How Long Do TCL TVs Last? (We Checked)

If you are looking for a low-budget or entry-level priced TV, you’ve probably heard of TCL.

They’ve been around for a while now, but are they known for reliability?

How long do TCL TVs last? 

About the Lifespan of TCL TVs

TCL TVs share the same lifespan as many entry- to mid-level TVs on the market today, which is around 7 years. To make your TCL TV last that long you need to shut it off completely every day for at least 4-6 hours to preserve the screen.

What’s the Average Lifespan of a TCL TV?

Like most TVs on the market, TCL TVs have a lifespan that can span up to seven years of heavy usage.

You can get more mileage with proper care and moderate usage.

What’s the First Thing that Breaks on TCL TVs?

Like most TVs on the market, the most vulnerable components in TCL TVs are the backlights.

Backlights are generally the first component to fail, as they burn out over time with use.

Do TCL TVs Last Longer than Average TVs?

The lifespan of a TCL TV does not differ that much from other TVs that have similar prices.

  • Remember, some TCL TVs may last longer than other TVs from the same brand.
  • It is worth noting that some users did not get the expected longevity from their TCL TVs. The early failure of TVs may be attributed to the handling of the TV.
  • Damage can also happen during transit to your home. If you plan to get a TV and have it shipped, make sure you get a reputable courier to handle your goods.

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How Long do New Smart TVs Typically Last?

Most smart TVs on the market, especially those within the average price range, usually have a lifespan of seven years under intensive usage.

Note that intensive usage means running the TV at the highest image settings with nearly round-the-clock usage.

If you don’t keep your TV on constantly, don’t have all your settings at max capacity, and take good care of your TV, your TV will most likely last more than seven years.

How Long is the Warranty on TCL TVs?

TCL TVs have a 24-month warranty when buying from an offline retailer in person.

TVs bought through online outlets have a 12-month warranty.

Will Video Games Damage TCL TVs?

You can use TCL TVs for playing video games without any risks. 

Video games could damage older, non-flat screen TVs, but newer TVs can handle video games without any risks.

It’s worth noting, however, that the exact performance of TCL on video games depends on the model.

For the most part, the top-tier TVs from TCL perform decently for gaming, while their more affordable TVs might have substandard performances.

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What Are the Most Popular TCL TV Models?

Should you decide to buy a TCL, here are recommendations for you.

TCL 6 Series 2020

The TCL 6 Series is the flagship TV of the brand for 2020.

While it is a flagship TV, it does not come with a tag price like other TV brands. You’ll be surprised by the features of this affordable TV.

  • One of the most notable features of the 6 Series is the 4k QLED display.
  • It also uses a Roku TV operating system, which has a good number of apps available.
  • Thanks to the QLED panel, the 6 Series can offer a wide color gamut for HDR content.
  • This TV also gets bright enough to remove glare and reflections, and there’s also a good contrast ratio and full-array local dimming when watching in darker rooms.
  • When it comes to video games, the 6 Series has a low input lag and supports Variable Refresh Rates, which is surprising for a TV in its price range. Response time is near-instantaneous, making this TV a strong contender for a budget gaming TV.
  • For the weak points that TCL could improve on, the 6 Series has narrow viewing angles and instances of blooming around bright objects. The FreeSync feature is buggy and could use a firmware update.

TCL 5 Series 2020

The TCL 5 Series is a more affordable but just as powerful TV from TCL.

  • Sporting a 4k QLED panel, the 5 Series also has a wide color gamut that makes HDR content look decent, at the very least.
  • The 5 Series has a good contrast ratio and remarkable local dimming, which helps improve watching in dim rooms. It also handles upscaling content excellently and can remove 24p judder.
  • When it comes to gaming, the 5 Series has a low input lag, fast response time, and Black Frame Insertion to reduce motion blur.
  • The 5 Series has an eARC port, which lets you take advantage of high-definition audio through the HDMI port and separate speakers of your choice.
  • For its weaknesses, the 5 Series has mediocre reflection handling and cannot make HDR content pop. It also lacks Variable Refresh Rate and only has a 60 Hz refresh rate.

TCL 8 Series 2019

Another TV worth checking in the TCL line-up is the 2019 8 Series.

  • It comes with a 4k display and QLED that provides vivid images, especially when used with HDR content.
  • You won’t have any issues when it comes to adapting to lighting conditions. The 8 Series has a good contrast ratio and local dimming for rendering deep blacks for watching late at night. It also enough brightness to reduce glare and reflections on the screen.
  • It also uses the Roku TV operating system, so you get access to plenty of apps.
  • If you are looking at this TV to use for gaming, unfortunately, you may be better off looking elsewhere. While the 8 Series has a good response time and performs well in fast-paced scenes, it does not have a Variable Refresh Rate support. Its input lag is average.
  • Another disadvantage of this TV is its narrow viewing angles, limiting clarity when not sitting front and center.

What Can I Do to Prolong the Lifespan?

Your TV won’t last forever, but you can take steps to delay the degradation.

Knowing the steps to maintain your TV not only prevents trips to the repair center; it also prolongs the lifespan of your TV.

Here are some tips to consider.

Turn off the TV when not in use.

Every time your TV is on, it inches towards degradation, like any other mechanical or electronic device. Make it a habit to turn off the TV when not in use.

  • Leaving it on when you’re not watching it unnecessarily degrades the TV’s components, particularly the backlights.
  • The backlights are usually the first thing that breaks, which is often rooted in wear and tear.
  • You should take advantage of timers built into your TV or a smart home system to help you turn off the TV when not in use.

Provide a safe space for your TV.

As much as possible, keep your TV away from windows.

  • TVs contain sensitive components that will break when exposed to harmful elements, such as the sun or even rain, if you forget to close the windows!
  • The sun can heat up your TV and damage it, and the rays are bad for the screen.
  • You should also keep it away from other appliances that emit heat, such as heaters.

Make sure that your TV also has enough space to breathe.

  • Ideally, you need at least two inches of space behind it and four inches on the side so that it can ventilate.
  • For those using cabinet consoles, there should be an allowance for air circulation. You can also improve breathability with cooling fans.
  • A wall mount also helps keep your TV safe, as there are fewer chances of it getting knocked down by accident.

Dust off the TV

Make it a habit to clean your TV regularly to prevent dust accumulation.

  • Dust can damage your TV’s screen and even clog the ventilation slots of your TV.
  • Clean your TV using a dry microfiber cloth and wipe it gently.
  • Don’t use any other cleaning agent, as these can damage your TV.

Don’t set the TV too bright.

For TVs that have backlights, don’t set the brightness too high.

  • Many people think that the higher the brightness is, the better the image quality will be, but that is not true.
  • Setting the brightness levels too high can damage the backlights of the TV faster.
  • That is why you should set the brightness of your TV to a level that’s just high enough to reduce glare or reflections.
  • You also don’t need as much brightness when watching in a dim room; that’s why you should reduce brightness at night.
  • If your TV has presettings for brightness, take advantage of them so that you get an optimized setting.

Use an Automatic Voltage Regulator

Sometimes, power surges occur, and a single jolt is enough to damage your TV.

Investing in an Automatic Voltage Regulator or Surge Protector can go a long way in protecting your TV.

Damages brought on by power surges may be impractical to repair due to the costs, which leaves you no choice but to buy a new TV.

Final Thoughts:

TCL TVs are a great option if you are on a budget, especially if you are not looking for anything fancy.

It may not be a powerhouse like the LG CX or the Samsung Q80T, but for its price, you can’t go wrong with a TCL.



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