YouTube Music App Problems? 7 Known Issues (Solved)

Some users of YouTube’s music app encounter various problems and glitches while using the app, which can be quite frustrating.

This article aims to address these issues and provide solutions to improve one’s YouTube Music experience.

Through troubleshooting techniques and user feedback gathered, readers can navigate and enjoy the app without major disruptions.

Common YouTube Music App Problems

Playback Issues

One common problem users may experience with the YouTube Music app is playback issues, such as songs not playing smoothly or skipping. This can be caused by a weak internet connection or the app not being updated.

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To resolve these issues, users can:

  • Check their internet connection and ensure it’s stable
  • Update the YouTube Music app to the latest version
  • Clear the app cache, and restart the app

Download Problems

Another issue that may occur is difficulty downloading songs or albums for offline listening.

Users might face:

  • Incomplete downloads
  • Slow download speeds
  • Failed downloads

To fix these issues, it is recommended to:

  • Ensure a stable internet connection
  • Check for available storage on the device
  • Update the app to its latest version

Playlist Errors

Users might also face problems with their playlists, such as:

  • Difficulty creating or editing playlists
  • Songs being mistakenly removed from playlists
  • Duplicate songs appearing in playlists

In such cases, users can:

  • Restart the app and try performing the action again
  • Clear the app cache and check if the issue persists

App Crashing

The YouTube Music app might crash unexpectedly, causing inconvenience for users. Potential causes of app crashing include outdated software or a corrupt app installation.

To address these problems, users can:

  • Update the app to the latest version
  • Restart their device to refresh the system
  • Reinstall the YouTube Music app if necessary

Music Controls Now Showing On Lock Screen

We have a separate article al dedicated to problems with controls now showing for Youtube on the lock screen.

Login Issues

Lastly, users might encounter issues with logging into their YouTube Music accounts.

Common login problems can include:

  • Incorrect username or password
  • Trouble authenticating the account

To resolve login issues, users should:

  • Ensure they are using the correct account credentials
  • Reset their password if needed
  • Check for app updates as they might include login-related fixes

Troubleshooting Solutions

Restart the App

Sometimes, the simplest solution to fix any app-related issues is to restart the app. Close the YouTube Music app and reopen it.

This might resolve many common problems and is a good first step to try out.

Clear Cache and Data

If restarting the app doesn’t work, you may need to clear the cache and data:

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. Tap on “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  3. Scroll down and find the YouTube Music app.
  4. Tap on “Storage.”
  5. Tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”

Note: Clearing data may result in losing any stored preferences, but it frequently helps eliminate potential conflicts and improve app performance.

Check Internet Connectivity

Poor or unstable internet connectivity can lead to issues with the app:

  • Make sure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi or mobile data network. If not, move to a better location with a stronger signal.
  • If the connection is still unstable, restart your modem/router.

Update the App

Keeping the app up-to-date ensures that you have the latest features and bug fixes. To update the YouTube Music app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Search for “YouTube Music.”
  3. If there’s an available update, tap on “Update.”

By following these troubleshooting solutions, most common issues with the YouTube Music app can be resolved.

YouTube Music Premium Concerns

Subscription Activation

Sometimes, users might experience challenges when activating their YouTube Music Premium subscription. This could be due to various factors such as payment issues or technical errors.

If a user’s monthly membership payment is declined, YouTube will notify the user via email so they can take action and restore their membership.

They will have 3 days to resolve the issue before losing access to membership benefits. During this 3-day period, YouTube will regularly re-attempt to process the monthly payment.

To troubleshoot activation issues, users can first try closing the YouTube Music app and reopening it. Restarting the device can also help resolve common problems. If the problem persists, users should verify that their payment method is valid and up-to-date.

Offline Listening

Offline listening is an essential feature of YouTube Music Premium as it allows users to enjoy music without an internet connection.

However, occasional issues may arise, such as downloaded music not playing or the inability to download songs for offline listening.

To troubleshoot such issues, users can perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure the YouTube Music app is up-to-date by checking for updates in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Verify that the device has sufficient storage space to accommodate downloaded music.
  3. Check the app’s settings to confirm that download preferences are set correctly.
  4. Clear the app’s cache to eliminate potential bugs that may be interfering with the downloading process.

By following these troubleshooting steps, users can help resolve common YouTube Music Premium concerns and continue enjoying the benefits of their subscription.

Alternative Music Apps

In the event that users encounter issues with the YouTube Music app, they may want to consider exploring alternative music applications to satisfy their music streaming needs. Here are a few popular options that provide a seamless music streaming experience.


This is one of the most obvious choices for users who are looking for an alternative to YouTube Music. It is the largest music streaming app available, providing both free and premium options for its users. With a clean interface and extensive music catalog, Spotify caters to a variety of listening preferences.

Here are the most common problems with Spotify on tablets.

Apple Music

Another notable option is Apple Music, which offers a well-organized and vast music library. It seamlessly integrates with Apple devices and takes full advantage of Siri’s capabilities for easy music control. This app also allows users to view lyrics while listening to their favorite tracks, enhancing the overall experience.

Here is more on problems with Apple Music start playing suddenly.

Amazon Music

For those who are already Amazon Prime subscribers, Amazon Music is worth considering since it is included with their subscription. The app offers a wide selection of music and curated playlists, alongside the ability to stream or download tracks for offline listening.

Amazon Music’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all users.


Catering to audiophiles, Tidal boasts high-quality audio streaming at a really high bitrate. Youtube Music’s sound quality isn’t as high.

The app offers lossless audio quality and exclusive content, making it a suitable alternative for users seeking a music streaming service with a focus on exceptional sound.

Pandora: An application renowned for its customized radio stations, Pandora allows users to create their own stations based on their favorite artists, genres, or songs. The app relies on its sophisticated algorithm to provide personalized music recommendations, thus ensuring a unique and immersive listening experience for each user.

In conclusion, when facing problems with the YouTube Music app, users have various alternative music apps to choose from, each offering unique features and benefits.

The aforementioned options provide a solid starting point for those looking to explore other avenues for their music streaming needs, without compromising on quality.

Contacting Support

When users experience problems with the YouTube Music app, contacting support is an effective way to get assistance. YouTube offers a dedicated Help Center with tips and tutorials on using the app and other frequently asked questions.

They can browse through the topics to find relevant information or even use the search function provided within the Help Center.

In case the user needs to report abuse issues on the site, they can contact YouTube through the Abuse and Policy Center. This ensures that any inappropriate content or behavior is promptly addressed by the platform.

For site security issues or potential security vulnerabilities, users are advised to contact YouTube’s security team through the specific reporting channels. This helps keep the platform safe and secure for everyone.

When the YouTube Music app is not working as expected, users can try some quick fixes to resolve the issue:

  • Restarting the device, as this can often solve many app-related issues.
  • Checking for app updates, as they could bring bug fixes or improvements.
  • Clearing the app’s cache to refresh its data.

By utilizing the available resources and contacting support when necessary, YouTube Music app users can enjoy a better experience and quickly troubleshoot any issues they may encounter.

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