How Durable Are Denon Headphones? (We Checked)

The lifespan of a pair of headphones largely relies on the materials used and quality control measures that its manufacturer applies.

Top-of-the-range headphones are costlier and generally last longer, whereas lower-cost headphones will not last as long. Denon headphones are among the famous headphones in the market right now.

However, before you decide to get yourself a pair, it is critical to know if they are worth the hype.

Here’s How Durable Denon Headphones Are:

Denon headphones provide users with high-quality, clear sound. Whether you are using the wired or non-wired type, they will deliver and can serve you for years. However, battery life starts reducing after two to three years of regular use for the wireless types. Hence, the wired types tend to last longer than the wireless types.

How Long Do Denon Headphones Normally Last?

To effectively answer the above question, we need to look at three of the top-ranking Denon headphones.

These are:

  • Denon AH- GC30
  • Denon AH-D7200
  • Denon AH- GC25NC

We have another article here on common problems with Denon headphones.

Denon AH- GC30

Termed by many users as the ultimate Denon headphone, providing comfort and stylish aesthetic, the Denon AH-GC30 is simply phenomenal.

What makes it even more appealing is its design and the type of materials the manufacturer utilized. The D5200 runs on 50mm dynamically driven drivers and has free-floating bearings to ensure clear sound production and avoid distortions.

In addition, the GC30 connection cable runs to about 3metres making it suitable for Hi-fi applications.

Its ergonomic ear cushions allow you to listen to music for long hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Denon boasts that the GC30 headphones can offer you up to 20 hours of active listening and 30 hours of passive listening.

What is fascinating is that the GC30 has a wire option feature that you can use when the battery is running low.

Please note that the 20 hours only apply if you are listening at medium volume, for when you listen at a higher volume, it utilizes more power.

Denon AH-D7200

The D7200 is a descendant of the celebrated D7000, with deep, well-defined bass and refined sound.

Considering the D7200 is a wired headphone, there is no limit to how much time you can use them in a day, for you will not have to stop and charge.

In 2006, Denon reported that the average user bought a new D7000 after about two and a half years of purchase.

The D7200 is an improved version; you can expect more than years of service from these bad boys.

Denon AH- GC25NC

The GC25NC is not as famous as its predecessors, maybe because the company did not market it as much.

You will marvel at the smooth and flawless sound the GC25NC produces.

You can listen to your favorite music or make calls with these headphones. All the functions that a headphone should facilitate.

What sets the GC25NC apart is the ease with which it performs its tasks. Many customers praise it for being sturdy, whether making calls or listening to music.

In addition, the GC25NC is hardy, unlike other headphones that start developing issues after about two years; it can reach three years without much difficulty.

Do They Last as Long as Other Headphones?

Quality headphones should give you at least two years of service. Whereas top quality brands, if well taken care of, will last between five to ten years.

Denon headphones have an average lifespan of three and a half years to six years.

When you compare Denon headphones to other top brands such as Sony or JBL, Denon headphones last long enough and are more affordable.

However, wireless Denon headphones have a shorter lifespan than the wired type.

Reasons why wired Denon Headphones Last Longer

Wireless headphones have more parts compared to wired headphones.

For example, a wireless headphone has

  • Batteries
  • Charging spots
  • Bluetooth sensors

On the other hand, wired headphones only require a cable to function correctly.

Consequently, the more the electrical components, the higher the chance of damage and failure.

What Typically Breaks First on Denon Headphones?

You may have noticed that most parts of Denon headphones are made of plastic and wood, which aren’t elastic.

Consequently, some parts will break or fall off after occasional use.

For Denon headphones, especially the wired ones, many buyers have issues with their cords, which they say cant withstand much pressure.

Some customers also stated that the sliders also fell off quickly.

How Long is the Warranty on Denon Headphones?

Denon issues a two-year headphone warranty through its authorized dealers.

The company adds that the dealers act as its representative and should fulfill the warranty specifications.

What Exactly Does the Warranty Cover?

Denons warranty covers all of its headphones against system failure because of manufacturing issues.

In a publicly issued statement, Denon states that it will repair or, when need be, replace headphones that become defective within the warranty period.

Denons Warranty Does not Cover

  • Product purchased from unauthorized dealers.
  • Headphones whose serial numbers have been modified defaced or removed
  • Any damage that may arise from failure to follow product manual instructions, abuse, acts of nature, neglect, modifications, or attempted repair by unauthorized dealers.

If your headphones develop issues covered in the warranty, you will be responsible for its transportation to the nearby dealer.

This means you will have to pay all the necessary transportation charges.

You must also have a copy of the original sales receipt, or else the company will be free to refuse you any warranty claims.

Do Denon Headphones Need Maintenance From The Owner?

To obtain maximum value from your headphones, you will need to take proper care of them.

Here are some tips you can apply to increase the lifespan of your Denon headphones:

Always Travel with a Case.

You are in a hurry, so you take your headphones, toss them in a backpack and head out.

This one mistake is responsible for about seventy percent of headphone damage

Since the headphone will constantly move around the backpack, resulting in the cord getting stretched or twisted.

To avoid such cases, ensure you always place the headphones in a case when you aren’t using them, or you are on the move.

Safeguard the Weak Points

Headphones are made by numerous connections, most of which are weak.

The volume slider or earbuds need handling with care, for the slightest pressure will make them break or fall off.

Hence, it would be best if you always pulled the plug and not the cable as the wire and plug interlink are the weakest spots.

Limit Access.

We understand that you are generous and like sharing with your friends.

However, you will have to be somewhat selfish with your headphones for them to last.

Since not everyone who handles them will be as careful as you are. Moreover, sharing your headphones may lead to wax transfer that can cause severe ear infections.

Regulate the Volume

Your headphones speakers vibrate to produce sound.

Therefore, when you use them constantly at a high volume, the vibrating parts move too fast and eventually split.

Resulting in poor sound or worse, the speaker completely fails.

You can prevent such by

  • Consistently lowering the volume before plugging them in
  • Reducing reliance on bass boosters

Have A Regular Charging Schedule

Battery failure is the leading cause of reduced wireless headphones lifespan.

This is mainly due to an irregular charging routine that slowly kills the battery’s performance. Some users only charge the headphones once they go off, which is wrong.

A good routine could be once every two days or three days, depending on how long your headphones hold power.

However, you need to avoid overcharging, as it will also lower the battery life.

Cleanliness is Key

Headphones are regularly exposed to moisture and dirt, primarily when you use them regularly.

Dip a clean cloth in alcohol and use it to wipe the earpads after every use. You can also go a little extra and try to pass the cloth in the tiny crevices.

Watch the Cables

Most headphones have a long cable, which is good, but this offers a challenge; they keep getting entangled.

The coils or knots then weaken the wires in the cable, and eventually, they suffer permanent damage.

You can roll it the same way you first found them after purchase to avoid such.

If you implement the above-stated safety guidelines, you can rest assured your Denon headphones will serve you for years to come.


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