Spotify Problems On Sonos? 5 Known Issues (Solved)

Spotify is one of the world’s most revered music streaming services, providing a dizzying array of artists for users to discover and enjoy. Furthermore, when it comes to getting the most out of your Spotify experience, a decent sound system is a must.

Pairing Sonos speakers and Spotify, therefore, makes perfect sense, and countless users are getting the best out of their Sonos devices and their Spotify subscriptions.

However, sometimes users have reported problems when using the two together, and in this article, we’ll take a look at the major known issues that you may face and how to solve them.

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1. Spotify is Not Working on Your Sonos because you Need to Re-Add the Spotify Service

In general, the main symptom that will alert users that there is a problem with Spotify and their Sonos equipment is connectivity issues.

Spotify and Sonos are designed to work together; moreover, developers have taken great lengths to ensure that users have a problem-free experience.

Both Spotify and Sonos want to keep their customers happy by allowing them to access their Spotify music and listen to it in all its glory via their Sonos devices.

Additionally, Spotify and Sonos have ensured that the process of using them together is intuitive and can be conducted in many ways. Spotify clarifies this, explaining that users can:

“Find and play the music you love with Spotify and Sonos. Control your tunes with the Spotify app, Sonos app, or with your voice using Alexa. You can also control it remotely with Spotify Connect or Apple AirPlay.”


However, despite all of the functionality features that are available when using both Spotify and Sonos speakers together, they become redundant if it is not possible to connect to the Spotify service.

Thankfully, if you are experiencing persistent connection problems between Spotify and Sonos, then there is an answer – re-adding the Spotify service.

By removing the Spotify service and re-adding it, many users have reported that their connection issues become a thing of the past. Take a look at our guide below to put this simple solution to the test.

Here’s How to Remove & Re-Add Spotify on your Sonos Device Via iOS or Android:

  1. Launch the Sonos app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Services & Voice’
  3. Locate Spotify and tap ‘Remove Account’
    • Remember, this will not affect your subscription to Spotify.
  4. Finally, tap ‘Remove’
  5. Now navigate back to the settings for ‘Services & Voice’ and find ‘Music & Content’
  6. From here, select ‘Add a Service’
  7. Locate and tap ‘Spotify’ and then choose ‘Add to Sonos’
  8. On-screen instructions will guide you through the process of re-adding your Spotify account to your Sonos.

If you’re using a desktop computer, but need to remove and re-add the Spotify service on your Sonos device, then use these instructions instead:

  1. On your Windows or Mac computer, open the Sonos app.
  2. Select ‘Manage’ from the toolbar and then click ‘Service Settings’
  3. Locate Spotify and then select the minus icon (MacOS) or click ‘Remove’ (Windows).
  4. Now click the ‘Music Source’ tab.
  5. Select ‘Add Music Services’
  6. Choose ‘Spotify’ and enter your account information.
  7. On-screen prompts will guide you through the authorization process and then Spotify will be re-added.

2. Spotify & Sonos are Not Connecting because your Sonos is Not Up-To-Date

It may surprise you to know that hardware such as speakers require updating from time to time.

Although Sonos speakers will work straight out of the box at the time of purchase, it is necessary for developers to release updates for them in order for your Sonos to be compatible with services such as Spotify.

This makes perfect sense when you take into consideration that the services that your Sonos are using are changing and developing over time. Spotify is no exception, and you may have noticed that your Spotify experience has evolved as the developers add new features and functions to the Spotify app.

By updating your Sonos device to the latest firmware, you can ensure that your Sonos device is free from any bugs or glitches that have been flagged and, crucially, that the device is fully compatible with the latest version of Spotify.

If you’ve had issues with Spotify and Sonos not playing ball, then it may be worth checking for updates on your Sonos.

Here’s How to Update your Sonos Device from iOS or Android:

  1. Launch the Sonos app and select ‘System’
  2. Now tap ‘System Updates’ followed by ‘Check for Updates’
  3. Choose to update your Sonos if the option is available.

Here’s How to Update your Sonos Device from a Mac or PC:

  1. Launch the Sonos app on your desktop computer.
  2. Select ‘Check for Updates’ from either the ‘Manage’ menu (PC) or the ‘Sonos’ menu (Mac).
  3. Choose to update if available.

3. Spotify has Stopped Working on Sonos (Performing a Power Cycle is Necessary)

Issues with Spotify not playing music through your Sonos speakers is frustrating; however, many users have realized that a simple power cycle of your Sonos can reset the connection with Spotify and allow a return to a problem-free listening experience.

Power cycling your Sonos is very easy to do, and, if you’ve already tried the previous fixes found above, this should be the next step to try. The folks at concur and state that:

“If there are no updates available for your Sonos system, then your best bet is to quickly power cycle the device.” 

  • A power cycle can be performed by disconnecting your Sonos from the power source.
  • Unplug all Sonos devices you own, and then wait a minute or two before plugging them in again.
  • Power cycling is known to fix many errors you may be experiencing with your Sonos equipment.

4. Spotify is Skipping or Pausing on your Sonos Device Due to your Internet Connection

For you to enjoy Spotify on your Sonos speaker, a stable internet connection is paramount. Without the internet, your Sonos cannot connect to Spotify and play the tracks that you wish to hear.

If you’re experiencing problems with your internet connection, and it’s interfering with your ability to listen to Spotify with your Sonos, then take a look at your router.

Resetting your Router can Fix Spotify & Sonos Issues:

Rebooting your router is the simplest way to ensure that your internet connection issues are resolved. 

  • You can usually reboot a router by locating the reset button, which is commonly found at the back of the device.
  • It’s also possible to reset your router by simply unplugging it and then waiting a few minutes before reconnecting it to the power supply.

It’s also worth pointing out that sometimes a situation may occur in which two separate devices that are relying on an internet connection are attempting to use an identical IP address, causing your router to confuse the two devices, and thus resulting in problems of where to send the data packets they require.

By resetting the router, issues such as these are usually resolved.

However, if the problem persists, try contacting your internet service provider and ask them to guide you through the process of resetting the IP addresses for your devices manually.

5. Wi-Fi Interference is Preventing Spotify from Playing on your Sonos Device

Your Sonos may stop playing your Spotify tracks if your Wi-Fi connection is interrupted.

These interruptions in your Wi-Fi signal strength can be difficult to identify. However, if you have an understanding of which devices can cause these interruptions, then you can make changes to reduce the chances of it happening in the future.

Here are a few devices that can cause interference with your Wi-Fi:

  • Microwaves
  • Security camera systems
  • Baby monitors
  • LCDs and Computer monitors
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Additional routers

By increasing the distance between these devices and your Sonos equipment, you can greatly reduce the chances that they will interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

However, remember, it is also necessary that your router is close enough to your Sonos in order to maintain a strong Wi-Fi signal. If your router is too far away from your Sonos device, or there are multiple obstacles, such as thick walls or metal flooring between them, this can hamper connectivity and cause Spotify to drop out.

General Pros & Cons of Spotify & Sonos


Spotify and Sonos work together wonderfully due to the strong functionality between the two and the multiple ways in which Spotify can be controlled on your Sonos device.

All of Spotify’s great features are accessible whilst using Spotify on Sonos, and users can enjoy the playlists they’ve put together and listen to them in the high-quality sound that Sonos speakers are known for.


  • Glitches can result in the user needing to re-add the Spotify service to a Sonos device.
  • If the Sonos device is not updated, it may no longer be compatible with Spotify and functionality may cease.
  • Sonos speakers sometimes need to be power-cycled to allow Spotify to work properly.
  • Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi interference can hamper playback quality.


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