Hootsuite Ad Spend Limits: 10 Things To Know (Explained)

It’s important to set and stick to a marketing budget for your business. One way Hootsuite helps you stick to a budget is its use of ad spend limits.

Ad spend limits on Hootsuite will keep your ad spending within the range determined by your subscription level.

What is the Ad Spend Limit on Hootsuite?

Hootsuite imposes spending caps on the advertisements you set up within Hootsuite for your social media accounts. Depending on your subscription level, the ad spend limit can range from $500 a month up to unlimited spending for the Enterprise plan. Free accounts cannot do ads on Hootsuite.

1. What Are the Limits for Ad Spending in Hootsuite?

Hootsuite imposes the following limits on ads:

  • $500 a month for Professional accounts
  • $2,000 a month for Team accounts
  • $5,000 a month for Business accounts
  • Unlimited ad spending for Enterprise accounts

Free accounts cannot post ads and do not include ad-spending features.

2. Why Are There Ad Spend Limits in Hootsuite?

Hootsuite sets ad limits that are proportional to the business size of clients at different subscription tiers.

You can think of this limit as a budget Hootsuite has set for you.

Not everyone has a high budget for ad spending, and having ad spend limits helps you control how much you spend each month. But even with a low budget for boosting, Hootsuite will help you divide your resources efficiently by optimizing your ad spend.

It will move funds from low-performing to better-performing ads so that you get the most for your money.

3. Where Are the Ad Limits Applicable?

The Hootsuite Ads services allow you to spend on boosting posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Boosting allows for a wider reach.

Thus, if you have a $2,000 limit per month, you can spend it in any way you deem fit across the different social media channels in your Hootsuite account.

4. How Do You Raise the Ad Spend Limit?

There are two ways of raising your ad spend limits.

First, you can opt to apply for a temporary increase in your ad spend limits. Hootsuite will notify you if you are close to your spending limit each month, and you can request an increase to your spending limit at this juncture.

Second, you can opt to upgrade your plan to a higher tier, which will raise your ad spend limit and unlock more features.

5. What Happens if You Exceed Your Ad Spend Limit?

According to the Hootsuite legal terms for ad spending, you can expect the following when you exceed your ad spending limit:

  • Hootsuite may opt to upgrade your subscription to a level with higher ad spending limits for the duration of the monthly period.
  • Should Hootsuite upgrade your spending limit, you will be asked to pay for the temporary upgrade.
  • If you opt not to pay for the upgrade, Hootsuite may temporarily disable your Ad account.

Hootsuite sends notices to users whose ad spend is close to the cap set forth by their plan. If you receive a notice, as explained above, you can opt to have a temporary upgrade of your ad spending limit, even before you reach your allotted amount.

6. How Long Will the Ad-Spend Limit Last?

Hootsuite sets limits to ad spending that renew every month. 

If your subscription renews on, say, the 17th of each month, your ad spend limits get renewed at the same time.

7. Can You Set a Lower Ad Spending Limit?

You can set your Hootsuite account to spend only a particular amount on an ad in the Hootsuite Ads Service.

8. Do You Also Find this Limitation in Similar Software?

Some social media management tools also offer ad management with spending caps in place.

Hubspot enforces a $1,000 spending limit for ads, which renews every 30 days. The nice thing about this feature is that it is available even for free accounts.

The highest tier in the Hubspot subscription plan caps ad spending at $30,000, which Hootsuite beats with its unlimited ad-spending privilege under the Enterprise plan.

Other services also impose ad spend limitations, but only when you set up an ad.

9. Does Hootsuite Charge You for the Ads You Make?

When you create ads for your social networks using Hootsuite, you will be charged by the social media platform where you place these ads.

Hootsuite merely acts as a middleman to help you oversee the ads you place on social media platforms.

10. Can the Facebook Ads Manager Override Hootsuite Ad Spend Limits?

The Facebook Ads Manager does not override spending limits in Hootsuite. 

But, if you exceed your allotted spend limit in Hootsuite, you can opt to switch to the native ads manager in your social media platforms.

Hootsuite only limits spending on ads created and displayed using its system. 

Final Thoughts:

The ad spending limit in Hootsuite may seem like a deal-breaker for many, especially for those who want to really bankroll their social media ads. But the ad spending limit is a good way to keep your marketing finances in check.

However, Hootsuite also understands that sometimes you need an extra push each month, which is why Hootsuite offers add-ons for those times you need to spend a little more for ads.

These options are why the ad-spending limits are not really as restricting as they seem, given the flexibility available.



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