How Many Audiobooks On Audible? (We Checked)

Leading the way when it comes to finding and reading books online is the audio giant, Audible.

But, how good really is it?

And more importantly, how many audiobooks do you get access to?

Let’s find out.

Here’s How Many Audiobooks Are On Audible:

Audible currently has over 200,000 books available for download or even purchase online. Right from the Audible app, you can down thousands of titles so that your personal library will never be empty. But, this doesn’t mean that you can have access to every title Audible has available.

How Many Books Can You Listen To On Audible?

While Audible has hundreds of thousands of books, podcasts, and short stories to enjoy, you won’t be able to have access to all of them.

This, of course, depends on the type of subscription you sign up for.

Audible is a great way to explore new books and give something different a try, but you have to pay in order to enjoy streaming audiobooks. However, Audible does not have an unlimited plan which will allow you to access the entire library of books they offer.

The most basic plan that Audible costs just under $8 a month and allows you to listen to any of the selected titles for that plan. This plan includes access to around 11,000 book and podcast titles that you can listen to whenever you want.

But, if you want to listen to anything that isn’t on the specific list of titles for the basic plan, you can purchase them at a 30% discount.

This allows you to be able to listen to more than just the limited-select titles that this plan comes with.

If you really want to ramp up your audiobook experience, Audible has a premium plan that will run you around $15 a month and includes the 11,000 titles that you get with the basic plan but also allows you to download featured and special releases.

Also, with the premium plan, you get a select amount of book credits that you can use on any other title that isn’t included.

This way, with the premium plan, you can have access to all 200,000 book titles, but you will only be able to listen to a handful for that lot a month.

Lastly, Audible has a premium plus plan which is their top tier plan coming in at $22 a month. This plan gives you everything that the above plans offer but you get double the monthly download credits than you would if you just went with the premium plan.

How Many Audiobooks Do The Other Audiobook Apps Have?

Since Audible’s first conception back in 1995, it has become the premier place to find audiobooks to listen to.

However, they are not the only digital audiobook library on the market. Here are some of the other popular audiobook apps and how they stack up against the tech giant, Audible.


First, we have Spotify. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps that allows users to listen to music as well as download whole albums.

Recently, Spotify has been dipping its toe in the water when it comes to other audio realms. Now, you can find thousands of podcasts ready to listen to or download right from the Spotify app, but did you know they also have audiobooks?

Spotify has over 3,000 books available to listen to.

Best of all, all you need is a Spotify account to listen to these books for free.


Another media giant that is giving audiobooks a go is Google. Google allows users to listen to books right from their popular platform, Google Play Books.

Google Play Books currently has the largest selection of audiobooks available to download with over 5 million titles.

However, you will have to either purchase each title for download or choose one of their download plans that give you a certain amount of credits each month.


Lastly, we have LibriVox.

LibriVox stands out from the other audiobook apps because they mainly offer public free domain titles.

LibriVox has over 17,000 audiobook titles available for download and since they are free public domain, all of the downloads are absolutely free.

How Many Free Titles Does Audible Have?

Every month, Audible releases free titles to listen to depending on the season.

These audiobook titles get released on the first of the month and have over 2 thousand free titles to choose from, but what genres and types of audiobooks can you get for free?

Most notable, Audible offers hundreds of Audible Originals titles that are free to listen to. Audible Originals are audiobooks that are published directly from Audible, under the Amazon umbrella.

The Audible Original titles are usually books that are specifically selected based on current political topics as well as lifting up voices that are being highlighted during that time.

Outside of the hundreds of original titles that are available for free each month, you can also download hundreds of podcast episodes each month.

This includes popular podcasts that are often on the top of iTunes charts.

However, usually, you are only able to listen to episodes that were produced and released within that month so you won’t be able to listen to older episodes. These hundreds of titles also include short-form audio samples like meditation and sleep aid tracks.

Another free service that Audible offers each month is a free download of one of their popular “interview” series episodes. Each month you will be able to listen for free to any of their 6 produced interviews with people who have influenced pop culture.

Lastly, Audible releases a small selection of non-original audiobooks each month as a way to pull people into purchasing a subscription package.

Each month, Audible only allows for free download of a few titles that are from any genre from

  • horror,
  • true crime,
  • non-fiction,
  • and even autobiographies.

What Is The Breakdown Of Genres On Audible?

As mentioned, Audible currently had over 200,000 currently available to listen to on the Audible platform. But, if you’re like me, you are pretty particular about what type of book genre is worth a listen.

Here is the complete breakdown of the top genres that are available on Audible now.

The most popular genre of audiobooks on Audible is its selection of mystery and thriller books. This takes up the majority of Audible books with over 70,000 mystery titles for you to choose from each month.

Arguably, fiction is the most popular category for Audiobooks and this includes popular genres like romance and science fiction.

These genres come in second for popularity and volume as you can find over 60,000 books that fall under this category.

Outside of fiction, Audible is most known for its biographies and memoirs. Being able to learn about some of the most influential people in history while not having to flip a page is a real game changer.

Also, with autobiographies, most of the time the person who is being explored is the one reading you the story which is really cool. Best of all, Audible currently has over 50,000 memoirs and biographies available for download right from the app.

With Audible, you don’t just get access to over 100,000 fiction and non-fiction titles, you get access to so much more. Most notably, Audible has a wide selection of self-help as well as educational books.

You even have access to around 4,000 titles that will help to teach you how to use computers and technology in a more productive way so that you can advance in your profession.

Lastly, Audible had over 25 different genres to explore, and they are not all for you either. Audible has a large collection of books for children and teens with around 25,000 titles meant for the younger generation. So, whatever your preference, you can certainly find a new favorite audiobook with Audible.

Final Thoughts

While nothing beats sitting down and reading a book, most of us do not have enough time in the day to really sink into a new book.

Luckily for busy people like us, audiobooks have really changed the game when it comes to expanding your personal collection of stories.

The best part about Audible is the number of books and stories that it offers. With over 200,000 books to choose from, you are sure to always find something that will pique your interest.

My favorite thing about Audible is that it offers such a wide range of genres and even has a large selection of books that are told through the lens of different voices and perspectives.

Take care.

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