Battery Life On Kodak Baby Monitors (11 Answers)

Kodak is a well-known brand and has delivered some award-winning baby monitors over the years. These baby monitors provide parents with the peace of mind that they can check up on their little ones even from another room.

However, when it comes to using a battery-powered baby monitor it is important to know how long it will last. This article takes a deep dive into the battery life of Kodak baby monitors.

Here’s the Battery Life On Kodak Baby Monitors?

Kodak’s ‘Cherish’ range of baby monitors all offer a comparable battery life to one another, despite differences in price.  A Kodak baby monitor, will provide somewhere between 4-5 hours of active power. However, battery life may be extended by activating the ‘Power Saver’ mode. 

What Kodak Baby Monitors Have The Longest Battery Life?

Kodak held onto the title of’s ‘best baby monitor’ for many years and rightfully so; these baby monitors are reliable and well built.

Kodak’s available baby monitors fall under their ‘Cherish’ range and that includes:

  1. Kodak Cherish C525/525p
  2. Kodak Cherish C520
  3. Kodak CherishC255
  4. Kodak Cherish C220
  5. Kodak Cherish C125 (stand-alone camera only)
  6. Kodak Cherish C120 (stand-alone camera only)

Each monitor comes with different features and specifications, with the C525 being the cream of the crop.

However, when it comes to battery performance, you may be surprised to learn that there’s little to distinguish them apart.

In fact, all of the Kodak Cherish range have the same battery life.

From the C525 to the C220 you’ll typically get around 4-5 hours of baby-watching power.

So when it comes to battery life, the model from Kodak that you pick won’t improve upon the 4-5 hour mark, unless of course, you put into practise some battery-saving tricks (and we’ll cover that later).

If you want to pick a Kodak baby monitor and were planning to base your decision on battery life, then it may be time to change your deciding factor.

We’d recommend taking a look at the specs for the C525. As you know, it has a battery life of 4-5 hours, but it also features:

  • Smart baby monitor that can allow for infinite range due to Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Monitor your child from your phone with the app online or offline with the monitor.
  • 720p HD picture quality.
  • Rechargeable batteries in both monitor and camera.
  • The talk-back feature allows parents to speak to their baby when they wake up.
  • Night-vision capable.
  • Remote control camera for tilting, panning, and zoom.
  • The ability to record and store videos.
  • A stylish and aesthetically pleasing design.

All in all, the Kodak Cherish C525 is a top-of-the-line, affordable baby monitor that has some sought-after capabilities.

Although the battery life is the same across the rest of the range, the C525 has unrivaled features.

So if you’re in the market for a Kodak baby monitor, the C525 might be a perfect fit.

How Long Do Batteries Typically Last On Baby Monitors?

The battery life of your baby monitor matters a lot.

You don’t want to get caught out and find that the baby monitor you own doesn’t have enough juice to do what you need it to do.

It stands to reason then that you’ll want to know how long a typical baby monitor will last as that information can really help when trying to ascertain whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news. Well not that bad, but let’s say this:

  • The battery life in baby monitors differs a great deal between models.

However, in general, an audio-only baby monitor should outperform a video-capable baby monitor.

That makes sense because an audio-only baby monitor will use up far less power than one that uses both audio and video.

However, this generalization does not always stay true. In fact, there are video-capable baby monitors on the market that can outperform audio-only baby monitors.

This is why it is very important to research exactly how long each specific baby monitor’s battery will last and decide whether it will keep up with your demands or schedule.

Luckily, despite the clear disparity between models and battery life, the smart folks at conducted some thorough tests to give you some data that you can base your research on. They found that:

“The average battery life for an audio monitor is 13.5 hours, compared with just seven hours for a video monitor.”

However, they also found that:

  • Some audio-only baby monitors only lasted 6 hours.
  • There are video baby monitors that will give parents over 12 hours of battery life.

It’s important to note that the price tag won’t automatically dictate whether or not you have the best battery life in your unit.

Nor should you blindly trust that an audio-only baby monitor will undoubtedly outperform one which has the ability to stream video.

Always take a good look at the specs and the reviews of the baby monitor you’re interested in and ensure its battery life is up to the task.

Are There Any Ways To Prolong The Battery Life?

Batteries are not created equally. There are batteries that will last longer than others and there are batteries that seem to want to stay on charge forever.

The manufacturer will usually give in an indication of battery life. For example, as stated, the Kodak Cherish range will typically last 4-5 hours.

However, despite those humble claims, the battery life can actually be extended. In fact, it can almost be doubled using some simple tricks to prolong battery life.

Use These Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Baby Monitor’s Battery

Below we list all the tricks in the book to give your battery the best fighting chance to go the distance.

Your specific model may not have the ability to make use of every one of these tips, so just use the ones that apply and, with a little luck, your battery will provide you with better results.

