Why Do Apple Headphones Break So Easily? (Solved)

Especially if you own the newer Airpods, it can be frustrating for your headphones to break, given how much they cost.

Considering that they cost more, it’s pretty peculiar for something that carries the Apple name to break easily.

So, why do Apple Headphones break so easily?

How Durable Are Apple Headphones:

Apple’s headphones are very durable. As with most Apple products, the weak spot is the cables and plugs and since the headphones are wireless, we don’t have any problems there anymore. Apple headphones can probably last 7-10 years when stored in a case or soft bag.

Does Apple Plan for its Headphones to Break Easily?

It’s pretty misleading to think that Apple intentionally designs their headphones to be fragile or break easily.

While Apple does its part to develop durable products, there are limitations to the abuse it can handle.

Product durability is a two-way street, which is why the end-user also needs to exercise caution over the conditions one exposes their Apple headphones to.

And with the introduction of the Airpods means having more minor things to break on the side of the headphones and phone. That in itself is an improvement of design to prevent weak points.

How Long do Apple’s Headphones Typically Last? 

You can get an average of 2 – 3 years out of a pair of Apple Airpods.

This lifespan is based on how long the battery life lasts on average.

You can get more mileage with proper charging habits.

Do They Last as Long as Other Headphone Brands? 

You can expect Apple headphones to last as long as other brands when it comes to Bluetooth headphones.

Compared to wired headphones, only the Apple Airpods Max stand a chance to last longer, as it’s the only model that features an option for wired connection. 

Meanwhile, the older Apple headphones, known as the Earpods, aren’t as durable compared to other brands. 

Can Apple Care Cover Your Apple Headphones? 

You can buy AppleCare support for your Apple headphones upon purchase.

By adding AppleCare, you get an added one year of support from Apple.

AppleCare costs $29, on top of the costs of your Apple headphones.

How Do Apple Headphones Compare with Beats Headphones? 

Beats is an excellent brand to compare with the headphones of Apple, as the same company owns the former.

To give you an idea of how they compare, let’s look at the Beats Studio Buds and the Apple Airpods, both true wireless devices.

You can get five hours on each device and 24 hours with the charging case for battery life. In the long run, you’re likely to get the same longevity with these two devices when it comes to batteries.

But what sets these two apart is the water and sweat resistance of the Beats Studio Buds. That gives it an added layer of durability over the Apple Airpods.

Not all Beats headphones offer water resistance, and it’s also good to look at the price.

The Beats Studio Buds come out $50 cheaper than the Apple Airbus.

If they eventually break due to use, the Studio Buds will be a minor loss compared to the Airpods. The same can be said with the flagship model of Apple, the Airpods Max and the Beats Studio Pro, the latter costing $200 less. We have more here on the common problems with Apple Airpod Max.

Now, they both produce good sound quality, but at the end of the day, these headphones cater to particular users, which is why one brand can’t always be superior to the other.

What Are the Most Common Problems with Apple Headphones?

The most common problems with the Apple headphones include condensation, inability to detect ears (for the Airpods Max), low volume, inability to pair, and noise-canceling not working.

For the most part, a simple reset of the headphones can fix these problems.

How Do you Stop Apple’s Headphones from Breaking?

Condensation is common with the Airpods Max. It’s also good to know when to use the accompanying case.

Make sure to keep your headphones clean and remove excess sweat after runs.

If you are worried about your headphones being broken by a pet or family member, keep them in a safe, dry place when not in use.

Don’t forget to Update the Firmware:

Another thing to note about Apple headphones to keep them in good condition is updating the firmware.

Many users also note the fast battery drain of Apple headphones, particularly the Airpods Max, even when not in use. This problem is attributed to a bug in the firmware, and a quick update can fix this issue.

To ensure the firmware is up to date, keep the headphones paired to your iPhone or iPad, then store it in the case. Your Apple device shall then take care of any firmware updates.

Get a Dedicated Case or Bag:

Another way to prolong the lifespan of your Apple headphones is to get a dedicated case or soft bag.

While the Airpods already come with a charging case, a decent case for it will do wonders.

Remember that the actual case also holds electronics to charge your buds and does not even have a layer of cushion to protect it from shock. A dedicated case allows your Airpods to have an added layer of protection.

On top of that, you can also use the same case to hold related accessories, such as a charging cable.

Another consideration to ensure the lifespan of your Apple headphones is to apply a fixed schedule for charging.

Try charging them simultaneously with your phone so that both devices are ready to use when you need to go. Don’t wait for your Apple headphones to drain to the last percentage.

Can You Fix a Broken set of Apple Headphones? 

You can try fixing a broken set of Apple headphones if you can source the right parts.

For the most part, it will be a challenge to buy parts for the in-ears of Apple. Since the components are small, it will be a challenge to install them.

You might have better luck in repairing the Airpods Max since they are over-ear headphones.

If you are worried about repairs, consider getting an extension for Apple Care.

Final Thoughts:

Apple headphones tend to break when not taken care of properly.

Considering how much these headphones cost, it should not be seen as a sign to be abused.

While their headphones are built better than the generic buds you get with other brands, the user must also exercise caution in using them.

You should know that there are limits to how you can use their products, especially if you plan to take them for outdoor activities.


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