Using Apple Headphones & Airpods As Mics? (9 Examples)

Apple’s high-quality design and aesthetic dominate today’s technology marketplace and their headphones are no exception. One feature of Apple headphones is their built-in microphones. We’ve already looked at how to use headphones as mics, but let’s focus on Apple now.
Having this function on your headphones is a great addition and one you will definitely want to make good use of.

Here we’ll check out how easy it is to connect your Apple headphones to different devices and how to ensure you can be heard over your microphone, whether in-game or in a meeting.


Using Apple headphones as a mic

Apple headphones can certainly be used as microphones as they have this function as standard. The key is being able to connect them to your device.

The Apple headphones family consists of:

  • AirPods (AirPods Pro)
  • AirPods Max
  • EarPods (3.5mm connector / lightning connector)

Connectivity, and the ability to use the microphone, depends upon using Bluetooth, Bluetooth dongles (AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Max), and adaptors (EarPods). 

Just beware of the most common problems with Apple’s Airpod Max.

Can you use apple headphones as a mic on XBOX ONE?

Want everyone to hear your battle cry as you take command of a Halo warthog? With Xbox One using apple headphones as a microphone is not as simple as you might hope.

Let’s start with the EarPods:

When you connect your EarPods you’ll hear a high-pitched ringing. Of course, this is an unwelcome sound and probably does not fill you with confidence that the EarPods will work full stop, let alone operate as a microphone.

However, with the steps below you can find a solution to this classic problem:

  1. Insert and connect your EarPod cable (using an adaptor for lighting connectors in needed) into the port on your Xbox One controller.
  2. Double tapping the large button on your controller will activate an information segment on the left-hand side of your screen.  Search for the icon that features the gear symbol and select it to open the settings menus.
  3. Now, in the settings menu mute microphone monitoring by moving the slider fully to the left-hand side.
  4. The high-pitched ringing from your EarPods should have ceased allowing you to both hear your friends in-game and chat to them too.

When it comes to the AirPods Max all you need to do is purchase an adaptor to connect your headphones via cable and follow the same steps as the EarPods. 

Xbox One and AirPods have a tricky relationship. Unfortunately, AirPods are incompatible with Xbox systems across the board due to their differing wireless technology and lack of Bluetooth support.

That said, if you need a way around this issue – to speak to your fellow gamers whilst playing your Xbox One – there is a somewhat creative solution available:

  1. Bring up the menu by pressing the Xbox button.
  2. Open the Profile & system menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Choose the Devices & connections option.
  5. Open Remote features.
  6. Select Enable remote features.
  7. Connect your AirPods to your phone.
  8. Now open the Xbox app from your phone.
  9. Find the Xbox icon in the corner of the screen and from there select Remote play from this device. This will allow you to stream audio from your console to your phone (and your AirPods).
  10. Select the icon with three dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen while using Xbox remote play.
  11. Press Unmute and your AirPod’s microphone will be good to go.

Can you use apple headphones as a mic on PS4?

Unfortunately, the PS4 does not allow you to connect your AirPods with Bluetooth. Though Apple headphones are durable – they don’t work well with PS4.

However, if you purchase the PS4 Wireless Bluetooth dongle your problem is solved.

Here’s how you can use your Airpods, AirpodsPro, or Max as a microphone whilst playing with your pals on PS4:

  1. Insert the Dongle into the USB port on your PS4.
  2. Once the dongle flashes blue you are ready to pair.
  3. Press and hold the pairing button for your headphones (noise control button for AirPod Max).
  4. A solid blue light will appear on your dongle when your AirPods pair with your PS4.
  5. Find the 35mm port on your PS4 controller and insert your microphone adaptor.
  6. A confirmation that you have made the connection will appear on the screen.
  7. You are now ready to listen and chat in-game on your PS4.

You may have a problem using your wired EarPods with PS4 because Apple uses a different audio input.

You’ll need to use an adaptor to connect your EarPods with PS4. The adaptor you need must have a TRRS jack and an XLR jack. 

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on PCs?

Great news for PC owners! You can use all Apple headphones on PC as a microphone.

For Bluetooth connections (AirPods, AirPods Pro, Max) complete the Bluetooth pairing setup:

  1. Open Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other devices.
  2. Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device.”
  3. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Leave AirPods inside their case.
  5. Hold down the Setup on the AirPods case until the light flashes white.
  6. Your Windows PC should now show you that the AirPods are an available device to pair.
  7. Select the AirPods on your PC’s Bluetooth devices.
  8. Wait whilst the PC shows your headphones are “Connecting”.
  9. Next you will receive the message “Your device is ready to go!”, confirming that your AirPods are operational with its microphone.

In the future your AirPods will automatically connect to your PC. It’s as easy as that.

With Apple’s wired EarPods you should be able to plug straight into the 3.5mm port on your PC so long as you have an adaptor for models with lightning connectors. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Connect headphones via 3.5mm port on PC.
  2. From the taskbar select Settings > System > Sound > Input.
  3. On this drop-down menu find the EarPod’s microphone and select it.

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on NINTENDO SWITCH?

Apple’s EarPods can be directly connected to your Nintendo Switch via the top right AUX port (using an adaptor for lightning connectors). However, to ensure that you can use the microphone you will need a 4-pole audio extension cable.

It’s important to remember that most extension cables will not support the microphone and a 4-pole extension is a necessity. 

Nintendo Switch recently updated its system to allow compatibility for more Bluetooth devices including AirPods!

