Is Apple Music A Streaming Service? (Explained For Beginners)

Listening to and streaming music has come a long way from where it used to be.

Now, you can seamlessly take music and podcasts wherever you go. How do the streaming services stack up?

We’ll dive deep into one of the most popular music streaming services, Apple Music. Being part of the Apple family, you can expect a smooth streaming service where you can purchase music and stream it.

Here is everything we learned about how Apple Music works:

Here’s How Apple Music Works As a Streaming Service:

Apple Music is a streaming service. Apple Music allows you to purchase and stream music directly from your iPhone. More than that, it allows you to add your music library so that you only need one streaming service to enjoy all of the music you own.

Is Apple Music Streaming or Downloading?

There are two main categories to consider when classifying the different types of audio services available. Does the app stream music or download it?

When it comes to Apple Music, you will be pleased to know that it does both. From the iTunes store, you can purchase songs or even whole albums that you can play whenever you want, right from your phone.

With Apple Music, you get the best of both worlds. While you can purchase and listen to music, you can also stream popular stations like IHeartRadio or other national networks to stay on top of current music trends and discover new artists.

However, it is much more than just music that is offered in both the download and streaming services of Apple Music.

You can stream and even download hundreds of podcast titles and thousands of radio stations. This way, you can listen to them at your convenience, which helps you to personalize how and when you listen to podcasts.

In What Ways Can You Listen To Apple Music?

Apple Music works primarily through your Apple ID. Using your Apple ID, you can purchase music, create playlists, and take advantage of all the different features of Apple Music. You won’t be able to use Apple Music without setting up your Apple ID.

However, your Apple ID is linked to more than just your iPhone.

Your Apple ID will be connected to all of your Apple devices. This includes Apple Watch, iMac, iPad, and other devices that are primarily meant to stream music like the iShuffle.

The best part about this is that your entire Apple Music catalog will be automatically uploaded to all your devices so that you can easily access and stream your content no matter what device you use.

This allows you to take your entire music and podcast collection without constantly connecting all your devices. This is one of the main reasons people prefer to use an all-access service like Apple Music for all their streaming needs.

How Exactly Does Apple Music Work?

You will notice that Apple Music automatically gets downloaded directly to your device when you purchase an Apple device.

However, to use all of the services offered by Apple Music, you will have to sign up for a subscription. Most users prefer to pay a single-time fee that will allow them access to Apple Music’s entire music and podcast catalog.

You can select what you want to listen to and stream it directly to your Apple device. However, certain features like skipping or rewinding might not be available unless you purchase the music directly.

Every time you purchase music or even a whole album, it will get downloaded and stored on your Apple ID. You don’t have to worry about your downloads consuming your storage space.

This is because when you pay for the Apple Music services, it comes with an unlimited amount of storage space that Apple itself owns. You can easily access all your downloads using your Apple ID and iCloud.

From the app, you select what you want to listen to and go on enjoying your music.

How Is Apple Music Priced Compared To Other Music Streaming Services?

Because there are so many different streaming services available, getting lost in paying so much money each month to keep each one going can be easy.

However, Apple Music is trying to be a premium service so that you won’t need to purchase any other music streaming subscriptions. But, how exactly does Apple Music compare to all of the other streaming services regarding price?

An Apple Music subscription will cost somewhere around $9.99 a month. It should also be mentioned that Apple offers several discounts based on age and occupation. This fee will allow you continuous access to your library and all the entertainment Apple Music offers.

Next to Apple Music, Spotify is considered to be the other best platform for streaming music. Spotify offers a premium service which also costs $9.99 a month.

Other streaming services like Pandora offer different levels that will offer different extras and cost a minimum of $5.99 per month.

So, while Apple Music is on the higher end for a monthly premium account, you get much more than just a streaming service. Most notably, you get unlimited storage space, which is a game changer.

Does Apple Music Work The Same Way As Spotify?

Apple Music and Spotify are almost identical regarding the monthly cost, but how does each compare to the services offered?

The main difference between Apple Music and Spotify is that Apple Music has a far larger music catalog to choose from. Also, Apple Music has direct contracts with certain artists, so their music will become exclusively available on Apple Music before being launched on other streaming platforms like Spotify.

However, Spotify has far more podcasts to listen to and download than Apple Music.

Regarding how these two apps work, there are a few differences before purchasing just one premium subscription.

Apple Music allows you to access your entire music library and store the music you purchase and download. This is where the two platforms differ the most. So, if you are specifically looking for a lot of storage space to hold onto all of your purchased music, Apple Music is preferred by users.

Can You Use Apple Music Offline?

Perhaps the best feature that Apple Music has that you won’t find on other streaming services is how Apple Music allows you to listen to your music at any time.

If you purchase one of Apple Music’s premium subscriptions, you will have access to all of your music whether or not you are connected to the internet.

This is because once you purchase and download music from Apple Music, you are the owner of those files, so you can listen, create playlists, and even skip songs when you are offline.

Best of all, you can access your music from any of your Apple devices without needing to be connected to the internet.

Each device stores these Apple Music files in different locations. You may need to check that your device has enough storage space available for your new music downloads. 

However, if you notice that songs you’ve downloaded are no longer visible, you may need to adjust some settings on your device. For more on this, we have an article all about Apple Music deleting downloads.

It should also be noted that this service isn’t only limited to the music you download. You can also use Apple Music to download shows and music videos, and once they are added to your library, you can watch them without having to be online.

Wrapping It Up

A streaming service like Apple Music is the best way to not only listen to your favorite music but also to give you access to whatever you want to listen to, whether or not you have a stable internet connection.

But, the most impressive thing about Apple Music is that you don’t have to worry about using up any of your phone’s internal storage when downloading and purchasing music.

So, whether you like to listen to podcasts on the go, or need a quick escape to your favorite album, Apple Music offers reliable and smooth streaming, so you don’t have to worry. 

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