Audible & iOS: 10 Typical Questions (Answered)

Audible provides users access to an endless supply of audio content. And with the mobile app, iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, you can take your Audible audiobooks with you wherever you go.

In this article, we delve into Audible for iOS and answer the most burning questions you may have about compatibility and more.

Here’s Everything you Need to Know about Audible & iOS

Audible is compatible with almost every Apple device. You will need an iPhone 6s or higher in order to listen to your titles on Audible’s app for iOS. When listening to Audible on your iOS device, you will need to have iOS 13, or later installed in order for the app to function problem-free.

Why Won’t Audible Install on my iPhone?

Audible should work perfectly fine on your iPhone, so if you find you can’t install the app, you’ll be forgiven for feeling more than a little disappointed and confused.

However, there are a few simple reasons why you can’t download Audible on iOS.

To begin with, it’s worth checking that your iPhone storage isn’t full.

If you do not have enough free internal storage space on your iPhone, you will be unable to install any new apps, so try clearing up some space first.

There are also some other reasons why you may not be able to install Audible on your iPhone, such as:

  • You aren’t connected to the internet. Your iPhone needs to be connected to the internet to download an app.
  • You need to update your iOS.
  • Your iPhone needs a soft reset.

If you still can’t install Audible, simply contact Apple Support to help resolve your issue.

Perhaps you have a different device; if this is the case, check out our easy solutions to Audible not playing on different devices.

Does Audible Work with iPhones?

Audible definitely works with iPhones. In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that Audible is compatible with every Apple device.

This means you can listen to Audible on your iPhone, iPad, or even your Mac desktop.

Better yet, Audible users can also use the ‘Whispersync for Voice’ feature to sync their audiobooks across all of their compatible Apple devices. This means that you can switch listening between your iPad and iPhone seamlessly.

What iPhone Models are Compatible with Audible?

Audible is compatible with the following iPhone models: 6S, 6S Plus, SE (1st, 2nd &3rd generations), 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max.

Unfortunately, if you have any model made before the iPhone 6s, you will be unable to listen to Audible.

What iOS Version do you Need for Audible?

According to Audible’s online help center:

“The latest version of the Audible for iOS app requires iOS 13.0 or later.”


So if your iPhone is running iOS 13 or later then you should have no problem.

However, as of October 2022 if you go to download Audible from the Apple Store you will find that the requirements are iOS 15 or later.

If you have any issues downloading or using the Audible iOS app, then it’s probably best to update your iPhone to the latest iOS available.

Why does Audible Need iOS 13, 14 or Later?

Generally speaking, every app needs your iPhone’s iOS to be up to date in order to function at its best.

Updating your iOS ensures that your iPhone can keep up with all the latest features that Audible provides, as well as reducing any potential security risks that your iPhone may be susceptible to.

Can you use Audible Without Upgrading to the Latest Version?

If you do not update your iPhone’s iOS you will find that you will have problems when you go to play an audiobook on Audible.

For example, some users have reported that when they hit ‘Play’, the title doesn’t actually play; it simply buffers endlessly.

Not only will you experience issues with Audible, but you will also experience issues with your apps in general. Apps release updates in order to work efficiently with iOS or any other device’s operating system updates, such as Android.

Similarly, if you do not update Audible to the latest version of the app you will likely begin experiencing playback issues or app malfunctions.

Why is Audible Not Compatible with my iPhone?

Audible is compatible with all iPhone models released after, and including the iPhone 6s.

Unfortunately, your iPhone will not be compatible with the Audible app if it is older than the iPhone 6s.

This is simply because the older software just cannot support the features available in Audible, and Audible is only designed to work with newer iPhone models.

It’s also worth noting that Audible will not work with your iPhone if you are running an older iOS version, so you will need to update your iOS to ensure your phone is compatible with the Audible app.

