Anna Peters,

Anna Peters is our Etsy and social media expert.

Anna is also the editor of TechPenny and she’s the reason everything gets updated properly.


Anna has extensive experience with e-commerce and she’s also well-versed in the Etsy and Shopify platforms.

She has written hundreds of articles, opinion pieces, and product descriptions. She also has experience with shop designs and optimization for Etsy sellers and creators. Today, she mostly writes for and shares her long experience around social media and digital shopping.

In her spare time, you can find her reading books, sipping coffee, and writing her own works of writing in both fiction and nonfiction.


Etsy Specialist
Anna has helped Etsy shops get the right setup with regard to images, descriptions, etc.

Writer & Editor
Anna has researched and written +300 articles for various online magazines over the last decade.

Parent Electronics
Anna has tested and used lots of kids-related tech and gadgets, such as: baby monitors, electronic toys, sleep gadgets.