Youtube Not Counting All Views? (Here’s What Happens)

If you are trying to calculate your projected revenue after launching a new video for monetization on your channel, you might take a look at your stats after a few hours.

In spite of your heavy promotions, the views on your video are still stuck at a fixed count. You know people watched it, because your followers commented, and mentioned different parts of the video.

So, why is YouTube not counting my views?

YouTube is counting your views, but the number of views in a video is not updated in real-time. Because each person who receives your link opens and watches the whole video, it does not automatically increase the view count in a video.

The slow update in views is caused by the regular audit that YouTube conducts to maintain the integrity of views.

This is to ensure that real viewers, not spambots, watch the video.

How Are YouTube Views Counted?

Let’s define what YouTube will consider as a view.

YouTube counts a view when it has at least 30 seconds of streaming. A viewer must also start the playing of the video to be counted as a view.

Thus, anytime you watch a video that you chose not to play (i.e., in-video ads or web embeds set to autoplay) does not count as a view.

A video that does not get at least 30 seconds of watching does not count as a view.

Now, even with these requirements fulfilled, it does not mean a view is here to stay.

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YouTube Audits and Info:

YouTube may count it now, but when the site conducts its regular audit on your videos, it will check if the view was artificially generated.

You see, YouTube regularly conducts an audit of videos, and its view counts. It weeds out views that are done through fraudulent means, as well as those made by inactive accounts.

It purges these views to maintain the integrity of views. YouTube makes sure that all views are naturally generated.

Do Views on Embedded View Count?

Views on embedded videos will count only when a viewer decides to play the video.

If embedded videos are set to automatically play, it does not count.

Remember, the primary qualification for a view to be counted is the willingness of a viewer to watch it.

Does Re-Watching a YouTube Video Count as a View?

YouTube recognizes that some people re-watch a video.

They may have wanted to show it to family members, or colleagues in the same room, but YouTube also recognizes that this will be prone to abuse.

This is why it has set a limit for the number of times a video can be re-watched within a certain period before it stops counting views at your IP address.

Does YouTube Count Views When Not Logged In?

YouTube does check if a user is logged into an account to count for a view.

It relies more on the IP address of the computer logged on YouTube when counting views.

Likewise, non-logged in views are still covered by the standards implemented by YouTube before being counted.

How Long Do You Have to Watch a Video for it to Count as a View?

A viewer must spend at least 30 seconds watching a video.

This qualifier that YouTube implements for videos can be continuous or staggered.

This means you can view a video for 30 seconds straight or in portions, with a total running time of at least 30 seconds.

For videos below 30 seconds, you must view the whole video to count as a view.

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Does Refreshing YouTube Add Views?

YouTube considers this as an artificial view.

With the opening of monetization for videos, YouTube has added to its algorithm to detect refreshing browsers when YouTube videos are on.

Should it detect someone clicking the refresh button, it does not add to the video’s view count.

Why are My YouTube Views Stuck?

Your views are stuck when YouTube conducts an audit on the integrity of your views.

The media platform conducts audits to weed out automated or inactive viewers from legitimate viewers on YouTube.

Does YouTube Take Away Views?

View counts are reduced as a result of the periodic audit that YouTube conducts on videos.

For a view to be removed, it must either be:

  • A view that lasted less than 10 seconds, which are usually automated bots that go through different videos over a fixed interval to artificially increase view counts
  • Views with the same IP address.
      • It is normal for many viewers to repeat watching a video, but it becomes fishy when it comes from a single IP address.
  • Views made with questionable browser characteristics.

Although some people are still stuck on older browsers, having a mass viewership from these older browsers raises red flags views made through older and outdated browsers.

Also, views from inactive accounts are purged from the view count.

How Do I Make Sure That YouTube Counts My Plays?

Remember the two key elements for a view to count:

1. Start Watching the Video:

He must personally click on the video, regardless of where the video appears.

This covers both videos on the YouTube site or embedded in other websites.

2. Watch at Least for 30 Seconds:

This is a part of YouTube’s algorithm that eliminates automated viewers that jump from one video to another.

The 30-second rule for YouTube views also counts when a viewer skips portions of a video, but still watches a combined time of 30 seconds.

For the instance a viewer watches a playlist, YouTube counts it as a view every video watched in the list, as long as the viewer clicked the playlist.

Do My Plays Count on my Channel?

YouTube gives content creators the benefit of the doubt on how they present their videos.

However, should these views be suspicious, it will not hesitate to purge views, if not ban users, for deceiving the viewing algorithm.

Can I Increase the Number of Plays by Playing My Videos?

YouTube puts a limit before it stops counting views generated from your IP address.

As mentioned before, this is YouTube’s way of giving you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to using the media platform.

After all, you do deserve an extra view when you decide to stream content from your channel in a concentrated event like symposiums or workshops.

When Do In-Video Ads Count as a View?

YouTube in-video ads or ads that appear before, during, or after a video need to meet certain conditions before being counted as a view.

For unskippable videos, viewers have to complete the whole ad before its counted in favor of the YouTuber’s advertisement revenue.

For skippable videos, viewers need to watch at least 30 seconds, or the whole video, if the ad is less than 30 seconds.

How Important Are Views for YouTubers?

The number of views of a YouTube channel is a prerequisite before a YouTuber can monetize a channel for in-video advertisements.

A least of 4,000 viewing hours are needed before YouTube allows a channel to be monetized from ad placement.

Also, YouTubers are dependent on views to determine how much revenue they can make when he opens a video for advertising placements.

Thus, if you have a high average for views, you stand to earn more for every 1,000 views made on ads in a video.

Are Views the only metrics to a YouTube channel’s Success?

While having high views on YouTube is a gauge on the reach of your content, it is not dependent on it.

The number of views is only one component of your channel’s performance.

While views are usually highest, other factors contribute to your clout as a YouTuber, aside from view.

These are:


The number of comments also contributes to the reputation of a channel.

The more comments a video has, the more popular it becomes.

It’s the only direct way for viewers to engage YouTubers, as well as other viewers. If you have an average comment to view ratio of 1:200, it means you are doing well with your target audience.

Should you attempt to have spambots pepper your video with comments to increase your stats, YouTube will detect and purge these comments during its video audit.

2. Subscribers:

Having a lot of subscribers also reflects the reputation of your channel.

This means that people regularly want to receive updates from you when they log on to YouTube. On average, the ratio of views to subscribers is at 7:50.

Just like the number of views fluctuating, the number of subscribers also increases and decreases with the regular audit that YouTube conducts when it purges inactive and spam accounts.


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