How Long Do Sharp TVs Last? (Explained)

Sharp might not be the tech giant they were in the past, but they still produce good TVs that you can rely on. We generally think Sharp TVs are good TVs.

The quality of these TVs is noteworthy, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their durability.

So how long do Sharp TVs last? 

The Lifespan of Sharp TVs.

Sharp TVs last as long as most other smart TVs on the market, as most smart TVs are made using similar base components. With heavy usage, TVs Shart TVs last an average of seven years, while Sharp TVs used more moderately can last upwards of 10 years.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Sharp TV?

With heavy usage, Sharp TVs generally have a lifespan of up to seven years before any degradation occurs.

You can get more mileage if you lower the brightness settings and turn off the TV regularly. With proper care and maintenance, a Sharp TV can last upwards of 10 years.

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What’s the First Thing that Breaks on Sharp TVs?

The first thing that breaks on a Sharp TV, just like any other smart TV, is the backlight.

Backlight failure is often linked to two causes:

  • Power surges, which cause regulator failure, often linked to the lack of a stabilizer.
  • LED driver failure, wherein the voltage pump is too much for the driver to handle and does not match the requirements of the LEDs on board.

Do Sharp TVs Last Longer than Average TVs?

When compared to other TVs in the market, Sharp TVs have lifespans that don’t differ much from other TVs.

But what really affects a TV’s lifespan is its usage.

If you keep the brightness settings on your TV cranked all the way up all the time, it’s likely to wear out the backlights faster. At the same time, TVs used round the clock are more at risk of early breakage than TVs used moderately.

How Long Do New Smart TVs Typically Last?

New smart TVs should last you up to seven years, on average, with heavy usage.

At this point, your TV will begin losing brightness. More tempered usage means more years from your TV.

How Long is the Warranty on Sharp TVs?

Sharp offers 12-month warranty coverage for its TVs.

What Are the Most Popular Sharp TV Models?

The Aquos line of Sharp TVs is the most popular product line from the company.

Here two examples of their noteworthy products.

Sharp XU930X

The Sharp XU930X is Sharp’s flagship series.

  • It features the Android TV operating system and lets you play multiplayer games found on the Google Play Store. You can even pair up to four wireless controllers with it.
  • The XU930X also comes with Chromecast, which also lets you connect to your Google Home system.
  • The remote control of the XU930X also features hotkeys for Netflix and YouTube, so you won’t need to search for them every time.
  • This TV also features AllConnect, which lets you link your Android or iOS device and display photos and videos from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.
  • When it comes to picture quality, the XU930X features 8k resolution, which makes it a good option for future-proofing.
  • Under the hood, you will find the X8 Master Engine Pro processor, which supports Ultra Dynamic Range Pro and Rich Colour Pro.

Sharp UA6800X

The Sharp UA6800X scales down the XU930X to a more affordable price point.

  • Instead of featuring 8k resolutions, the UA6800X features a 4k display and Real Colour for more vivid and realistic images.
  • HDR quality is also promising, considering the wide color range this TV has on tap.
  • The UA6800X also does a decent job of upscaling content, so you can still watch FHD content.
  • This TV also comes with Eilex Prism for a more immersive audio experience when watching.
  • And with built-in ARC, you can get high-definition audio from the TV to your HD speakers through the HDMI port.

How Do I Upgrade the Firmware of a Sharp TV?

Updating the firmware of your TV is a good way of making sure your TV runs smoothly. At the same time, it also helps your TV stay updated with the standards. And you sometimes get a new feature, to boot.

By default, Sharp TVs update automatically.

However, if your TV isn’t set to automatically update, here’s how you can update your firmware.

  • Press the Menu Button on the remote control
  • Navigate to Settings, and go to Support
  • Click on Check Software Upgrade
  • If a software update is available, it will appear on the screen
  • Select it and press Ok to install the update

If your Sharp TV uses the Android TV system, here’s what you do:

  • Open the Settings using the remote control and go to About
  • Look for the System Update option and follow the prompts.

For those using the Roku TV system:

  • Go to Settings and select System
  • Scroll to System Update and click Check Now
  • If a new update is available, follow the prompts on the screen to install

Remember that keeping your TV updated also ensures compatibility with your apps.

What Can I Do to Prolong the Lifespan?

You can buy the best TV that money can buy, but if you do not properly take care of the TV, then you are wasting money! That is why it is important to know proper care, so you can extend the life of your Sharp TV.

Here are some suggestions to prolong the lifespan of your TV.

  • Turn off the TV when no one is watching. You can unplug it, too, since standby mode still consumes power, although way less than when turned on.
  • The placement of your Sharp TV matters. Putting it near a window exposes it to harmful elements such as the sun’s heat or the rain. You also need to keep it well-ventilated.
  • Mounting your smart TV is a good idea. By mounting your TV on a wall, you can isolate them from possible harmful elements. There is less chance of it gathering dust, and you won’t have a problem keeping it ventilated.
  • Adjust your brightness levels based on the lighting conditions. Too bright, and you can damage the backlight. TVs come with presets you can use based on lighting conditions. Take advantage of these features.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the contrast level. Using a higher contrast level uses more power and reduces its lifespan.
  • Use an Automatic Voltage Regulator with your Sharp TV. These help in protecting the power capacitors of your smart TV in case of power surges.
  • Keep the firmware updated. Having updated firmware ensures compatibility and removes any bugs your TV may have.

Final Thoughts

Your Sharp TV should get you a lot of mileage with the right maintenance and care. 

However, if you’re going planning on putting the TV through heavy use, such as keeping it on for extended periods while cranking up the brightness, then it’s bound to malfunction earlier than you would perhaps like. 

That said, having controlled settings and turning your TV off regularly goes a long way in making your TV last longer. 



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