About Anna Peters

Anna is our Etsy expert and she also writes about e-commerce in general and blogging.

She is also the editor of TechPenny.


Anna is an online eCommerce researcher and blogger who specializes in sites like Etsy.com and Shopify.

She has written hundreds of product descriptions and designed shop banners for Etsy sellers and creators. She currently writes primarily for Techpenny.com to inform and educate new and existing small business owners on how to navigate the complicated world of eCommerce and online marketing.

In her spare time you can find her reading books, sipping coffee and writing her own works of writing in both fiction and nonfiction.

Etsy Specialist
Anna has helped Etsy shops get the right setup with regards to images, descriptions, etc.

Writer & Editor
Anna has researched and written countless articles for various online magazines over the last few years.

Dog Lover
When Anna isn’t working she is typically found walking her two adorable dogs.

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