Spotify Problems On Apple CarPlay? 3 Known Issues (Solved)

Apple CarPlay is compatible with Spotify; which means that users can enjoy content while driving around in their cars.

This article will investigate common problems that prevent users from using Spotify on Apple CarPlay, and it will also provide some useful troubleshooting tips to deal with those issues.

1. Spotify on iPhone Is Not Working on Apple CarPlay

Many people are hooked to their phones and don’t go anywhere without their device.

However, a phone can be a huge distraction when driving. Apple CarPlay offers the perfect solution by allowing you to enjoy some of your favorite apps, such as Spotify, while still concentrating on driving.

It is then a huge frustration when you cannot seamlessly transition from your headphones to your car speakers to continue listening to your favorite song or podcast.

Here are a few “starter” troubleshooting tips we recommend when Spotify is not working on Apple CarPlay.

Your Infotainment System Is Outdated

The age-old remedy for dealing with just about any technical problem is restarting your device. That said, if your Apple CarPlay Spotify is not working as it should, you might need to reboot your car’s infotainment system.

If you are unsure of how to do this, view your can manual and follow the steps provided to restart the infotainment system.

iPhone and/or Spotify Require an Update

When an app has an available update, it usually fixes any issues with the previous version. If you are experiencing any issues, check if there are any updates for Spotify the app.  The Spotify app must be kept up to date.

Check that you have the latest version of the Spotify app, by launching the App Store. Next, find Spotify, and you will see ‘Updates’ listed if the latest version is out.

Likewise, if your device is running an outdated operating system, then could be some incompatibility problems. So, it’s advisable to check if the device’s software is up-to-date too.

  • You can check whether your device is running the latest OS by going to the phone’s ‘Settings’ app.
  • Go to ‘General’
  • Now select, ‘Software Update’
  • Here you will see if there is a software update available.
  • Follow the prompts that follow.

For iPhone Make Sure Siri Is On

If the Spotify CarPlay issue has to do with Siri, you need to restart Siri.

Here’s how to verify that Siri is switched on:

  1. Access the ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Locate ‘Siri & Search’ and go to ‘Listen for Hey Siri’
  3. Switch it off and wait for 20-30 seconds.
  4.  Switch ‘Listen for Hey Siri’ back on.

You can then see if Spotify is working on Apple CarPlay.

Turn Off ‘Screen Time Limit’ on iPhone

Screen time was designed to allow you to manage how you use your apps and schedule certain breaks.

By taking advantage of this feature, you might have disabled Apple CarPlay by mistake, which would cause Spotify not to work.

Plus, if there are restrictions present on your iPhone, CarPlay will not work.

Here’s how you can disable the screen time limit of Apple CarPlay:

  1. Launch ‘Settings’
  2. Locate the ‘Screen time’ option and switch it off.
  3. Hit ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ followed by ‘Allowed Apps’
  4. Allow the ‘CarPlay’ option.

This will ensure that Apple CarPlay doesn’t switch off after some time and that you have not restricted the app’s functionality.

Make Sure Battery Saver isn’t On

Battery saver is perfect for those occasions when you don’t have access to a charger, and you’re running short of battery. However, just make sure to switch this function off.

The battery power setting could be causing Apple CarPlay Spotify not to work.

Here’s how to disable the battery saver:

  1. Launch ‘Settings’ and locate the ‘Battery’ option.
  2. Switch ‘Lower Power Mode’ off.

Disabling the battery saver could fix the problem.

Enable ‘Allow CarPlay While Locked’

Enable ‘allow CarPlay while locked’ so that Spotify CarPlay can work. On iPhone, this is done by:

  1. Launching ‘Settings’ and opening open ‘General’
  2. Then open ‘CarPlay’
  3. Now, switch ‘Allow CarPlay while locked’ ON.

If you have followed all the instructions and still have no luck with getting Spotify to play on Apple CarPlay, you can go through some of the troubleshooting options provided below, which might help solve this issue.

2. Poor Spotify Sound Quality on Apple CarPlay

Users have complained that when they play Spotify via Apple CarPlay, the audio is only heard through one speaker.

One user described it as though the device is trying to play the content over a phone call as opposed to the stereo.

Spotify recommends a clean install of the app to sort out the issue.

Here’s how to perform a clean install of the app:

  1. Launch Spotify. Tap ‘Home’ and then click on the gear icon in the top right corner, next click on ‘Storage’ followed by ‘Delete Cache’.
  2.  Launch ‘Settings’, and then ‘General’
  3. Access ‘iPhone Storage’
  4. Choose Spotify from the list.
  5. Click ‘Offload the app’ then confirm. This deletes the app but stores document data.
  6. Hit ‘Delete App’ then confirm. This will get rid of any remaining documents and data.
  7. After the app has been deleted, press and hold the Side button together with the volume button up to the point that the power-off slider is visible.
  8. Drag the slider to switch the device off fully.
  9. Once your device switches off, wait a while.
  10. Press and hold the Side button once more until the display switches on.
  11. Turn the phone back on and reinstall Spotify via the App Store.

Remember that any downloaded content will be deleted and must be downloaded again after the app is reinstalled. All previous settings will be restored to the factory setting.

We suggest that you take screenshots of your settings so that you can quickly and efficiently reset your app in accordance with your preferences.

For more on Spotify’s sound quality, please read our article about bad Spotify sound quality.

If you are still experiencing this problem even after a clean reinstall, you can disable the permission that allows Spotify to use the microphone on your phone.

You can do this by:

  1. Accessing mobile Settings.
  2. Select ‘Privacy’
  3. Going into ‘Microphone’. All apps that need to use your microphone are listed here.
  4. Turn off Spotify’s permission to your microphone.

Another solution would be to try to find the feature ‘Hey Spotify’ in your Spotify settings.

Disabling this might help too.

3. Apple CarPlay is Displaying a ‘Spotify Is Offline’ Error

There have been many reports of users stating their Apple CarPlay displays the following error message: “Spotify is offline – you can play downloads from Your Library”.

If this happens to you, you should update your Spotify App because Spotify has rectified this defect.

If there are still issues, you should make sure that you have updated your device to the latest OS. You can read above to refresh your mind on how to upgrade your app or device.

General Pros and Cons of Using Spotify on Apple CarPlay


Selected vehicles offer Apple CarPlay. It is a more efficient and secure way of using your iPhone in the car. Apple CarPlay sets out the apps that you want to use from your iPhone on your vehicle’s built-in display.

You can use it for navigation, making calls, text messages, and listening to Spotify.

All you have to do is connect your iPhone and drive off. Apple CarPlay permits Siri voice control and is created to be used while driving. It is compatible with all the car’s controls.


  1. Sometimes Spotify doesn’t work on Apple CarPlay.
  2. You might experience sound just coming through one set of speakers.
  3. You could get a “Spotify is Offline” error message.

Final Thoughts

Spotify, for the most part, works really well on Apple CarPlay. So, you can continue to listen to your favorite playlists or podcasts en route to your next destination.

That said, you might encounter some technical challenges when trying to use this feature.

These troubleshooting tips will help you identify and solve these challenges.


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