Connecting your AirPods with the Nintendo Switch couldn’t be easier, just use these simple steps:

  • Ensure your Nintendo Switch has installed the update and is running version 13.0.0.
  • Open System Settings and select Bluetooth Audio.
  • In the next menu choose ‘Pair Device’.
  • Press and hold the button on your AirPods’ until the light stays on steady white.
  • It will then be displayed on your switch for you to select.

Enjoy using your AirPods as a microphone on your Nintendo Switch. Mario will be proud!

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on DISCORD?

When it comes to using programs such as Discord it is essential for users to have a problem-free mic experience.

Perhaps you have encountered a problem with your Apple headphones whilst using Discord. (If you don’t know how to connect your headphones to a PC you can find that information above).

You may have already noticed that when you connect AirPods (Pro or Max) to your PC they register in the Device Manager, and yet, the mic fails to work with Discord.

If so, then read on for a quick fix:

  1. Find the Volume Icon (bottom right corner) and right-click.
  2.  Select Recording Devices.
  3. Pick your AirPods from the list of devices available.
  4. Information about your device will be on display. From here select Properties option.
  5. Update the driver by selecting the Driver tab and clicking ‘Update Driver’.

With the driver updated you should be able to use your microphone problem-free on your AirPods whilst using Discord.

For wired EarPods you may have to configure your audio settings in order to solve any microphone woes.

The key is to set your EarPods as the default input device:

  • Follow the steps listed above for the AirPods.
  • The only thing to remember is that you must select your EarPods as the default mic in the ‘Recording panel’.

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on XBOX?

The old Xbox and Xbox 360 were game-changing consoles with a fantastic back catalog of games and you may be wondering whether your Apple headphones will function with this old technology.

The hard reality is that there is no way to connect your AirPods to the older Xbox and Xbox 360 because of the lack of Bluetooth support.

Your only choice is to purchase an official Xbox 360 Wireless Headset or a third-party wireless headset that has compatibility with the older Xbox models.

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on FORTNITE?

Chatting to your friends whilst playing Fortnite is an essential aspect to this behemoth of a game. 

Depending on which gaming console you are using will dictate which steps you need to take to have your microphone functioning.

Using the step-by-step guides listed in this article for PS4, Switch, Xbox, PC or Mac, will ensure you stay connected to your gaming buddies during the fun-filled madness. 

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on ZOOM?

Zoom has become a big player in modern-day communication so being able to use your Apple headphones may well be quite important to you.

To set up your Apple EarPods or AirPods correctly follow these steps ensuring you’ve connected them properly to your PC (as mentioned above).

  1. Once you’ve joined a meeting in Zoom you will receive a prompt to join or test your audio.
  2. Select ‘Test speaker and microphone‘.
  3. You should hear a tone through your headphones that signal that your headphones are set as speakers, if you don’t hear this or you hear it through your PC speakers then click ‘No‘. Then use the menu to select the Apple headphones you are using. Once you hear the tone click ‘Yes‘.
  4. Next you will now test your mic. Talk normally and Zoom will replay your voice via your headphones. Once again if you are unable to hear yourself back then click ‘No‘.
  5. Select your headphones again in the drop-down menu and once you can hear your voice played back to yourself then you can click ‘Yes‘.
  6. The final step is to select ‘Join with Computer Audio‘. Now you’re set to use your Apple headphones on your Zoom call. Happy chatting!

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on TEAMS?

Users of MS Teams have reported many problems when it comes to using Apple headphones as a mic whilst using the program.

Thankfully here you can find a useful selection of common problems and the potential solutions to using Apple headphones on Teams.

  • If your mic is not working whilst using MS Teams ensure that it is definitely disconnected from any other device.
  • Check the AirPods are charged and a dongle for Bluetooth is connected if needed.
  • Remember that due to the cross-platform discrepancies between an Apple device, such as AirPods and a Mircosoft program such as Teams, malfunctions are likely to occur due to the use of differing codecs and drivers.
  • Ensure you have selected ‘Headset‘ in your Sound Settings on your Windows computer as there are two options for connecting AirPods in the Bluetooth devices menu.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth driver is up to date.
  • Update your firmware on your AirPods using your iPhone like so:
            • Settings > General > About > AirPods > Firmware version.
  • Using a Bluetooth dongle can reduce the chances of problems occurring with the microphone, sound quality, and connectivity.

In theory, Apple headphones can work with Teams. However, the reality is that you are likely to run into problems because of the incompatibility issues between the Microsoft program and Apple’s device. 

Can you use Apple headphones as a mic on MACBOOKS?

When it comes to Macbooks you can breathe a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that compatibility will not be an issue. Apple prides itself on its connectivity between its devices, and its headphones are no exception.
For AirPods (including Pro and Max), just get your device ready to pair by holding the button on the case (noise control button for AirPod Max). Once the white light flashes then switch over to your Mac computer and follow these steps:
  1. Open Apple Menu.
  2. Open System Preferences.
  3. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Select AirPods from the list of available devices.

For your EarPods, it depends on whether they have the lightning connector. If they don’t you can connect directly through the audio port on your Mac and your EarPods will be detected as both mic and headphones.

If your EarPods do have the lightning connector you will need to purchase the USB-C-to-Lightning audio adapter. Then after that just plug in and go! 

Are Apple earbuds also a microphone?

Earbuds are the industry’s term for inner-ear headphones. Apple produces Earpods and Airpods both of which can be categorized using the term ‘earbuds’. The answer to this question is simple: Both of these earbud products provide a microphone.


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