If you are attempting to use Audible through the Safari browser on your iPhone, you will also experience issues. This is because, unfortunately, the audio format on all of Audible’s titles is currently not supported by Safari.

Can I Download an Old Version of Audible for an Older iOS?

Downloading an old version of Audible is possible, but it can be quite complicated, and your best solution is to use Audible with a compatible iOS device.

However, if you are still keen, then there are certain things to consider. In order to download an older version of Audible, there are 3 criteria that must be met:

  1. You have to have already downloaded an older version of Audible in the past.
  2. At some point in the past, your iOS version must have been supported by Audible.
  3. It’s imperative that you are running iOS 4.2 or later.

If any of these conditions do not apply to you, then unfortunately, you will be unable to download an old version of Audible for your older version of iOS.

How do I Listen to Audible on my Old iPhone?

You will have no problem listening to Audible on your old iPhone as long as it is an iPhone 6s or newer.

Any iPhone older than a 6s does not have the ability to support the iOS needed by the Audible app. Older iPhones simply do not have the software available to even install an update from more recent years.

However, to listen to an audiobook on your iPhone 6s or newer simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Audible on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to your ‘Library’.
  3. Now all you have to do is scroll through your downloaded audiobooks and tap on the one you want to listen to. You can also search for it in the search bar at the top of your screen.
  4. Audible will now begin to play the selected title.

Can you Listen to Audible Without the App?

You do not necessarily need the Audible app to listen to your downloaded audiobooks.

To listen to an Audible title without using the Audible app, you will first need to use third-party software to convert the file from its original AA/AAX format to one of the following; MP3, M4B, WAV, FLAC, or AAC.

The reason Audible’s audiobooks first come in AA/AAX format is because of both the brilliant sound quality and also the encryption that this type of file contains.

Encryption helps fight against copyright infringement and also ensures that the author of the audiobook receives the money rightfully owed to them by listeners.

When you convert files, you do not need to worry about losing the original Audiobook, as the folks at rightly point out:

“The original audiobook file which the user downloads from Audible doesn’t change and can continue being used in the app. The third-party app generates a copy of the original, and only that file is the one that is converted.”


Once the file is converted, you can listen to it using whatever media player you like.

Moreover, if you have a desktop computer, simply navigate to the Audible website and sign in. Once signed, you can access your library and listen there instead.

Why Can’t I Download Audible Books on my iPad?

Audible is compatible with every Apple product, so if you are experiencing issues with downloading titles onto your iPad, then it’s worth trying these troubleshooting tips to help resolve your download problems.

Update your iPad iOS:

As mentioned, keeping your devices updated is vital to ensure the smooth operation of Audible and any other installed apps.

  1. Begin by ensuring your iPad is plugged in and connected to the internet.
  2. Open ‘Settings’
  3. Tap on ‘General’
  4. Next, tap on ‘Software Update’
  5. Finally, select either ‘Install Now’ or ‘Download and Install’.

Your iPad will now begin updating automatically. Once complete, simply open the Audible app and try downloading your chosen audiobook again.

Update the Audible App:

You should always make sure that your apps are up-to-date to make sure you have all the latest features and security updates. To update the Audible app on your iPad simply follow the steps below.

  1. Start by opening the App Store on your iPad.
  2. Tap on your profile icon on the top right-hand side of your screen.
  3. Refresh the screen by swiping down from the top and letting go.
  4. Scroll through the list of apps and find Audible.
  5. Next to the Audible icon, you should see ‘Update’. Simply tap this, and Audible will begin updating straight away.

If you do not see an update option, then you are currently running the most up-to-date version of Audible.

Try Restarting your iPad:

Sometimes a simple soft reset of your device is sufficient enough to fix any minor glitches you may be experiencing with Audible.

All you have to do is turn off your iPad and wait a few moments before starting it back up again. Once complete, you can have a go at downloading the titles again.

If you are still struggling to access Audible, take a look at our article all about Audible and Login issues!


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