Does Audible Ever Have Sales & Discounts? (Checked)

If you love books but have a hard time finding the time to sit down and read them, Audible’s subscription-based audiobook service is a pretty great deal with options for less than $15 per month.

For those who love a good discount, could you get even more out of your Audible subscription?

Here’s the Deal With Audible Sales:

Audible offers occasional promotional offers that may extend the time of the free trial or offer temporary discounts to new subscribers. Existing subscribers will frequently receive offers for discounts on Audible titles or more economical use of their monthly credits.

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Does Audible Have Regular Sales and Discounts Worth Waiting For?

Audible sometimes offers sales or promotional deals to entice new would-be subscribers, but many of the best deals won’t be seen until you sign up.

Audible also sometimes offers deals to new subscribers, such as offering more than one month of the free trial, a discounted rate for your first month or a few months, and so on.

For members, Audible offers discounts on purchased titles for subscribers, as well as Daily Deals, the occasional 2-for-1 credit sale, and more.

It is more than likely that the subscriber-only deals will always be there, but if you really want to save a buck, it might be worth waiting to subscribe as a new-subscriber promotion may come along!

What Do You Get for Free with the Trial Month?

Like most online subscription services, Audible offers a one-month free trial to try out the service before committing.

The Audible free trial gives all the same benefits as an Audible Premium Plus membership for one month!

This means full access to a massive collection of audiobooks and a credit to exchange for one title that’s yours to keep. This is the same monthly credit every Premium Plus subscriber gets every month, but on trial, you get one for free.

This means that even if you change your mind and cancel your subscription before you’re billed, you still get to keep that one audiobook free of charge.

Are there any Ways to Get Audible Cheaper?

There is no way that we know of to lower your subscription cost permanently.

However, you can get a discount on one or more months of membership if you find the right deal or online coupon.

For instance, you can find a catalog of coupons for Audible on, and at the time of writing, one of the currently active coupons is an offer for 60% off your first month. But, after this, your plan would revert to the standard subscription cost.

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Does Audible Offer Student Discounts?

Audible has offered student-oriented promotions in the past, but they lack any permanent student discount or student subscription plan.

For instance, in August/September 2021, Audible gave away three months of a Premium Plus subscription to students.

In 2022, a ‘back to school’ Audible deal is available for students who are subscribed to Amazon’s Prime Student membership plan. 

So, based on our research, it would seem that if you’re a student wanting to take advantage of some good deals, it may be worth waiting until the end of the Summer to see what Audible offers!

Otherwise, students will pay the full price like all other users.

What About Military Discounts?

Information on this topic was a little tricky to come by. For example, multiple websites claim that a military discount exists for Audible products and services.

One site goes so far as to state that military members and vets get a flat $2.25 off their Audible subscription every month.

However, no official or pages stating as much seem to exist, so we could not verify these claims.

Does Audible Ever Have Credit Sales?

As far as we can tell, Audible only offers Credit Sales for existing subscribers!

Admittedly, that makes sense since the monthly credit system is something users get for subscribing to Premium Plus. So sometimes, Audible will run a “sale” that allows members to get twice, maybe even three times as much out of those monthly credits.

Normally, one credit can be exchanged for one audiobook, but when one of these sales is active, you could pick up two or even three titles for just one monthly credit.

As such, saving up your credits and waiting for one of these sales to make the most economical use of them could certainly be worth saving up your credits.

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Does Audible Normally Have Black Friday Deals?

It certainly seems that Audible does offer Black Friday Deals.

You could check out some potential upcoming Audible Black Friday 2022 deals by taking a quick surf of the internet. 

That said, many of the supposed deals listed on some sites are just options or deals Audible already offers, like a book credit with your free trial, so it’s unclear if there are any exclusive deals.

What About Cyber Monday Sales?

The same thing seems true of Cyber Monday deals as Black Friday ones. We were unable to find verifiable information on Audible and Cyber Monday Sales.

That is to say, it’s easy to find pages claiming Audible is offering deals, but when you look at said deals, it is often discounts or deals that Audible already offers daily.


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