HBO & Screen Sharing: 9 Things You Should Know

Watching movies allows friends and even families to bond together, whether on the big screen or at someone’s house, but is it possible to replicate this experience, given platforms like HBO and screen-sharing services?

Is it possible to share your HBO screen?

Here’s What you Need to Know About HBO and Screen Sharing

Unlike other services, HBO allows for screen sharing through third-party services, which will enable you to share your HBO Max screen with your friends.

Does HBO and HBO Max Allow Screen Sharing?

Unfortunately, no service allows you to share your HBO screen on cable TV without putting a camera from your computer or smartphone.

The video and sound quality won’t be good, which may also count as a violation of the terms of service of HBO.

Note that HBO has the discretion to terminate your subscriptions if it deems fit. However, if you have access to the HBO Max service, you can share your screen from your smartphone to your TV through Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay.

There are also third-party browser plugins that allow you to share your HBO Max screen through your browser.

Can you Screen Share HBO on Zoom?

You can share your screen on HBO Max via Zoom, but there are some things to note of.

First, you need to use the Zoom desktop app.

Next, you’re likely to encounter a black screen when your HBO Max screen appears on the Zoom screen.

Not all people have had success, but you can try this to fix the issue:

  1. Open the Zoom Desktop App then click “Settings” (The small grey gear icon)
  2. Then, select “Share Screenshare” and click “Advanced”
  3. You can try out the following options:
    •  “Use TCP connection for screen sharing”, or
    • “Use hardware acceleration for” 

Don’t forget to share computer sound, as well, so that your friends get to hear the audio.

How Do I Screen Share with Friends on HBO Max?

There are three ways to share HBO Max with your friends.

You can try Zoom, although there are some issues, as explained earlier.

Another solution would be to use the Telepathy or Scener browser extension. These plugins are free to use, but it’s only available on the desktop version of Google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Setting up Teleparty is relatively easy, but it does have some requirements from people who will join the viewing party. All viewers need to have an existing subscription to HBO Max and install the Telepathy plugin on a compatible browser.

Once everyone in the party complies with these requirements, you can log into the HBO Max account on the web browser and select the movie for watching. Click the Teleparty extension, then select Start the Party.

A window will open with a link that you need to send to your virtual guests who will join you at the viewing party.

Once everyone is in, press play to start watching your favorite films or TV programs.

There’s no limit to what programs you can watch with these plugins, but if you choose between the two plugins, Scener is highly recommended, as HBO Max has a tie-up with the developers for this feature.

Can Two People use HBO at the Same Time?

You won’t have any issues with two people using an HBO Max account at the same time.

HBO Max allows for multiple user profiles to tailor-fit content for each viewer.

How Many People Can Use an HBO Max Account at the Same Time?

HBO Max allows for a total of seven user accounts, but you can only log in to up to three devices simultaneously.

Does the HBO Max with Ads Allow for Multiple Users?  

HBO Max allows for multiple logins, even on the ad-tier account.

Can you Watch HBO with your Friends?

There are different ways of watching HBO with your friends, even when not physically present.

Your best option for this would be to use the Scener browser extension, which allows up to 20 people in a viewing party.

What are the Best Ways to Watch HBO with Different People?

The best way to watch HBO with different people would be through the Scener browser extension.

What Other Video Services Allow for Group Watching?

Other video streaming services have introduced group watching features.

Each service must have every viewer in the group watch subscribed to the service and must be in a country where the service or movie is authorized.

Disney Plus:

Disney Plus offers subscribers to watch with their friends at the same time.

All you need to do is select a movie, click the group watch icon, then send the link generated to a total of six friends. Once they’re all logged in, you can start the movie.

When everyone is in the Disney Plus Group Watch, each viewer will access the playback controls.

This feature is handy when someone wants to skip, repeat or pause a scene for a bathroom break.

Here are the most-common errors and problems with Disney Plus.


Netflix uses the Teleparty extension to enable group watching.


Hulu allows up to eight people to join a Watch Party session, and even users sharing the same account can join using individual profiles.

Note that only adult profiles can join a Watch Party session.

The Watch Party session of Hulu is only available to Hulu subscribers on a compatible web browser. You get access to over a thousand movies in the Hulu Library and should have the Watch Party icon beside it.

Like Disney Plus, go to Hulu on your desktop browser and look for the movie you plan to watch.

Click on the Watch Party icon on the details page and select Start the Party. Copy the link that Hulu generates and send it to your friends.

Amazon Prime Video:

Setting up a watch party on Amazon Prime Video is available for desktop browsers, except Safari and Internet Explorer, and also works on Fire TV devices through the Prime Video app.

While the mobile app does not support group watching, you can use it to send links to join Watch Parties and chat with your friends.

All participants in the watch party should have a Prime Video subscription. You can choose to watch videos for rent or sale, and it requires everyone watching to rent or buy the video.

To begin a Watch Party, click on the Watch Party icon for movies, or look for TV episodes with the Watch Party Icon. Input your name and click Create Watch Party.

Get the invite link and send it to your friends. You can have up to 100 people join the Watch Party. Once everyone is in, you can start the party and chat.

Note that only the host can control the playback of the movie.

The Watch Party feature is available internationally but will be limited to the available videos in your location. You will need to log in to the Prime Video service using the home country page.

The same thing goes for accepting an invite while in another country.


For those who want to share YouTube screens, the best solution here would be to use a video conferencing app, like Zoom.

This is the easiest way to do it since it does not need a membership, except for the Zoom host, who should ideally have a premium account to avoid the time limit.

Ideally, the host should have the most stable connection, as everyone will rely on it for a clear stream.

Final Thoughts

Until HBO introduces a native watch party or group viewing feature, you must use third-party apps or browser extensions.

Given how other services are implementing this feature, it’s only a matter of time until HBO Max will feature this service.


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