Can I Use Etsy’s Logo & Reviews on My Website? (Solved)

It is a great feeling when you’ve hit a great rate-and-review rating on sites like Etsy.

Four to five stars on your shop are what set you apart from hundreds of thousands of other sellers on, and tells customers that they can trust you and your product. What happens, though, when you’re ready to expand your already successful shop?

Or, if you’ve decided to branch out on your own, can you take those reviews with you?

Can you use Etsy reviews and Logos on your own website?

Reposting anyone’s writing – whether it is a simple review of your Etsy shop or an entire article written by an author – is a dangerous and sometimes illegal thing to do. You should always get your customer’s permission to repost their reviews from your Etsy site to your personal site.

You can connect with your customers through Etsy Conversation databases.

Do I Need the Buyers’ Permission for Using Reviews on my Website?

If you have a huge amount of four or five-star-ratings on your Etsy shop and you want to transfer a few to your new site, you need to get permission from the poster first.

The good news about this is that a person who left such a good review is probably a fan of you and your product.

Reaching out to them and telling them you want to use their kind review on other areas of your business or social media is a great way to maintain that strong relationship you have with that customer!

If, however, they find out later you used their review without asking, you may offend them.

Then you suffer from the possibility that the customer would leave a negative review or post about how you used their words without permission.

Where can Etsy Reviews be Used?

Etsy reviews are mostly used on to tell other buyers about your amazing shop and goods!

Alternatively, Etsy reviews warn customers away from shady or “bad” shops on the site that can’t or should not be trusted.

Reviews in an eCommerce world are essential, and many people use them to grow their businesses. The first things buyers look for are your reviews and ratings from other customers.

All reviews posted to Etsy should be only used for your Etsy shop.

However, if you are interested in branching out to new places for your business, you can try and ask customers if you can take those reviews with you!

What’s the Best Way to Use Etsy Reviews on my Website?

If you do get permission from your buyers to use your reviews on Etsy, consider creating a space or page on your site that lists some of these reviews as “Etsy” specific reviews.

For example, when advertising your products you can use one of those approved reviews in your marketing materials – that way customers can see you already have five stars on that bookmark or necklace!

You could also create a page that shows a bunch of Etsy reviews at once to show customers on your new website your history and where they can go to “see even more reviews on this Etsy shop”, etc.

What NOT to Do

Don’t use bad reviews of your competitors to give yourself a leg-up, nor should you make any negative comments about the reviews you received permission to use on your site.

You should also only post or reference these reviews as they are exactly written and not alter them in any way (unless you are asked to hide the identity by the customer who wrote the review).

You will always want to be respectful and kind to your customers and their many amazing reviews if you transfer them elsewhere.

Testimonials VS Reviews

If you find that customers aren’t responding to your requests to use their reviews, or if your customers are saying “no”, the alternatives to this are one important thing: testimonials!

A testimonial is like a review but is specifically requested by the shop owner to a customer as its own unique remark on you and your shop.

In this case, you could reach out to customers asking them to write another review that is specific ONLY to your website.

The benefits of this are:

  • A totally unique review for your new site
  • No danger of reposting or offending a customer
  • Google doesn’t like “duplicates” so a testimonial won’t be flagged as plagiarism
  • Testimonials tend to be more in-depth than a single review

Consider testimonials as an alternative to reposting ten or twenty reviews onto your new site – plus it can help you network with loyal customers who would love to talk about how great you and your products are!

Where Else can I Use my Etsy Reviews?

If you have permission to use an Etsy review elsewhere, you may find that you want to use it multiple times or in different places.

Consider asking if you can post it to these locations, too:

  • Personal Website for the Brand
  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • In Interviews about Your Product
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • On Images of the Product

If you can get good reviews in one or all of these areas of your branding, you’ll tell every potential buyer out there that you have a loyal customer base and that you are a trustworthy seller to buy from!

Many sellers will blog about their shop on their WordPress sites – check out our article about how to use WordPress!

Can I get in Trouble for Using the Etsy Logo on my Website?

Using the “Etsy” logo itself is different than using a review from the site.

The “Etsy” logo is trademarked and owned by Etsy – which I will remind you is a very powerful and successful company with a lot of lawyers.

As such, Etsy is very particular about what you can and cannot do with its logo. For example, you can write your Etsy URL on a business card, promotional advertisement, social media post (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), etc, but you cannot use the Etsy logo, marks, stylizations or colors on a business card.

This is because Etsy makes it very, very clear that YOU and not own, run, operate and are responsible for your site.

If you are found to be in violation of these rules in any way, you could get your shop deleted from and possibly even run into legal issues with their company.

When in doubt: don’t do it.

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