How Much Do Audible Books Cost? (Explained)

Audible has become one of the most popular places to get audiobooks. It’s not just a great way to listen to books but also a fantastic way to save money on your favorite reads.

How much do Audible audiobooks cost, and how can you take advantage of deals and discounts?

The price varies from audiobook to audiobook but remains consistent when using Audible credits, as discussed below.

How Much Do Audible Books Cost? 

The cost of Audible books varies, but you can expect to pay between $10 and $25 for one. Additionally, Audible also has a credit system that helps customers save money. Credits start from $14.95 in a membership, allowing you to buy one book no matter the price. 

How Much Do You Pay Per Book on Audible? 

The cost of an audiobook on Audible varies depending on how you purchase it.  

If you use credits, each credit equals $14.95, and most audiobooks cost one credit; however, you can purchase some individually for between $10 and $25. 

If you’re an avid listener of audiobooks, you can benefit from Audible membership in several ways. 

First, it’s a great way to save money on audiobooks. You can listen to audiobooks and pay less than if you bought each book individually.

You can also take advantage of the many features of an Audible membership. Audible memberships are $14.99/month or $149.99/year, which means you can get one audiobook for free every month.  

If you buy the book outright, it would cost you around $25 per month or $300 a year. That’s a pretty big saving—and it doesn’t even count all the other perks that come with being an Audible member. 

Fortunately, Audible offers free samples of Audiobooks. This means that you can listen to a short snippet of the book before deciding whether or not to make a purchase or use a credit. 

Why Is It Cheaper Than To Just Buy The Hardcopy Books with Cash? 

The reason why audiobooks are so much cheaper is simple: they use fewer resources than books.  

An audiobook requires only a few people to work on it, such as a narrator, editor, and director. That means that it costs less than producing a book from scratch.

Another reason audiobooks are more affordable than hardcopy books is because they’re less likely to get damaged or lost in transit than physical copies of books. This means there’s no need for extra packaging material or insurance costs when shipping audiobooks. 

Audible books are often less expensive than physical books because they don’t incur manufacturing or shipping costs; they stream audio files directly to users over Wi-Fi or cellular networks instead of requiring CD players or other equipment.

They’re also cheaper than audiobooks purchased through Google Play Books or because these companies charge more due to their business model.

How Does Audible’s Credit System Work? 

A regular AudiblePlus membership allows you to listen to selected works from the app. That means you can only listen to certain books or podcasts.

If you have an Audible PremiumPlus membership, you get a free credit every month to buy a book of your choosing and keep forever. So, if you want the newest bestseller on the market, you can use your credit to listen to it, rather than be barred away from it with the regular plan.

The Plus membership is only $7.95/month, while the PremiumPlus membership is $14.95/month.

Most audiobooks cost roughly between $10-$25 each, so you are essentially paying for about half of a book each time you use a PremiumPlus credit, depending on its price.

For other books, like say Stephen King’s “IT,” the cost is almost $40, so buying it with a $14.95 credit is a steal.

Do All Audible Books Cost the Same? 

The cost of audiobooks on Audible depends on your book’s length, language, and format. However, other factors can influence its price as well

First, there’s the author’s royalty. This is a percentage of the retail price that the author receives for each book sold. The larger the royalty, the more expensive the book will be. 

Second, there are production costs. Every audiobook requires different levels of work from all sorts of people to produce. 

Thirdly, there are marketing costs. Audiobooks are not like physical books—you can’t just put them on a shelf somewhere. It would help if you actively marketed your audiobook to get people interested in buying it.

These three reasons, among many others, can change the cost of a book. Sometimes, the more popular the book the higher the price.

How Much Do Books Cost on Audible Compared to Other Audiobook Apps? 

Audible is one of the most cost-effective audiobook apps out there.

While you’re getting the best bang for your buck, you also get access to a massive library of titles, audio versions, and free short stories every month that you can read on any device.  

They also offer regular discounts and special promotions, so you may want to keep an eye out for those before buying any books. 

Google Play Books is a great second choice because it allows users to buy any book from its selection. They also have regular discounts on best sellers that are sometimes more than 70% off of the retail price. 

If this doesn’t sound like something that works for your needs, consider using another service like, Audiobooks by LibriVox, which offers volunteer recordings worldwide.

How Much Does Audible Compared to Audiobook? 

Both Audible and Audiobook offer one month free with your first purchase, so you can get a feel for how they work before committing to a membership and paying monthly fees. 

Audible costs $6.22 per book on a yearly subscription, compared to $7.47 with Audiobooks. Audible is about 15% more expensive than Audiobooks for new releases in their catalogs (but not necessarily cheaper for other formats). 

How Much Does Audible Compared to Google Plays Books? 

If you’re new to audiobooks, it’s important to know that two major services sell books: Google Play Books and Audible.  

Both offer a wide selection of titles in audio format for your listening pleasure. Let’s talk about the costs involved when buying books on each service—and why you might want to choose one over the other. 

Google Play Books is cheaper than Audible, but Google Play has sale prices on their best sellers regularly, which means that if your timing is good or planned, you can save even more.

It can be hard to compare apples-to-apples when looking at prices for these subscriptions because they’re not all priced the same way. 

How Much Do 3 Credits Cost on Audible? 

If an average PremiumPlus membership costs $14.95/month and gives you one credit per month, then 3 credits at that price would cost $44.85.

However, the three credit bundle only costs $35.

You must have been a member for at least 30 days to purchase this bundle; once purchased, it’ll last for as long as your Audible membership.

Can You Buy Books on Audible Without a Subscription? 

You can buy books on Audible without a subscription, but you’ll have to pay the full price for each book.  

Some of these books are offered at a discount or as part of some special sale, but if you’re not sure when they’ll be discounted you’ll end up paying full price.

You also won’t get access to Audible’s other perks like Whispersync Audio or discounts on Audible membership plans. 

However, if you have an Audible subscription, there are still plenty of ways to save money on your favorite titles and authors! 

How To Save Money On Audible? 

Audible is a membership-based service, meaning you need to pay a monthly subscription fee ($14.95 per month) if you want access to audiobooks and other content selections.  

However, there are some ways you can save money on your membership: 

Use the Audible Pre-Order Feature:

The best way to buy audiobooks at a discount without credits is through the app or website using the pre-order feature.

Purchased titles will be added directly into your library for download later when they are released.

Pre-ordered books sometimes have lower costs than when they are released. 

Take Advantage of Credit Cards with Cashback Programs:

Many credit cards offer cash back for purchases made via credit card companies like Amazon.

If you use one of these companies regularly or plan on buying an expensive item from them soon (such as an iPhone XS), signing up for one of these programs could help offset some costs associated with purchasing books through these companies.  

Just make sure to be very careful about what kind of cards you sign up for! Don’t get trapped by fees or high interests!

Use your Amazon Prime Membership:

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get discounts on Audible audiobooks by buying them from Amazon when they are on special. 


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