6 Typical Problems With Xiaomi Headphones & Earbuds (Solved)

Xiaomi is a company that specializes in smartphones and related accessories, with their wireless headphones being the most well-known. Xiaomi makes durable headphones.

I’ve had a pair of Xiaomi headphones for several years and I’m very happy with the build and quailty!

Because they don’t require an extra wire to connect, unlike standard Bluetooth headphones, these stereophonic headphones are designed to provide optimum comfort. However, as with other wireless gadgets, connection issues abound, the most irritating of which is the loss of sound on one side, which several things can cause. 

The following are the most common problems with Xiaomi headphones:

1. Headphones Can Have Reconnection Issues:

Some consumers had previously reported issues about their headphones encountering connectivity issues, mostly due to a misalignment of the two headphones, which prevents them from communicating with one another. 

If faced with problems like this, it’s best to double-check and disconnect other devices connected to the headphones. It’s possible that if you’ve already linked these headphones to another device, such as an iPad, they won’t connect to your phone. 

Some headphones can connect to numerous devices simultaneously, while others do not. In a similar vein, double-check that your phone isn’t linked to any other earphones in the vicinity.

2. Loose Wires Cause Connection Issues:

Because they are easily bent, the wires are more likely to loosen or break if they are not handled carefully. 

The point where the wires join with the jack and the point where they link with the earbuds are the most vulnerable places for a headphone cable to loosen or break. 

If the gravity of the break is not too severe, you can try it with simple remedies like sticking it with electric tape.

3. Phone Doesn’t Detect Headphones:

For many of us, headphones are a must-have accessory. Many individuals wear headphones while talking on the phone and listening to music. 

However, we frequently experience issues with our headphones, especially if it fails to detect our headphones’ wire insertion or Bluetooth connection. The same thing occasionally happens with Xiaomi headphones.

Various factors might cause wired and wireless headphones to only operate on one side. 

As a result, you must first identify the root of the problem before proceeding to the following fixes:

Resolving Connection Issues:

In the great majority of situations, restarting the phone solves the problem. Compatibility difficulties are frequently resolved by releasing the system cache. 

We leave the power button and click on “restart” to do this. Then all we have to do is reconnect the headphones and give it another shot.

Another reason for the malfunction could be lint and dirt build-up. The connection between your headphone port and the jack becomes lacking due to this. 

If your headphones are not recognized when inserted into your device but operate well in other devices, clean the headphone port on your phone or computer. With the pointed tip of a brush toothpick, gently loosen the dirt, then scoop it out with the brush side.

4. One Earphone Doesn’t Work:

Many consumers may notice that their Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones have one voice and no sound on the other when they initially get them. 

If you’ve been using the Bluetooth headset for a while, the simplest approach to fix the problem is to reset it by pressing it for 20 seconds, waiting until the second red and white light alternately flashes, then putting it back in the box and picking it up at the same time. 

Restarting your phone is another easy repair you could attempt, which is especially useful if the problem arises shortly after a software update. 

Check to see if you can hear from both earphones after restarting your phone. If the headset is still only playing in one ear, check the audio settings on your smartphone.

5. Crackling or Distorted Sounds:

Xiaomi headphones can make phone conversations and audio chats a breeze.

However, even the best headsets can make crackling or static noises, which can be irritating at times, a common problem with Xiaomi headphones, but it can get fixed easily with a little bit of tweaking. 

Before you start troubleshooting Bluetooth, verify first if the source of your music isn’t causing the static—perhaps you’re listening to a low-bitrate MP3, or your streaming service has been set to a very low-quality level. 

Before continuing, unpair the headphones, turn them off, reset your phone, then pair them again from scratch.

You could be too far away—or there are too many obstacles in its path—especially when listening to music on a device across the room. Move closer to the gadget and away from other signal-generating equipment.

Another possible reason for the distorted sound in Xiaomi headphones, especially the wired ones like the Mi In-ear Headphones, is loose or broken wires.

A rubber or plastic coating protects the wires inside the headphones.

6. Headphone Jack Issues:

The headphone jack is built to endure several inputs over thousands of uses for wired headphones, so you shouldn’t anticipate it to fail quickly. 

However, if your headphones aren’t producing sound, it could be an issue with the wire or the headphone jack on your phone or headset.

You might instead hear static interfearing with your listening experience.

Cleaning Headphone Jack:

Attempt to clean your headphone jack to resolve the problem. 

There are several approaches to this, some more effective than others. Blowing into the headphone jack is one approach, which should remove at least part of the dust and fuzz located within. If you have one handy, you can also use compressed air.

It’s also possible that the issue isn’t with the jack or headphones you’re using but with the device’s audio settings. If this is the case, you’ll be able to solve the problem quickly.

Check to see whether you’ve muted or turned down the volume on your phone. Most phones have physical buttons for this, but you can also go into the phone’s settings and access all audio choices.


General Pros and Cons for Xiaomi Headphones


  1. Xiaomi Headphones sports a nice design and build, making them look elegant and classy despite the price.
  2. Xiaomi Headphones are portable and lightweight.
  3. Xiaomi Headphones are priced comparatively low than their competitors.
  4. Xiaomi Headphones are long-lasting, for they can last for 2-3 hours on full playback.
  5. The sound quality is pretty decent; they deliver punchy mid-bass and very good sub-bass depth.
  6. Xiaomi can reduce ambient noise.
  7. The fit of the Xiaomi headphones is tight enough to hold their place on the ears.


  1. It’s hard to hear the sound clearly when outdoors. 
  2. Connecting the phone to the headphone is complicated.
  3. It takes a while to be fully charged; usually, it charges for almost two hours.
  4. The case is made of plastic, making it susceptible to damage and scratches.
  5. The sound leak in Xiaomi headphones is slightly worse than average, for nearby people can hear the sound.

Final Thoughts:

Users should note that the headset is incredibly budgetary. 

Customers should not put it into comparison with other expensive brands. Regardless, Xiaomi headphones prove to be a good alternative, and most of the users recommend them for purchase because of their functionality and reliability despite the price.

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