Twitter User Demographics: 53 User Facts (Numbers & Stats)

Twitter User Demographics play a crucial role in understanding the platform’s varied user base. An in-depth examination of these demographics reveals patterns and trends among the users.

This article delves into the age, gender, and other aspects of Twitter users.

Let’s start painting a comprehensive picture of the people who engage with the platform.

Twitter’s Gender Demographics

Twitter’s user base is skewed toward the male population. Globally, the platform has more male users compared to female.

As of January 2022, the global user base is:

  • 56.4% of Twitter users were identified as men,
  • while 43.6% were women.

The gender distribution remains dominant with male users even on a country level. In the United States, as of January 2023:

  • 62.9% of Twitter users were male,
  • and the remaining 37.1% were female.

In comparison to other social networking sites, such as Instagram or LinkedIn, Twitter has a less balanced gender distribution. On Instagram, for example, the gender distribution is more uniform, with a 49% male and 51% female user base.

This is quite different from what you see with traditional radio (here are BBC Radio 4 listener demographics)

On LinkedIn, the shares of male and female users account for 57% and 43% respectively.

While Twitter’s diverse user base offers unique perspectives and content, it is essential for the platform to continue working towards a more balanced and equitable gender representation among its user base, as this would contribute to a more inclusive and engaged community.

Twitter’s Age Demographics

Age demographics of Twitter users:

  • About 38.5% of Twitter’s global audience consists of users aged between 25 and 34 years old, making it the largest age group
  • In the United States, 42% of adults between 18 and 29 years use Twitter, making this age group the platform’s biggest audience in the country
  • The median age of adult U.S. Twitter users is 40 years old, while the median U.S. adult is 47 years old
  • Twitter users are nearly three times more likely to be younger than 50 (73%) than to be 50 or older (27%)
  • Around 70% of users aged 18 to 29, 77% of users aged 30 to 49, 73% of users aged 50 to 64, and 50% of users aged 65 and older use Facebook and YouTube, making these platforms the most popular among all age groups

The age demographics of Twitter users highlight the platform’s appeal to younger users, especially those under 50 years of age.

As such, content creators, businesses, and individual users can benefit from considering these figures when crafting their messaging and marketing strategies on the platform.

Ethnicity Demographic

Ethnicity plays a significant role in the demographics of Twitter users. It is important to understand the varying levels of representation within different ethnic groups and how this impacts the platform’s usage.

When examining the distribution of Twitter usage across ethnicities in the United States:

  • 31 percent of Latino respondents stated that they accessed the social network every day.
  • Usage among Black adults has increased to 29% in 2021, up from 25% in 2019. This growth underscores Twitter’s expanding reach and continued appeal across an array of demographic segments.

Political Demographics on Twitter

Moreover, various sources confirm that Twitter users are diverse in terms of their political affiliations:

  • Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Twitter users aged 18 to 49 identify as Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party,
  • compared to 55% of the same age group in the general population.

Location Demographics

  • #1 The United States has the most extensive Twitter user base, with 76.9 million users.
  • #2 Japan is the second-largest country in terms of Twitter users, with 58.95 million users.
  • #3 India follows closely, with 23.6 million Twitter users.
  • #4 Brazil has a considerable user base as well, with 19.05 million users.

Singapore holds the record for the highest eligible reach rate for Twitter ads, at 53.9%.

This fact shows Twitter’s potential as an advertising platform, even in countries with relatively smaller user bases.

These statistics illustrate the broad appeal of Twitter across various regions, supporting its continued relevance as a social media platform for worldwide communication and marketing strategies.

Income Demographics

The following statistics provide a glimpse into the income distribution of the platform’s user base:

  • Lower-income users represent a significant portion of Twitter’s user base, with many individuals using the platform for news, entertainment, and connecting with their social circles.
  • However, a considerable number of Twitter users belong to middle and higher-income groups, making the platform attractive for businesses and advertisers trying to reach these audiences.

Nonetheless, the income demographics of Twitter users should be taken into account when devising marketing strategies and targeting specific user segments.

Crafting relevant content and advertising messages tailored to specific income demographics can help businesses improve the effectiveness of their Twitter marketing campaigns.

Education Level Demographics

The following facts provide an insight into the educational background of Twitter users:

  • An estimated 33% of Twitter users have a college education, making this group the largest percentage of Twitter user base, according to research by Statista.
  • Approximately 26% of users have completed some college education, indicating a significant segment of users have at least partial post-secondary experience.
  • 14% of Twitter users hold a high school degree or less, highlighting that the platform remains accessible and relevant to those with diverse educational backgrounds.

These figures demonstrate that Twitter’s user base encompasses a broad range of educational backgrounds, ensuring that the platform maintains a diverse and inclusive space for all users.

It is also worth noting that Twitter’s usage rates vary among demographic groups.

Given these facts, the education level demographics of Twitter users reveal a rich and varied landscape, equipping the platform to facilitate robust discussions and varied perspectives on a wide range of topics.

Twitter’s Target Group

A breakdown of key demographics includes:

  • Age distribution: A significant portion of Twitter users falls within the 25-34 age group. Users aged 35-49 form the second-largest age group on the platform, with a share of almost 21%. Meanwhile, users aged less than 24 years also have a notable presence.
  • Income demographics: Twitter users tend to have higher incomes, as only 12% of Americans who make under $30k a year use the platform. In contrast, 29% of Americans earning $30,000-$49,999 and 34% of those making over $75k a year are active on Twitter.
  • Education level: The platform also aligns with higher education levels, as users with college degrees are more likely to be active on Twitter.
  • Language preferences: English is the most popular language on Twitter, accounting for 31.8% of users.
  • Japanese and Spanish follow, with 18.8% and 8.46% of users, respectively.

Active Daily Users on Twitter

  • Twitter currently has 396.5 million users (2023).
  • In 2020, it generated $3.72 billion in revenue.
  • There are 206 million daily users globally with 75% of them residing outside the US.
  • About 8.85% of the worldwide social media users access Twitter.
  • When it comes to user tweet volume, the top 25% of U.S. adults on Twitter produce a staggering 97% of all tweets.
  • In contrast, the bottom 75% of users contribute only 3% of the total tweets.


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