  1. Find The Battery Saver Mode & Activate It
    • One of the best ways to prolong your baby monitor’s battery is to turn on the  ‘Battery Saver‘ mode.
    • This feature will reduce the ability of certain functions of your baby monitor in favor of the duration your monitor will stay powered up.
    • You may see a reduction in video quality, but if that’s not essential, then it is well worth activating this mode to ensure you get even more juice out of your monitor’s battery.
  2. Lower Brightness & Volume Settings
    • The louder your volume and the brighter your screen, the more it will drain the battery.
    • If you can lower these settings without it hampering your ability to use the device then you’ll ensure that your battery lasts as long as it can.
  3. Switch Off Video When You Don’t Need It
    • Streaming video is probably the biggest drain on your baby monitor’s battery.
    • If you are streaming video and you’re not watching the feed then your battery is being drained unnecessarily.
    • Either manually switch off the feed when it is not needed or schedule an automated shutdown.
  4. Make Sure The Motion Sensors Are Only Triggered When Necessary
    • Motion sensors can be overly sensitive and are sometimes triggered accidentally.
    • You can lower the sensitivity to avoid unwarranted notifications and battery drain.
    • Remember, the placement of your camera can also be an important factor in relation to the motion sensors being triggered.
    • Avoid placing your camera unit in an area that will trigger the motion sensor to go off when it shouldn’t, such as facing a window with a busy street.
  5. Update Your Baby Monitor Regularly
    • Certain updates in the firmware of your baby monitor will ensure that the device runs efficiently and is not hampered by any glitches.
    • An updated baby monitor should run better and therefore reduce the risk of unnecessary battery drain.
  6. Keep Your Baby Monitor’s Signal Strength High
    • If your baby monitor is struggling to achieve a decent signal then it will have an adverse effect on the battery life.
    • Refer to your model’s user manual for the exact distances and proximity to either parent unit, Wi-Fi router, or both, to ensure that your baby monitor can easily achieve a stable signal.
  7. Avoid Triggering The Night-Vision Mode Unnecessarily 
    • Activating night-vision will naturally use up the battery in your baby monitor.
    • Ensure that your camera unit is not in an environment that has shifting lighting.
    • Continual shifts in the ambient lighting will cause your night-vision to activate and deactivate, thus wasting precious battery charge.
  8. Only Use The Correct Charging Apparatus
    • Whether you have a charging cable or charging hub, it’s essential that you only use the charging equipment that was supplied with your baby monitor.
    • Charging your baby monitor with the wrong equipment can reduce the overall charge of your battery and, potentially, may damage the battery and the baby monitor.
  9. Replace Your Battery 
    • Some baby monitors allow you to replace old batteries by purchasing a new one.
    • A new battery should offer you the best performance from your device and will allow you to use your baby monitor for years to come.

How Do I Know If My Kodak Baby Monitor Is Fully Charged?

Charging up your Kodak baby monitor is fundamental to ensure that the device operates how and when you need it to.

However, it’s also very important to know when the charging cycle is complete.

When it comes to Kodak baby monitors, the way to understand the charging cycle is all about being able to decipher the LED indicators.

 How To Know When The Parent Unit & Camera Unit Is Fully Charged

At the top of your parent unit’s display, you will see a band of LED lights.

These LEDs light up to signify a range of different things, but they also will notify you about the battery, and more importantly, when it is fully charged.

  • The first LED on the far left of the bar will light up either blue or purple (depending on the model) to indicate that the unit is fully charged and plugged in.
  • If you switch on the unit the next LED will appear green to indicate that the unit is switched on and powered up.
  • When the first LED light is red then it means that it is still charging.

LEDs will also allow you to know when the camera unit is charged:

  • The camera’s LED will appear red when it is charging.
  • Once the camera is fully charged the light will switch off.
  • Both the C525 & the C520 indicate their charging cycle in the same way.

Can Kodak Baby Monitors Work While Plugged In?

Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to remember to charge our devices, and baby monitors are no exception.

If you’ve found that your Kodak baby monitor is out of power, and yet you need it to be powered up and ready to go, then you might think you’ve got a problem on your hands.

However, there’s some good news – both the camera and parent unit can be plugged in and operational even if the battery has run dry.

Kodak states that:

“the device can remain plugged in at all times (when using the original power adapter provided).”

This is incredibly handy, as being able to plug in at a moment’s notice without worrying whether you’ve remembered to charge either device will save you a lot of hassle.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Kodak Baby Monitors?

Even though you can keep your Kodak baby monitors plugged in without the need to charge them up, it is worth noting that if they are plugged in then you can’t move them away from the power outlet.

This is why charging up the batteries in your baby monitors allows for portability and the flexibility to change your setup whenever you need to.

Charging up the batteries is not, however, instantaneous.

Knowing how long it takes to charge your Kodak baby monitor means you can plan accordingly and not get caught out when you need to take advantage of the battery-operated device.

Time It Takes To Charge The Camera/Baby Unit

  • Camera/Baby units have a rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • It will take 8 hours to fully charge a C525 camera unit.
  • The C520 will take 6 hours to charge.

Time It Takes To Charge The Parent Unit

  • Parent Units have a Li-ion built-in battery installed.
  • It will take 6 hours to charge this unit.
  • Remember, always fully charge the battery before use.

What Type Of Batteries Do The Models Use?

