How Much Do Hand Dryers Cost? (6 Models Checked)

If you’re a business owner planning to install hand dryers or you are simply thinking about having one in your own home, and you want to learn about the associated costs, then look no further.

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the costs of hand dryers – from their average price to the most reliable brand.

Armed with the information found here, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable hand dryer for your specific needs.

Here’s all You Need to Know About the Price of Hand Dryers:

The average price of a commercial hand dryer is between $400-$700. Premium models can cost up to $1200, so depending on your needs, the price varies greatly. Hand dryers need to be serviced at least once a year, costing an additional $70-$100 each time. Keep in mind the energy prices in your area.

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Prices of the 6 Most Sold Hand Dryers

Below you will discover 2022s best selling hand dryers, rated on their efficiency, price, and durability. Prices are listed without VAT.

Mediclinics Machflow Plus Brushless Hand Dryer – $470

Coming in at number one is the Machflow Plus made by Mediclinics, which has a starting price of $470. This great hand dryer is perfect for areas of high traffic, and with a drying speed of 10-15 seconds and a 20-year guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart Wave u02 Hand Dryer – $580

This hand dryer is more expensive than the previous Mediclinics model but has been ranked highly due to its extreme reliability.

Prices start at $580, and this model is also brilliant for high-traffic areas such as schools, shopping centers, or restaurants. It has a dry time of 10-15 seconds.

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Wave i01 Slim Heated Hand Dryer – $815

Next is yet another Mitsubishi hand dryer. The Jet Towel Wave is rather costly, with prices starting at $815, but it’s extremely quiet and energy efficient.

This model also has antibacterial resin in the outer shell and comes with an antibacterial filter as standard.

Dryflow Turboforce Hand Dryer- $330

This excellent model is slightly less expensive than its competitors, but you will undoubtedly still be extremely satisfied with this completely carbon-neutral product.

It has a dry time of 10-12 seconds, a guarantee of 7 years, and is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Dryflow Vapordri HEPA Hand Dryer – $550

Next, we have another model from Dryflow, with a starting price of $550 without VAT. This stylish ‘hands-in’ hand dryer boasts the fastest air speed on this list, with an impressive dry time of only 10 seconds.

It’s mid-range, has a very quiet operation, and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Dryflow Elite MK 2 Hand Dryer – $400

Lastly, we have yet another model from Dryflow. This incredibly durable model is one of the best for extremely high-traffic areas.

It is designed for 1000+ dries a day, has a very sleek design, and boasts 17,000 hours of motor life compared to 3000 hours with the Dryflow Turboforce model.

What are the Most Durable Brands of Hand Dryers?

Generally speaking, hand dryers should last anywhere between 7 to 10 years on average depending on their maintenance and frequency of use. You can expect a well-maintained hand dryer to last at least 10 years.

When it comes to the most durable brands, Mediclinics and Mitsubishi definitely steal the show. Both brands claim that their hand dryers have an impressive 5000 hours of life, but the guarantees differ slightly.

Industry-standard for the guarantee length of hand dryers is 6 years and Mitsubishi sells many models with a guarantee of 8 years, such as the aforementioned Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart Wave u02 Hand Dryer.

Mediclinics, on the other hand, boasts an impressive 20-year guarantee on their best-selling Machflow Plus model, so if you’re looking for a hand dryer that will stand the test of time, Mediclinics will certainly provide it.

How Much does it Cost to Have Hand Dryers Installed?

It’s definitely recommended to leave the installation of a hand dryer to a professional that will know exactly what to do.

The cost of hiring an individual to install your hand dryer will depend on your location and the company you use.

To find the exact price, just call or email an installation company and ask for a direct quote on the price of installing your particular make and model.

It’s also worth calling around a few local businesses to make sure you get the best quote available.

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How Much does a Service Cost on Hand Dryers?

Hand dryers should be serviced often to improve their life expectancy and ensure they are running at full efficiency.

You should have a qualified technician perform a full maintenance check every 6-8 months.

The technician will be able to perform any repairs necessary and also take apart your hand dryer to give it a complete internal clean.

A full service should cost between $70-$100, depending on your geographical location.

If hand dryers are not maintained properly, damage can be done to the internal motor and also the drying sensor.

For example, a buildup of dust can clog up the inner mechanics and can create some serious problems – not what you need when you purchased the unit for a fair amount of money.

How frequently you need to have your hand dryer serviced will also depend on the environment in which your dryer is located.

If the unit is in an area that is particularly dusty, such as a construction site toilet, it should be brought into consideration that it may need to be serviced more frequently than every 6 months.

It’s also worth noting that if you are needing to have a more difficult repair done, such as replacing the motor, the price will be considerably higher compared to your average service.

If this is the case, you could be looking at spending around $200.

Are Hand Dryers Cost-effective?

Since their invention 20 years ago, hand dryers have brought convenience and efficiency to our bathroom spaces.

The question as to whether they are cost-effective depends on a few factors.

The initial price spent on the unit will have a big impact on whether the hand dryer is cost-effective for the purchaser. On average, hand dryers can be purchased for $400-$700, but as with most products, there is definitely a premium range available.

Some hand dryers like the Dolphin Velocity Hands-In Dryer can cost as much as $1200.

In terms of performance, it doesn’t actually differ too much from the Mediclinics Machflow Plus series which comes in at a more affordable $470.

So, when it comes to hand dryers being cost-effective it’s definitely worth finding the most energy-efficient yet low-cost model.

Another factor to consider is energy costs in your area. Seeing as hand dryers need electricity to function, it is vital to think about the electrical bill you will have to pay when you opt for using a hand dryer over other methods.

Are Hand Dryers Cheaper than using Hand Towels?

The paper towels vs. hand dryer argument has been prevalent for many years. There are certainly benefits to installing hand dryers instead of using hand towels, but figuring out whether they are cheaper will depend on a multitude of factors.

Things to take into consideration are:

  • How expensive electricity is in your area.
  • The energy efficiency of the hand dryer.
  • The level of usage.
  • Hand dryer maintenance costs.
  • Installation fees.

Since their first production, hand dryers have become increasingly more energy efficient.

This is great news for those wanting to be eco-conscious, not to mention the reduction in waste compared to using hand towels.

A highly energy-efficient hand dryer is, on average, cheaper than the costs associated with using paper towels.

According to the folks at, hand dryers are much more cost-effective. For example, the Dryflow Turboforce hand dryer (mentioned in the list above) has:

“2142 dries possible per £1 spent on electricity compared to 143 dries per £1 spent on paper towels”


One downside is that hand dryers do need to be serviced at least once a year, which will on average set you back $70-100.

This is an expense that doesn’t need to be considered when using hand towels and will definitely factor into whether hand dryers are the more low-cost option.

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So, When are Hand Dryers the Cheapest Solution?

In summary, there are quite a few factors to consider when it comes to figuring out whether a hand dryer is your cheapest solution.

Hand Dryers are a cost-effective and low-waste solution in areas of high traffic, such as:

  • Highschools
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants

When choosing which hand dryer to purchase you will need to consider energy prices, but luckily there are some highly energy-efficient mid-range models available.


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