Battery Life on Eufy Baby Monitors (11 Answers)

Eufy Baby Monitors have a long battery life with up to 15 hours of non-stop video monitoring. The video quality is 720p HD with night vision.

Eufy Baby Monitors also come with a charging dock so you can charge them while they’re in use and not worry about running out of power in the middle of the night.

In this article I will talk about the battery life and expectation of Eufy baby monitors.

Here’s the Battery Life on Eufy Baby Monitors:

The battery life on Eufy Baby Monitors is 8-30 hours, depending on whether you have it on “default mode” or “sleep mode”. The Eufy 720 P model doesn’t has the sleep model as default mode and will also last 30 hours on a full charge.

Here are the numbers for battery life on all the Eufy baby monitors:

Model Battery Capacity (default mode) Battery Capacity (Sleep mode)
Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor 15 hours 8 hours
Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor 30 hours 12 hours
Eufy Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor 30 hours 12 hours
Eufy 720 p Baby Monitor 30 hours

Eufy SpaceView Baby monitor

What Eufy Baby Monitors Have the Longest Battery Life?

The Spaceview models offer the longest battery time with an impressive 30 hours of battery time on a single charge. This requires you to use it on the built-in “sleep mode” that turns off the display.

This is the optimal mode for using the model at night time when you also want a dark sleeping environment in your bedroom.

If you want to keep the camera rolling you will cut the battery time in half. This is much like you would on a smartphone.

Once the screen is turned off, you will prolong the battery time significantly.

How Long Do Batteries Typically Last on Baby Monitors?

Most monitors use Li-On batteries for the most part. That is also the case with the Eufy model.

They should typically be replaced after min. 4-5 years during normal use (which includes transmitting audio and video). Many times, though, you can use the units for up to 10 years with no issues.

However, we didn’t find any replacement batteries in the Eufy store, which means that your baby monitors render themselves useless once the battery life starts dropping off too soon.

However, most parents only need the baby monitor for 4-6 years anyway, per child. So, you should expect the monitors to work well for a couple of kids.

Are There Any Ways to Prolong the Battery Life?

If you want to extend the battery life of your monitor, try these tips:

Store your monitor in a not-too-cool location, and out of direct sunlight. Away from heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators.

Heat and freezing temperatures cause batteries to discharge faster than usual.

Charge your monitor every week or two so it doesn’t lose all its charge at once when you need it most (during an emergency).

Turn off the screen display when not in use.

This way, you won’t have to keep charging it as often. This can also be done by using the “sleep mode” function.

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How Do I Know If My Eufy Baby Monitor Is Fully Charged?

The best way to tell if your monitor is fully charged is by checking the battery level indicator on the parent unit.

When you first plug in your monitor, it will show a low battery icon.

Once it’s fully charged, this icon will disappear and be replaced with a full battery icon.

By default, the battery indicator will be displayed on the screen of your Smart Monitor.

Can Eufy Baby Monitors Work While Plugged In?

Eufy Baby Monitors can be plugged in to charge. The process takes about one-three hours, and you can use the monitor while it’s plugged in.

However, you should not leave the monitor on the charger permanently.

Allow the battery to get down to at least 20% once in a while.

How Long Does It Take to Charge Eufy Baby Monitors?

We have found the charging time from 10-20% to fully charge to be between 2-3 hours. This is normal for the 2900 mAh and 5200 mAh Li-On batteries we find on the Eufy baby monitors. This means you can charge them after the baby sleeps before you go to bed yourself.

Here you can see what batteries the Eufy baby monitors use

Model Battery Type
Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor 2900 mAh
Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor 2900 mAh
Eufy Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor 5200 mAh
Eufy 720 p Baby Monitor 5200 mAh

The battery should be charged before using it for the first time.

You can use the monitor while it’s charging, but you’ll get more out of your batteries if you wait until they’re fully charged before using them.

The battery life will vary depending on how often you use the monitor and whether or not it is plugged in during use.

If you run out of power, simply plug in your monitor again and let it charge for an hour or two until it’s full again.

Can You Replace the Batteries on Eufy Baby Monitors?

The answer is yes, you can replace the batteries on your Eufy baby monitor.

The battery life for these devices varies from model to model but most have a battery life of about 6-8 months.

If you find that you’re going through batteries every couple of days, then it might be time to check out a rechargeable unit instead.

When Should You Replace the Batteries?

The batteries in your Eufy baby monitor are designed to last a long time. We couldn’t find replacement batteries on the web store or on Amazon, so we assume you can’t  replace the batteries once they’re worn.

however, in case you manage to find replacement batteries,

Here’s how:

  • Unplug your monitor from power and remove the power cable from the back of the device.
  • Remove the battery cover by pulling gently on its tab or sliding it off slowly with your finger or thumb.
  • Remove the battery from the slot and dispose of it properly (recycle it if possible).
  • Insert a new battery (note where you need a 2900 mAh or 5200 mAh model)  into the corresponding slot — If necessary, refer to your owner’s manual for guidance on which way the battery should face before insertion (and remember that battery polarity matters!).
  • Replace the battery cover, plug in your monitor and test it out.

How Much Do Extra Batteries Cost for Eufy Baby Monitors?

Again, we haven’t been able to find replacement batteries on the Eufy store or on Amazon.

However, the 2900 and 5200 mAh batteries used in these devices are also used across many other electronic devices in the home. So, you might be able to find them on online.

You should expect to pay around $10-15.

Do Eufy Baby Monitors Always Beep When the Battery Is Low?

Yes, we haven’t yet come across a baby monitor system that doesn’t beep and/or blink when the battery is running low on the baby unit.

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