All of the Kodak Cherish baby monitor range are supplied with Lithium- Ion polymer rechargeable batteries.

The exact specifications of the battery differ slightly which each model:

  • The Kodak C525P/C520 are supplied with 3.8V, 2100mAh batteries.
  • The Kodak C225/C220, C125/C120 are supplied with 3.7V, 2100mAh batteries.

Can You Replace The Batteries On Kodak Baby Monitors?

The battery in your Kodak baby monitor can be easily replaced when it is necessary.

Each model will be slightly different, but for the Kodak Cherish C525P, Kodak’s most recent and impressive model, you will be able to locate the battery cover on the back of the parent unit.

To safely replace the battery, simply follow these steps:

  1. Begin with your unit powered off.
  2. Once you have located the battery cover, slide the panel off to reveal the battery pack.
  3. Place the panel to one side.
  4. Carefully remove the old battery and dispose of it safely.
  5. Take the new battery and insert it into the compartment, ensuring it is the right side up.
  6. Replace the battery cover panel.
  7. Fully charge your Kodak baby monitor before using it again.

When Should You Replace The Batteries?

Kodak baby monitors come with a 1-2 year warranty depending on the model. After this time, you may find that the battery is not holding charge as efficiently, and the battery levels are depleting at a much more rapid rate.

Before doing so, it is always worth removing the battery from your Kodak baby monitor and leaving it disconnected for 30 minutes, before reconnecting and turning your monitor back on.

This can solve any battery-related issues and save you from wasting time and money purchasing a replacement.

If you are unsure, then here are the signs that your Kodak baby monitor battery pack is in need of replacement:

  • The monitor is switching off at random intervals with no prior warning.
  • Even after a full charge, the low battery beep alert persists.
  • The parent unit fails to turn on.
  • The screen is dimmer than usual.
  • The battery fails to hold 4-5hours of charge.

Any battery-related issues that happen within the warranty time period will be resolved free of charge by Kodak.

All you have to do is contact their customer services using the email provided above, explain the issue and they will advise you on the next step.

In order to get a replacement battery, ensure you have this information to give to the Kodak customer services team:

  • ID to prove you are the original purchaser.
  • Receipt of purchase, to prove the original time and date of your purchase.
  • The product itself.
  • Warranty card that was supplied in original packaging.
  • A written description of the problem.

It’s worth noting that Kodak state that:

“Only batteries whose fully charged capacity falls below 80% of their rated capacity and batteries that leak are within the coverage of this Warranty.”

Sometimes what could seem like a battery issue may actually be an issue with the charging cable provided.

Check over the cable for any signs of physical damage that could be preventing the battery from charging fully.

If you notice the cable is damaged, safely dispose of it and purchase a replacement from Kodak.

Only use Kodak branded charging cables as unbranded ones can damage both the product and the battery.

How Much Do Extra Batteries Cost For Kodak Baby Monitors?

Battery packs are most likely the first thing that will need replacing in the Kodak Cherish baby monitor range.

If you are having problems with your Kodak baby monitors’ battery then don’t stress.

Replacement batteries, fortunately, will not break the bank and are also very easy to find.

It is always advised to order a replacement battery pack from Kodak but unfortunately, however, the exact price is not publicly available. This is because prices may fluctuate, so if you want to know how much it will cost all you have to do is contact Kodak’s customer service team at:

Warning: you may find it is possible to purchase batteries on sites such as eBay and Amazon, but do this at your own risk.

They may be advertised as compatible, but replacing your baby monitor with an incorrect battery can lead to overheating or a possible fire or explosion.  

Do Kodak Baby Monitors Always Beep When The Battery Is Low?

When the battery level is running low on your Kodak baby monitor you will always be able to hear a beeping noise that indicates the unit needs to be charged as soon as possible.

This design function is super useful for parents that aren’t always in the immediate vicinity of the unit, as they can be alerted to low battery levels from a distance instead of discovering a flat battery an hour later.

Kodak baby monitors have been designed to include several noise alerts that indicate different things. As there is more than one noise signal, it is useful to know what they each mean.

Here are the 3 beep alerts for Kodak baby monitors and what they indicate:

  • 2 beeps in quick succession – this indicates the Parent unit and Baby unit are out of range. This can happen either when they are too far apart or one is switched off.
  • 1 beep – this indicates the battery level is running low and you should charge the unit as soon as possible.
  • 5 continuous beeps – this indicates the temperature is no longer optimal.

Sometimes a high-pitched noise can emanate from the Baby unit. This is not a programmed beep alert but can indicate that the Parent and Baby units are too close together.

Always ensure that the units are within operational range but at least 3 feet apart to avoid this feedback noise.

This high-pitched beep can also indicate the volume of the Parent unit is too high, so try decreasing the volume levels to solve the issue.

To avoid the low battery beep alerts, always make sure that the units are within range of each other and the battery is sufficiently charged to be used without plugging the unit directly into the mains power.

Whenever you notice the battery level is very low, always make sure you charge it quickly so that it doesn’t completely drain.

Typically, older batteries will always deplete much faster than brand new batteries as they are not as effective at holding charge.


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