How Long Do Haier TVs Last? (We Checked)

Haier is a popular appliance brand that has been named among the top global brands for ten years.

And why not? The brand is known for affordable consumer electronics that are comparable to the top brands.

But the brand’s affordability may have you questioning if Haier TVs are durable.

So, how long do Haier TVs last? 

The lifespan of Haier TVs

Haier TVs have a relatively long lifespan that’s on par with other TV brands—around seven to ten years. The actual lifespan varies per user, and factors such as settings and usage affect the overall longevity.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Haier TV?

Haier TVs have a lifespan of seven years, under heavy usage and high settings.

However, you can get more mileage when you adjust your usage and settings.

When watching casually, you can get around ten years of use with Haier TVs.

What’s the First Thing that Breaks on Haier TVs?

The most sensitive component in any TV is the backlight. 

  • These backlights, like lightbulbs, burn out over time with use as they illuminate the screen. And in some cases, the power supply also breaks, which also results in the backlight not working.
  • When you set the screen brighter, the backlights deteriorate faster.
  • You don’t always need to have the brightness set incredibly low or high—You only need to set it at a level that is sufficient to remove any glare or reflections on the screen.

Do Haier TVs Last Longer than Average TVs?

Haier TVs have similar lifespans when compared to other TVs.

For the most part, Haier TVs use the same parts as other TVs within the same price range, which is why you can expect them to last as long as other TVs in the market.

Regardless of brand, the lifespan of any TV gets a boost with proper maintenance.

How Long Do New Smart TVs Typically Last?

Newer TVs on the market generally have a lifespan of seven to ten years before showing signs of deterioration.

When the TV reaches the end of its prime, you will usually see the picture quality decrease and the screen may lose brightness.

Once your TV begins to degrade, there’s really nothing to be done, and you should probably start thinking about getting a new TV.

For more general information on smart TVs, check out our article Are Smart TVs Reliable? (Explained For Beginners).

How Long Is the Warranty on Haier TVs?

Haier offers a 24-month warranty for all its TVs that applies only in the country of purchase.

Are Haier TVs Good for Video Games?

You can use Haier TVs for video games, but they won’t give you top-notch performance.

  • One of the biggest limitations of Haier TVs is its 80 Hz refresh rate and lack of Variable Refresh Rate support.
  • TVs with Variable Refresh Rates and 120 Hz refresh rates have better performances when it comes to graphics rendering. There’s less screen tearing and your TV easily catches up with the movement.

But that does not mean you can’t use Haier TVs for gaming. Games designed for a 60 Hz refresh rate will have better results on Haier TVs.

What Are the Most Popular Haier TV Models?

If you are considering buying a Haier TV, here are good options to consider.

Haier K6600

The Haier K6600 is one of the premium TV series from the brand.

  • It features a bezel-less design that makes the TV stand out in your room.
  • This TV uses the Android TV system, which gives you access to thousands of apps on the Google Play Store.
  • The K6600 also features voice commands that can be linked to your Google Assistant system.
  • And speaking of voice command, the K6600 can be used as an IoT hub that can execute voice commands to different smart appliances in your house.
  • You also get vivid images, thanks to the 4k screen resolution. The K6600 also has a remarkable HDR performance, which significantly enhances picture quality.
  • The remote control of the K6600 also features shortcuts to Netflix and YouTube, making navigating to these apps easy with one click.
  • For sound quality, the K6600 comes loaded with the Dolby sound processor, so that you get a more immersive experience.

Haier K6500

If you want a more affordable version of the K6600, the Haier K6500.

  • The K6500 also uses Android and is basically a simplified K6600.
  • The most noticeable difference would be the bezels, which the K6600 boasts of having none. Although the K6500 still has slim bezels that still give it a premium look.
  • The K6500 also boasts 4k resolution, so you don’t have to worry about the picture quality.
  • If you like linking your computer or smartphone to the TV, the K6500 features Smart Share, which lets you cast photos or videos from your gadgets to the TV screen.

What Can I Do to Prolong the Lifespan?

If you want to make the most of this TV, you have to provide sufficient care to make it last. Regardless of brand, a well-maintained and correctly set up TV will last longer than expected.

Here are some tips to consider.

Switch off the TV when not in use

Leaving the TV on when not in use speeds up its degradation, as the backlights burn out faster.

Thus, you should turn it off if you will be out for prolonged periods.

Take advantage of power-saving features such as timers so that your TV shuts down in case you fall asleep. You can even integrate it with your smart home system for a more centralized solution.

Provide a safe space for your TV

As much as possible, keep your TV away from the windows.

  • TVs contain sensitive components that break when exposed to harmful elements, such as the sun or rain.
  • You should also keep it away from other appliances that emit high amounts of heat, including ovens and heaters.

Your TV must also have enough space for ventilation.

  • There should be at least two inches of space behind it and four inches on the side so that it can circulate air and dispel the heat.
  • For those using cabinet consoles, there should be an allowance for air circulation. You can also improve breathability with cooling fans.

A wall mount also helps keep your TV safe, as there are fewer chances of it getting knocked down by accident. There is also better circulation when the TV is mounted to a wall.

Clean the TV regularly

Dust can damage your TV, including the screen.

  • It can reduce ventilation, and cause overheating when it covers crucial parts, such as the backlight.
  • When dusting your TV, use a microfiber cloth or any soft material, and wipe the TV gently.
  • LED screens are made of a soft film that scratches easily when rubbed too hard. Avoid wiping in a circular and back and forth motion, and wipe in a single direction.

Don’t set the Brightness too high

As pointed out earlier, the backlights are usually the first thing to break in any TV.

Many people equate higher brightness to better image quality, which is not the case. The truth is, you only need to set the brightness at a level enough to mitigate glare and reflections on the screen. And when watching at night, you can set the brightness to a lower level.

You should take advantage of any brightness presets to help you get the right levels for your room.

Use an Automatic Voltage Regulator

The last thing you want is a sudden voltage spike to destroy your TV.

  • Power surges may happen anytime, and that is why you need to be prepared for this instance.
  • An Automatic Voltage Regulator can help reduce the risks of damage during power surges.
  • Damages from power spikes may vary. Sometimes it only needs a capacitor replacement, but there are times that the whole board requires a replacement, which is a nightmare repair process.

Update the firmware of your TV

Having updated firmware ensures your TV is protected from security bugs and ensures compatibility with the latest apps.

Updating the firmware is a must also, especially if you want to improve some performance issues with your TV.

Final Thoughts

Haier TVs are a good choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option for a TV.

While they may not have as many models compared to the bigger brands, Haier is focused on developing a lean but powerful product that will be worth every dollar you pay.




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