5 Best Places To Buy Spotify Gift Cards (Offline & Online)

Spotify gift cards are a great way to give the gift of Spotify Premium to your friends, family, or anyone else with an appreciation for music you need to get a gift for.

If the gift receiver doesn’t have a subscription, it’s a great way to give them access to a vast music library, ad-free with downloads for offline listening!

And even if they already do have a subscription, they can still use the gift card to extend it—granting them additional subscription time they don’t have to pay for!

But where are the best places to purchase a Spotify gift card? We’re glad you asked! Keep reading to find out.

Online: Amazon.com

Amazon.com is an online retail giant, selling almost anything imaginable through its easy-to-navigate website and reliable shipping that’s free for members or orders over a certain amount.

On Amazon, you can conveniently find every denomination of Spotify Gift card available in both physical and digital formats.

That means you can select a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month gift card, and choose to either have a physical card mailed to you (or directly to the recipient) OR send a digital one via email.

With so much flexibility in ordering methods, Amazon may just be the most convenient place for Spotify gift cards, but there are a few others worth mentioning.

Offline: Target

Target department stores are one of Walmart’s biggest rivals, and tend to carry a little bit of everything; gift cards are no exception.

Now, you can also purchase the same gift cards online from Target.com, but if you’re looking for a brick-and-mortar store that’s very likely to have them in stock, Target’s a good bet.

By heading to your local Target store, you should be able to grab a physical Spotify gift card in any of the four denominations available.

When picking them out, don’t be confused by the dollar amounts on them; that’s how much it will cost to buy them, but not how much they can be redeemed for.

That’s because Spotify gift cards can only be redeemed for Spotify Premium subscription time.

The 1-month cards will cost you $10, $30 for 3 months, $60 for 6 months, and $99 for the 12-month ones; and Target should have them all.

Online: Best Buy

While Best Buy is still a brick-and-mortar store chain, they’ve sadly been closing store locations left and right. And unless you’re very lucky, you probably don’t have one within very convenient driving distance of you.

However, what they do still have is an excellent online store selection at bestbuy.com.

In fact, we found Best Buy’s digital card selection to be superior to Amazon’s in terms of how easy it is to find a specific denomination.

In theory, Amazon should have every card amount available, but in practice, we found it somewhat convoluted to arrive at a specific type and denomination.

Best Buy, by contrast, has them all nicely laid out on your screen if you simply search for “Spotify gift card” at bestbuy.com.

Offline: Walmart

We’d be remiss to mention Target on this list without also mentioning their biggest rival: Walmart.

Much like its competitor, Walmart also has an online store where you can buy—among other things—Spotify gift cards of your choice.

But they also have conveniently located physical stores all over the country, stocked with many goods, including those shiny Spotify gift cards.

Within any one of these stores, you should find a host of assorted physical gift cards, and among them should be all four denominations of Spotify gift cards.

If you prefer the digital delivery style, they have those, too, at walmart.com.

Online and Offline: Tesco

Tesco is a grocery and general retail chain in England, so this one’s for you, British readers!

Spotify gift cards should be available within any physical store in your area in all the usual amounts.

You can also purchase the digital kind at tescogiftcards.com!

While we’re on the subject, this is a good time to mention an important fact about how Spotify gift cards work: they only function in the country or region you bought them in.

This is essential to consider when you’re buying a gift for someone; as long as the person in question lives in the same area as you, there’s no problem.

If you live in the United States, and buy a Spotify Gift card from a U.S.-based retailer, it can be redeemed by anyone else who also lives in the U.S.

But if, say, you have a friend living in England, they won’t be allowed to redeem that gift card when you try and give it to them. Whether you mail them a physical one or email the digital kind, it just won’t work.

So be sure to keep this in mind if you’re buying for international friends; for that to work, you’d have to make a purchase from an online retailer based in their country rather than yours.


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