How Does Hootsuite AutoSchedule Work? (Explained)

Hootsuite introduced the AutoSchedule function so that social media managers can have a more automated system for publishing posts.

How Does Hootsuite AutoSchedule Work?

Using an algorithm, Hootsuite works to send your posts “live” at the opportune time. AutoSchedule settings can be customized to how many posts per day, the period for a day, and for which days you would like Hootsuite to post automatically. You can also schedule images, videos, and other content.

Here are some things you need to know about the AutoSchedule function of Hootsuit.

What Exactly is AutoSchedule on Hootsuite?

Scheduling social media posts to go live when you need them to is a huge advantage for influencers and businesses online.

AutoScheduling is an upgraded version of the scheduler on Hootsuite that allows you to post on your different social media accounts at a particular date and time.

Note that this is a PAID service Hootsuite offers, meaning you can’t use it in the free version.

This is often based on an algorithm that Hootsuite uses to schedule posts.

Hootsuite bases its algorithm on the general activity and potential engagement traffic in a social media network at a pre-determined time. This means that they will try to get your posts as highly viewed and interacted with as possible.

The AutoSchedule function works best for social media managers who can’t decide when to post a particular content.

How Easy is it to Use the AutoSchedule Function in Hootsuite?

Using the AutoSchedule function of Hootsuite is as easy as scheduling an ordinary post on Hootsuite.

All you need to do is input your information or caption into your post’s text box, and click on “AutoSchedule”.

You can also add photos, videos, and links to your AutoScheduled posts.

Hootsuite will then schedule the post at an optimal time of high social media traffic based on the general social media behavior and the time set.

Note: AutoSchedule uses the local time registered on your account.

If you want to reach a particular audience at a chosen time zone, you need to use the scheduler and post at the corresponding local time.

How Does AutoSchedule Work?

The AutoSchedule works just like scheduling a post on Hootsuite, but, instead of picking a date and time, you enable AutoSchedule instead.

AutoSchedule settings can be customized. You can set how many posts per day, the period for a day, and for which days will Hootsuite post automatically.

You can also set individual settings per social media account linked to Hootsuite.

If you AutoSchedule a post meant for several accounts, Hootsuite will schedule the post based during times of high-engagement per social media account.

That means a photo posted on Instagram may appear on Twitter one or two hours later.

How Popular is the AutoSchedule Function in Hootsuite?

The AutoSchedule function is popular, but more people are familiar with manual scheduling.

While subscribers of Hootsuite sign-up for the scheduling, the AutoSchedule function is another feature they explore.

How Do I Find Scheduled Posts on Hootsuite?

You can find the scheduled posts on Hootsuite in the “Publisher” section:

  1. Click on the “Publisher” icon below the “Stream” icon.
  2. Under that section, you will find the “Content” tab.
  3. Click on “Content”, and all your Scheduled posts and drafts will appear.
  4. You can filter your AutoScheduled posts by social media network, so you can review them.

Or, you can also set a stream in your boards dedicated to scheduled posts per social media account.

Can You Change What time Hootsuite will Publish an AutoScheduled Post?

You can change the schedule set by AutoSchedule in the “Publisher” section.

Look for the post you want to change and click “edit”.

From here, you can change the time set previously by Hootsuite to a time you think will have more impact.

What Social Media Platforms Can you AutoSchedule in?

As of August 2020, Hootsuite allows subscribers to AutoSchedule posts on the following platforms:

For Twitter, you can schedule tweets, links, photos, and videos.

For Facebook, you can schedule posts for Pages and Groups you have administrator privileges. The contents you may schedule include photos, videos, links, and status updates.

For Instagram, you can schedule photos and videos, as long as they are within the prescribed dimensions.

For LinkedIn, you can schedule posts for your Personal and business profiles. Contents you can schedule are links, photos, and videos.

If you are using Pinterest, you can schedule posting of photos on boards you own.

For YouTube, you can schedule videos on your channel.

Are There any Limitations to the AutoSchedule Feature?

The AutoSchedule function is limited to the social media accounts and content that Hootsuite can post for you.

That means the queue for Instagram stories will not work with AutoSchedule.

AutoScheduling also cannot identify the demographics of your audience. The automated function only looks at active users at a particular time.

So, if you have plans of publishing content intended for a particular audience in a target location, you might not hit them, especially if you are in different time zones.

Also, AutoSchedule is only available for paid Hootsuite subscriptions.

Can Hootsuite Send AutoScheduled Direct Messages?

Hootsuite cannot send messages automatically.

If you are looking to send an automatic reply, you can do so through the Facebook Page Manager.

How Reliable is the AutoSchedule Feature?

The problem with the AutoSchedule function of Hootsuite is the lack of transparency when it comes to algorithms:

  1. How does the AutoSchedule function?
  2. What is the basis of finding the best time to post content?
  3. What is the basis of preventing oversaturating your presence at a particular time?

Unlike schedulers like “Tweriod”, Hootsuite has not been upfront when it comes to its algorithm.

There is no information on whether the AutoScheduler factors in bots and fake accounts that follow your brand.

While it is understandable that Hootsuite has to preserve its trade secrets, users deserve to see a basis of how the activity is defined.

So, if you plan to upgrade to a paid account due to the AutoSchedule, you may have to think twice.

Otherwise, it might be better to stick with your proven formula for better social media reach.


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