Can You Stack Etsy Coupons? Easy Tips (Explained)

Etsy shop owners have the ability to give sales or discounts on their items whenever they want! Whether it is a percentage off, coupon codes, or big sales like “Black Friday,” these shop owners are savvy when it comes to helping their customers save where it counts.

They often will host sweepstakes or even “today only” discounts on their social media platforms and create fun contests or discussions at opportune times for their shop!

Can you multiple Etsy coupons together?

You can run multiple coupons and sales in your shop all at once, but you can’t stack coupons. Instead, Esty will allow the customer to get the best deal depending on the sale or their coupon code at checkout. However, your customer can’t use their coupon code to add on top of your 50% off sale.

While this may be a little discouraging, it is important to note that most Etsy sales come with free shipping, which also saves you a good amount of money, depending on what you’ve ordered.

Where Can I Find Coupons for Etsy?

Finding coupons online can sometimes be difficult, but there are opportunities out there for those who are looking for them.

While it isn’t as easy as Google searching “coupons,” there are shop owners and sites out there dedicated to helping consumers save money.

Etsy has a few opportunities to find sales and coupons for their amazing shops:

Through the Shop Owner

Most of the time, shop owners will host a “listing” that explains their current sale, coupon codes, and percentages off.

This is a “not for sale” listing, and is only for informational purposes.

Shop owners will explain the time period of the sale, list potential coupon codes, and explain restrictions.

Once customers get a look at this informational listing, they can use that information to shop around the Etsy shop and decide if they’d like to partake!

Just remember, you do not need to “buy” that listing to get a coupon or deal for the shop, as purchasing a coupon or discount is against Etsy rules – the listing is informational only!

Through Coupon Sites or Apps

Coupon sites or apps on your internet browser will help you find coupons and coupon codes online that you can apply at checkout for some stores.

These are only a few of them:

  • Honey
  • Ibotta
  • Groupon
  • Wikibuy
  • Ebates

These sites are great for people who aren’t coupon-clippers and who would like to see if there are any savings available. Not only does the site inform you if coupons are possible for your purchase, but they will search hundreds of thousands of offers and deals in seconds!

While these coupon sites are not guaranteed to find your coupons 100% of the time, you can get lucky on some of your purchases.

Furthermore, you can hunt through these sites and look at the coupons that they are offering right now, which will allow you to go and make purchases based on your needs!

Can You Use Multiple Coupons on Etsy?

You can run multiple sales and coupons at the same time in your Etsy shop!

As a seller, you are able to offer sales on your items for any amount – whether that is 50% off, 70% off, or even a “buy one get one” sale. You are also able to offer coupon codes and events for your fans and Etsy customers in order to keep and maintain a wide fan-base.

In fact, Etsy shop sellers who offer discounts or sales from time-to-time tend to gain new followers on those days when their items are cheaper!

However, if more than one discount applies to a single item, Etsy will make sure that the buyer is able to get the one that will offer them the best deal. The checkout process will not allow for two during the sale.

For example, if you have a huge 50% off sale, and you had also given out a coupon code a few weeks ago that is still active for 30% off, your customers will only be able to utilize the 50% off deal. Etsy will not allow the second coupon discount on that purchase.

The only exception to this is an offering of free shipping, which will still be recognized at the point of sale as a “second coupon” and can be applied on top of the 50% discount.

Are There Other Etsy Rules about Coupon Codes to be Aware Of?

The “rules” of Etsy coupons basically begin and end at the “only one discount per item, plus free shipping” rule we discussed.

Customers are not able to get around that feature, and those who try to dispute the situation to Etsy support tend to lose their argument.

Other than that, there are a few things to be aware of when you shop with coupons on Etsy:

Some Offers Automatically Apply

Some offers appear as though they are not properly applying to your cart – this maybe because they are already there.

These offers automatically apply to your order and have already provided you with a discount.

Although you may not see it, check to see the pricing on the item before your coupon “applied” and check with the seller to see if it is correct.

Best Discounts Apply

As we stated above, you can’t really stack discounts and coupons to your Etsy order.

This is because the system will automatically provide you with the best discount available at the point of sale.

While some customers wish that they could use both discounts and coupon codes, the Etsy algorithm will not allow that to happen.

Don’t “Buy” Sales Listings

A common problem with customers on Etsy is that they believe that they need to “purchase” the sales listings that shop owners provide to inform their customers about their current sales.

Do NOT buy the sales listing, as there is no item attached, and shop owners cannot “sell” coupon codes to their customers.

If you do, it will likely result in a declined or refunded sale and will take a few days to process, sending the money back to you.

In the interest of getting more information about the sale, contact the seller directly for more information and make sure to ask questions, so there are no misunderstandings!

Can You Combine Free Shipping with Coupons?

Free shipping during sales is almost always offered by Etsy shop owners.

Etsy allows customers to use a coupon code or discount PLUS free shipping on their item at the point of sale – but they do not allow two coupon codes or stacked discounts.

This means that you will most likely receive free shipping during an Etsy sale no matter what. This does save you money in the long run, even if you don’t get to stack your coupons!

If you aren’t getting free shipping, contact the seller, or carefully read the sale description in order to be sure.

For more information on shipping and tracking, see our other article here!

Can You use Coupons for Items That are on Sale?

If an item is on sale, you generally cannot stack coupons on top of the sale price.

As we’ve stated before, stacking coupons does not work at checkout because the Etsy site will only provide you with the best discount – without stacking them.

For example, if you like an item that is 50% off and you have a coupon for 30% off of your purchase, you would only be able to get 50% off, not 80% with stacked coupons.

However, that 50% off item would include free shipping if the seller is offering it.

So while you’re not getting that 80% discount, you ARE getting 50% plus another, say, $5 of shipping off of your purchase – which is just as great!

Are There Other Ways to Get Discounts on Etsy?

Discounts can come from many places on

Whether you are using a coupon app or website, or if you’re searching through Etsy shops that you favorite for sales, you can usually find something worth getting!

Often customers will get email alerts if they subscribe to the shop’s email list.

However, there is another way to get discounts on Etsy shops:

Social Media and Sweepstakes

Many Etsy shop owners will usually have their own social media profiles for their business.

We’ve covered this in many articles on Techpenny, but advertising your Etsy shop can be as simple as consistent posting to your site’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Often, Etsy shop owners will host sweepstakes or deals to their pages and ask that fans or customers send retweet their posts or comment on something in the post to enter. Then, they will send free items or offer special deals to winners!

Therefore, the best thing to do when you love an Etsy shop owner or their product is to follow them on social media!

Not only will you know any and all updates to their shop that they post online, but you can have the potential to be part of winning sweepstakes or special deals that are “one day only” or “one week only.”

When in doubt, show your support to your favorite creators and follow them online!

What have you got to lose?

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