Apple Music Discount – Do YOU Qualify? (8 Groups)

Today, we’re going to look at whether Apple Music provides discounts that people of various professions and walks of life can take advantage of.

So if you’re wondering if you could save big on Apple Music, keep reading and find out!

Here’s how Apple Music Discounts Work:

Apple Music offers two basic plans: Voice ($4.99 per month, limited features) and Individual ($9.99 per month, full-featured). Student and Family plans exist as cheaper or more cost-effective variations on the Individual plan for certain users.

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Does Apple Music Give a Military Discount?

If you’re a current member or veteran of the U.S. Military, National Guard or Reserve, you could qualify for a 10% discount on the Apple Store.

While current and veteran military personnel get a discount on the store, it doesn’t seem to apply to subscription services like Apple Music.

The only thing we could find regarding an Apple Music military discount is this page detailing an offer of four months of free Apple Music for military members and vets.

Unfortunately, that post is outdated, and the offer is most likely void, meaning that, as far as we know, no current discount or promo offer applies to military members or veterans.

Does Apple Music Offer Discounts for Students?

By verifying their enrollment at an accredited institution, college students can get all the benefits of the individual plan for a lower price for up to four years.

We’ve already written about how Apple Music for students is totally worth it.

The fully-featured Individual Plan normally costs $9.99 per month, but college students using this offer can get all the same benefits for $5.99 per month. That means full device support, downloads, lossless audio, and everything else Individual Plan members get for $4 less per month.

If you’re a student at a college or university and decide to take advantage of this offer, note that you will have to submit proof of student status every year while using this plan.

You also won’t be allowed to stay on the student plan for more than four years, which is disappointing since a college career isn’t guaranteed to last for this exact time period. If you fail to submit your proof at the start of a new school year or use the plan for four years, your plan will revert to the Individual Plan, and you’ll be billed accordingly.

Sadly, this plan is only available to college students; no alternative option exists for elementary, middle, or high school students.

Students of technical schools, graduate programs, or other forms of education are also sadly out of luck, as this plan would not apply to them either.

Does Apple Music Offer Discounts for Teachers?

Apple offers educational discounts—which can apply to teachers and students—for specific Apple devices.

As for Apple Music, however, teachers are sadly out of luck.

As far as we could find, no discounts, free months, or any other kind of offer exists for teachers using Apple Music.

So, unfortunately, teachers will have to pay full price for the Individual or Voice plans like any other user.

Does Apple Music Offer Discounts for Healthcare Workers?

We could not find any offers of discounts on Apple Music for healthcare workers.

We did find one post discussing potential discounts on Apple Devices for healthcare workers, but we cannot verify if the offer’s still good. Even if it is, it’s not a discount on Apple Music, specifically.

So sadly, despite the invaluable work they do all the time, especially (but not limited to), healthcare professionals must pay the same as everyone else.

Does Apple Music Offer Discounts for Law Enforcement?

Law enforcement personnel and government employees can get a discount on select products and services through this page.

However, as it seems to be a running theme with these discounts, it does not seem to apply to Apple Music, specifically.

So government employees, including law enforcement, will have to pay the same monthly price as anyone else for Apple Music.

Who Else Can Get Discounts on Apple Music?

If you live in a household with up to five other people, you can all share an Apple Music subscription through the Family Plan.

The Family Plan is identical to the Individual Plan in terms of what it offers, but it allows up to six accounts to have a personalized experience at once.

The Individual Plan normally costs $9.99 monthly, and the Family Plan runs $14.99 monthly.

This means that even if only two people decide to split a Family Plan subscription, they would have each pay about $7.50, already less than the normal price for the Individual Plan. If a maximum of six people share the cost, it could run as little as $2.50 per person.

This plan is, of course, intended for a household of family members but could easily be utilized by other living arrangements, such as roommates.

It’s unclear if Apple requires you to prove you share an address or not, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it did, as various subscription services have been cracking down on that sort of thing.

Are there any Discounts Anyone Can Use?

No always-available offers can give just anyone a discount on Apple Music that we know of.

A standard one-month free trial is available to anyone, but it’s the same free trial deal that every online subscription service ever offers, not a discount.

Apple will occasionally give out promotional offers for temporary discounts or free months, but these are only available for a limited time when they happen at all.


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