Are Vizio TV Remotes Universal? (Explained & Solved)

Are you having problems with the remote control of your Vizio TV? Remote control issues can happen with any TV type.

So if something happens to your Vizio remote, can you get any Vizio remote control as a replacement?

Are Vizio TV Remotes universal?

About the Compatibility of Vizio TV Remote Controls.

Vizio has a universal, “one-size-fits-all” remote control for their smart TVs. Called the SmartCast Remote, this remote control works with all Vizio smart TVs using the SmartCast system and can easily be replaced at a low cost.

Can I Use Any Vizio Remote With My TV?

Vizio remote controls are universal and work across other Vizio TVs via infrared.

Does Vizio Have a Remote That Works Universally?

Vizio offers a replacement remote control that works with all Vizio TVs using the SmartCast system.

This replacement remote is the same as the one you can get with every purchase of a Vizio smart TV and includes all functions, including the WatchFree shortcut and the six hotkeys for most common streaming services, such as Hulu and Netflix.

Do Vizio TVs Have a Remote Control App?

Vizio has a smartphone and tablet app that lets you use your device as a remote for your TV.

This app was designed to act as a backup remote control for your TV.

Note that your Vizio TV and smartphone need to be on the same Wi-Fi network to use this app.

Can You Replace A Vizio TV Remote?

You can replace the remote control of your Vizio, and luckily, Vizio remotes are quite easy to replace. 

  • You can buy a replacement remote directly from Vizio that is exactly like what came with your smart TV.
  • You may also buy third-party remotes that work with Vizio.
  • If you need a quick replacement, you can download the SmartCast app on your smartphone to use as a remote.

Do Vizio TV Remotes Have Voice Commands?

Not all Vizio TV remotes have voice commands.

Vizio has one dedicated remote control for voice control.

But, even without the voice control remote, you can still use voice commands by attaching a dedicated smart speaker for this purpose.

Can I Use Alexa to Control a Vizio TV?

Alexa comes built-in with Vizio TVs, so you can take advantage of its features.

Just link your Vizio account to learn the Alexa skill.

Can I Use Google Assistant to Control a Vizio TV?

You can use Google Assistant to control your Vizio TV.

The process to connect your Vizio account and Google Assistant varies per TV.

Can You Use a Keyboard and Mouse to Control a Vizio TV?

You can use any wireless keyboard and mouse to control your Vizio TV.

  • All you need to do is plug the wireless receiver into the USB port of the TV.
  • For Bluetooth keyboards and mice to work with your Vizio TV, the device must be compatible with Android.

How Do I Know Which Remote My Vizio TV Needs?

Your Vizio TV needs the SmartCast remote.

Vizio only makes one kind of replacement remote but is compatible with all their smart TVs.

How Much Does a New Vizio Remote Cost?

A replacement costs around $20 from the accessories shop of Vizio.

How Do You Pair a Vizio Remote to a Vizio TV?

If you need to replace your remote control with a new one here’s what you need to do.

  • Turn on the TV manually, then press and hold the TV button for five seconds until the LED blinks twice. The LED will then stay lit.
  • Enter the program code for your Vizio TV. The program code depends on the TV. You can check the Sources at the end of this article for the “Remote codes.” Note that the codes can be a matter of trial and error.
  • When you press a key for the program code, the LED will blink once after every digit. If the code is correct, the LED will blink two times after the last digit and turn off.
  • To test if the setup is correct, point and press the power button. If the TV turns off, then the setup is complete. If it does not work, repeat with another code.

How Many Remote Controls Can You Pair with a Vizio TV?

Vizio does not specify how many remote controls you can pair with their TVs. Thus, you can assume that only one remote control will work with the TV, along with the smartphone remote app.

Can You Use a Vizio TV without the Remote Control?

While you can use a Vizio TV without the remote control, there are a lot of limitations. 

You are likely to be limited with the basics, such as channel switching, volume control, and power functions, the controls of which are found behind the TV.

What Are the Best Third-party Remote controls for Vizio?

There are a lot of third-party remote controls that work decently with Vizio TVs.

Whether you lose, broke, or just want to harmonize your smart home system into a single remote control, here are some suggested third-party remote controls.

Gvirtue Remote Control for Vizio

The Gvirtue Remote Control is a no-frills remote control that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • If you just want something that will help you navigate without the bells and whistles, then this remote control is for you.
  • This remote control costs less than $10 and doesn’t have any fancy features or over-engineered designs.
  • It does the job of switching channels, navigating through apps, and it also has hotkeys for Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • As this remote control is cheap, it does have some disadvantages, including a cheap feeling and look. Which isn’t bad, considering how much this remote control costs.
  • There may also be issues of lag when pressing a button, so you ought to manage your expectations if you decide to get this.

Yosun Universal Remote Control

The Yosun Universal Remote Control is a perfect remote control for Vizio TVs.

  • To give you an idea of how ideal this remote control is with Vizio, it pairs quickly after installing the batteries, as there’s an advanced smart chipset inside, which makes this fast pairing possible.
  • This remote has low latency, thanks to infrared. You can expect a response time of as low as 0.2 seconds.
  • The Yosun Remote uses ABS plastic that’s durable and strong.
  • Navigation is easy on this remote, thanks to the directional pad. There are also six shortcuts on the remote that let you access streaming sites, such as Netflix and YouTube.
  • This remote works within a 10-meter radius from the TV, which should be more than enough.
  • The functionality is quite similar to the stock Vizio remote control.
  • The Yosun Remote features a curved lower back, which makes it comfortable to hold.

Logitech Harmony Elite

For those who want to consolidate their remote controls into a single device, the Logitech Harmony Elite might be the one for you. 

  • Aside from controlling smart TVs like Vizio, the Harmony Elite may also be used to do lots of tasks, such as adjusting lights, adjusting blinds, or even locking the front door.
  • The Harmony Elite features an LCD touchscreen that allows swiping and tapping navigation.
  • The remote system is also compatible with your smartphone through the Harmony App.
  • You can also expect wide compatibility with over 270,000 smart devices in your home.
  • The downside to this remote is it needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to use.
  • Note that Logitech recently discontinued the Harmony series of remote controls. Thus, there won’t be as many available, so it would be good to grab one while you still can.

SofaBaton U1

The SofaBaton U1 is a powerful multi-purpose universal remote control that’s quite affordable.

  • It allows you to create hotkeys for particular actions and devices..
  • With the help of its smartphone app, you can easily pair and manage up to 15 devices, including cable TV boxes and even the LED lights in your room.
  • If you’re looking for an alternative to the recently discontinued Logitech Harmony Elite, the SofaBaton U1 is a good option to consider.



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