First, you want to establish a well-built website or blog. Most users choose to do this through the use of Tumblr or WordPress.

You also want your website to have a very specific purpose. Whether it is a blog about cooking or a webpage that is meant to show off your artwork, make it easy to read as well as topic-specific. You want your website to have a very specific voice.

Second, make sure to link your website or blog to all your social media accounts. This will help to elevate your status when it comes to followers.

The more followers you have, the more reach you will have, which will make you more desirable to Audible.

Through this program, you can sell and promote Audible, which will give you a small commission-based payment. Once you reach $30, you can start transferring money from Audible directly into your bank account.

Does Audible Approve All Influencers Who Apply For The Affiliate Program?

An important thing to note about Audible’s affiliate program is that not everyone who applies will be accepted. Only people who are accepted into the program will be given a customized link and will, therefore, be able to start earning money through commission.

The first thing to note is your follower count. This all depends on the platform that you use the most. Whether it is Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you have to have accumulated at least 500 followers in order to be accepted into the program.

If you do not have at least 500 followers on that specific platform, your application will be denied.

However, people with over 500 followers can still be denied depending on the content on their website. If the content is not deemed appropriate by Audible, your member can also be denied.

The more unique your voice is, the more likely you are to be accepted into the program. This is why it is so important to make sure you stick with your particular niche and interests in order to stand apart from the rest of the applications.

Currently, Audible has well over 900,000 Audible members currently enrolled in their affiliation program.

Final Thoughts

While making money as an influencer can seem like an easy gig, it certainly is not. You have to commit to constantly posting unique content that is widely popular in order to be approached by Audible.

However, the money that influencers can make is incredible. On average, popular influencers can make thousands of dollars for a single promoted post on their social media.

This helps to explain why so many companies, like Audible, take advantage of using influencers for promotion as opposed to common ways to advertise.


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