Is Apple Music Available On My Device? (16 Devices Checked)

Apple Music certainly is a convenient way to listen to more or less whatever music you want, whenever you want.

A key part of that convenience is how widely available Apple Music is on a variety of devices.

That being said, you may be wondering if your personal favorite smart device has an Apple Music app or not; most do, but not necessarily all.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular smart devices out there, and let you know whether they have an Apple Music app or not!

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Does Apple Music Have an App for my Smart TV?

Apple Music definitely supports smart TVs and has apps for multiple models.

Whether or not your smart TV will have an Apple Music app available depends on what brand of smart TV you own.

Taking a closer look, it seems Apple Music is only available on a couple of brands of Smart TV; let’s go over which ones do and don’t have the app.


Samsung brand TVs do, in fact, have an Apple Music app!

It won’t come pre-installed, but you should have no trouble grabbing the app for free from your TV’s app store.

Then you’ll just need to log in to your paid Apple Music account, and you’re ready to listen to music on your TV!


LG smart TVs also have an Apple Music app!

Much like with a Samsung TV, you’ll simply need to download the Apple Music app, log in, and get playing!


Vizio smart TVs do not currently feature an Apple Music app, and there is no news of planned support in the future.


Sony smart TVs do not have an Apple Music app either.


Sadly, the bad news continues, as there is no Apple Music app on Hisense smart TVs.


In fact, LG and Samsung are the only smart TVs Apple Music supports; TCL smart TV owners are out of luck as well.

Is Apple Music Available on Playstations?

Sony’s latest gaming console, the Playstation 5, does in fact, have an Apple Music app!

Download this app from the Playstation 5’s app store, log into your Apple Music account, and you can listen to your heart’s desire from your PS5.

Only the PS5 has an Apple Music app; there is no support for the PS4 or any other previous Playstation console.

Is Apple Music Available on Xbox?

The Apple Music app exists for three consoles in the Xbox lineup: Xbox series X, Xbox series S, and Xbox One.

If you’re using one of these three models, you should find the Apple Music app on your console’s app store, no problem.

There is no support for any other console in the Xbox line beyond the three mentioned above.

Is Apple Music Available on Roku?

If you’re both a subscriber to Apple Music and a user of the Roku streaming box, you’re in luck!

Among the many streaming services available through a Roku device is an Apple Music app, so you can use Apple Music alongside all your other favorite streaming services.

Is Apple Music Available on Firestick?

There is technically no official Apple Music app for Fire Stick, so it won’t be a straightforward matter to listen to Apple Music through your firestick.

However, there is a workaround using the Alexa Apple Music skill.

To do this, you’ll need to enable the Alexa skill for Apple Music, then link your accounts.

Now, with your Fire Stick remote, simply press the microphone button and ask Alexa to play Apple Music.

Is Apple Music Available on Windows PCs?

Windows PCs do not have an Apple Music app. However, it is still possible to listen to Apple Music on a Windows PC.

For one thing, you could simply use the browser interface to log in and listen to Apple Music on your internet browser.

Additionally, you could listen to Apple Music through the Windows iTunes app.

Remember iTunes, before it split into several separate apps, including Apple Music?

Well, that split only happened on iOS and macOS devices, so on Windows, the old iTunes app still exists.

And using the iTunes app, you can simply log in to your Apple Music account, and stream whatever you please through iTunes.

Is Apple Music Available on Fire TV?

Just like the Fire Stick, there is no official Apple Music application on Fire TV. However, the same workaround will work here as well.

Just enable the Apple Music Alexa skill, link your accounts, and then use the Alexa voice control on your Fire TV and ask her to play Apple Music.

Is Apple Music Available on Apple Watch?

Apple Music is, in fact, available for streaming on the Apple Watch.

You can play Apple Music on your Apple Watch through your iPhone or simply stream it directly from Apple Music if you have an internet connection.

Is Apple Music Available on Chromecast?

Much like the Fire Stick and Fire TV, playing Apple Music through Chromecast is possible, but there is no official app for it.

To use Apple Music on Chromecast, you simply need to use a device that does have an Apple Music app and use that device to stream through Chromecast.

This is simplest on Android phones, which already have built-in features for this purpose, but on iOS, you can download the CastForHome app and stream Apple Music through that.

Is Apple Music Available on Carplay?

Apple Music has built-in support for Carplay, so you should have no trouble connecting these two Apple services.

Is Apple Music Available on Sonos products?

Apple offers a Sonos Control app that will allow you to easily play Apple Music from a compatible device to your Sonos speakers without issue.

Are There Plans for Adding Apple Music to More Devices?

Apple Music already has support on a huge number of platforms, and we are not aware of any specific plans for further support.


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