How Many Books Does Audible Offer Per Month? (We Checked)

This article will discuss the different options for getting books on Audible and how much they cost.

We’ll also cover how to buy additional books without upgrading your subscription and what kind of perks are available as a premium member.

How Many Books Do You Get on Audible Per Month? 

You get unlimited audiobooks with Audible Plus and with Audible Premium Plus you get access to an extra library of books. You can buy as many other audiobooks as you want if they’re not included in your membership by buying them with credits, the Amazon website, and Audible directly.

How Many Books Do I Get in the First Month with Audible? 

The Audible subscription service has a lot of perks, but probably the most appealing is the number of free books you can get each month. 

When you’re on trial, you get one book per month. You can access two books by choosing the Premium plan or using your Amazon Prime profile. 

If it’s the Audible Plus trial, you’ll have access to all the audiobooks in their library for $7.95/month ($95.4 if billed yearly). 

This means your first month will cost zero for one book, and the subscription will kick in. 

If it’s an Audible Premium Plus trial, you get access to 2 free credits for your fits month. The total cost is $14.95/month (or $149.95 if billed monthly). 

Finally, if you sign up via Amazon Prime or use regular Amazon Prime benefits, you also get two free credits during your first month. 

How Many Books Do You Get with Each Subscription? 

First, you have to know what subscription options are available. 

The list below shows the different subscriptions and how many books you get with each one: 

  • Audible Plus: Unlimited book per month from over 300,000 titles
  • Audible Premium: Same as Audible Plus – but with access to an extra library of books. 

The basic Audible plan gives you one credit per month, allowing you to download one audiobook at no additional cost (except for applicable taxes). 

I highly recommend using this plan if you do not listen to more than one book monthly.  

If you like it, you can upgrade later to two books per month using the Premium Plus membership.  

You can also pay for an annual membership and access all your credits immediately if you know which books you want to listen to. 

Can You Buy More Books Without Upgrading? 

As it turns out, you can buy more books without upgrading. You have to do so with credits or using Amazon. 

You can also purchase additional credits anytime from your Audible app or website. 

If you have an Audible subscription, you can buy any audiobook from Amazon and deliver it to your Audible library.  

This is a great way to expand your reading choices beyond what’s available on the Audible website. 

How Do You Buy More Books Without Upgrading? 

The first way to buy more books without upgrading is by using credits.  

You get one credit for every month you have been on your Audible subscription. If you want to read two new books per month and have already used your credits this month, then you could buy one book with cash and use the other as a credit.

This will reset the “credits” meter back to zero to track how many more credits are available in the next billing period. 

Another way to buy more books is with gift cards, which you can purchase in stores or online at sites like Amazon and eBay (or even directly from Audible).  

If you were planning on purchasing an Audible membership anyway but didn’t want to pay full price upfront, consider buying an Amazon gift card instead of paying cash. You’ll still get the same amount toward your membership each month while saving yourself some cash upfront. 

Finally, if none of these options work for you because there’s something else preventing them from being viable options, consider contacting Audible and asking them yourself. 

How Many Books Do People Normally Listen to Per Month? 

In general, the average number of books people listen to per month is 0.75 books per month. This is less than most people estimate. 

For avid listeners, that number jumps up to 2 or 3 books per month—more than 2 times the average. 

If you’re an Audible member and you’ve got a lot of audiobooks on your wishlist but not enough time in your day to listen to them all, then you might want to consider subscribing to Audible Premium Plus. 

With this subscription service, you’ll get one more “book credit” for every month. Or pay an annual subscription upfront and get access to all your credit immediately. 

Is It Possible to Get Unlimited Books on Audible? 

With Audible, you can get access to unlimited books. 

You have access to all the titles available in your library. You can buy more books and still have unlimited access to them (though if they’re included in your membership plan, that’s a better deal). 

And there are special deals where Audible subscription members can get books on sale or other promotions. 

Do Unused Credits Expire or Roll Over to Next Month? 

We’re in luck. Unused credits will roll over to the next month. 

And if you don’t use all of your credit, it will be available for you in subsequent months. 

It also means that if I buy a book with my monthly credit but cancel my membership before using all of that month’s credit (or part of it), all unused credit will also be lost forever. 

The number of credits you get each month depends on which plan you choose: 

  • If you subscribe to Audible’s Plus plan, you’ll receive 1 free audiobook per month (for 12 books per year). 
  • If you subscribe to Audible’s Premium Plus plan, you’ll receive 1 free audiobook per month (for 24 books per year). 

Can You Get Extra Free Credits For Books? 

You can earn Audible credits by purchasing select items through Groupon and Swagbucks, or you can get a complimentary credit by purchasing certain Amazon products. 

You can also get up to two free credits per month. The answer depends on how you want to spend your money. 

There are two ways to spend money on Audible:

  • You can use your own money to purchase credit or a membership plan.
  • You can get credit by using an Audible gift card or another form of payment. 

Is There a Maximum Limit to How Many Books You Can Buy? 

You can buy as many books as you want, and there is no limit on the number of times you can purchase a book from Audible. 

Of course, buying all the Audible books will cost a lot of money, but a bigger worry is the amount of time it would take to consume them. 

Unless you are a collector or buying books for people sticking to the subscription is more than enough.  

Thankfully there are easy ways to get extra books on Audible fast if you do burn through all your books for the month. 

What Extra Books Do You Get Access to as an Audible Premium Plus Member? 

As an Audible Plus member, you have access to all the same titles as regular members. 

But there’s one bonus book each month: a brand new release or bestseller from a wide range of genres that rotate each month. 

Audible isn’t just a library of audiobooks you can download and listen to whenever possible. 

The Audible Premium Plus subscription service costs $14.95 per month (or $149 annually) and lets you download unlimited audiobooks per month. 

You can also get credits for a free book each month.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that the number of books you get on Audible per month depends on the type of subscription you choose. If you want to listen to more than one book per month, it’s best to go for an annual plan or higher. 

The Audible subscription service costs $14.95 per month or $149 per year, which is a pretty good deal considering that the average audiobook costs around $25.  

You can save $151 on audiobooks by using the subscription service instead of buying them at the cost. That’s enough to pay for another year of books or a savings of 50%. 


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