Is “” Legit & Safe? (We Checked)

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world and the amount of time spent using the Spotify app allows for an abundance of data to be collected about our listening habits.

It’s for this reason that many Spotify users become interested in websites such as

In this article, we take a detailed look into what is all about and, most importantly, check if it is legit and safe for you to use.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About gathers and presents a user’s Spotify activity in specific categories. Users can find information on their listening habits and also create playlists. is safe and secure to use because it only uses Spotify’s API to collect data and only with a user’s consent.

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Is Legit?

Entering account details into a third-party website can make users apprehensive about whether their data will be protected and, more importantly, whether or not they are at risk of being scammed.

However, is actually perfectly safe to use. The folks at concur, explaining that:

“(…) when it comes to StatsForSpotify, you have nothing to worry about. StatsForSpotify uses Spotify’s API to gather and analyze your listening data.” 

Spotify’s API is a Spotify-owned tool that allows app developers to use Spotify information to enhance their users’ experience. The most important thing to note is that, by using Spotify API, StatsForSpotify is not accessing your full account data, and therefore, your data is not subjected to any potential breaches.

Moreover, you have to give permission to to gain access to your listening habits, and this permission can be revoked at any time you choose.

If you want to remove access for, simply head over to ‘Settings’ in the Spotify app and select ‘Remove access’ to unlink your account.

What Exactly does do? does exactly what its name suggests – it gives detailed statistics and analysis of your Spotify usage and experience.

Once you’ve connected your Spotify account with you’ll be able to dive deeper into your listening habits and check in daily for up-to-date data analysis.

This analysis includes:

  • The songs you listen to the most.
  • The ability to track what artists are holding your attention.
  • Which genres of music you prefer and gravitate to regularly.
  • Details of your listening history and changes in listening habits since your previous visit to the site.

It is also possible to see how your ‘Top Tracks’ have changed over time. Your personal top tracks can be viewed in relation to specific time frames:

  • Over the past 4 weeks
  • Over the last 6 months
  • And also your top tracks of all time

The ability to view your favorite tracks of all time is a feature that brings many users onto because, at the time of writing, this feature is not currently available on the Spotify app. also allows users to create playlists from within the website which can be listened to via the Spotify app.

Who’s Behind the Site? is a small and independent website that has built a business by providing statistics for users who subscribe to Spotify.

This model of detailed information about the Spotify app, and how its users interact with it, has allowed to build a reputation and following among Spotify users.

Is Spotify Involved with the Website?

It may surprise you to learn that Spotify is actually not affiliated with at all. In fact, they are very much separate, but what links them together is API.

As previously mentioned, this API, or Application Progam Interface, allows to gather a user’s Spotify data in order to present the statistics that Spotify users are interested in.

Spotify is not involved with this process of gathering data and nor is it involved with how this data is presented to users.

What does do with the Data?

It’s important to understand that, due to the use of API, only has a limited amount of data about you as a user; information about the songs that you listen to is the only information it has access to.

The data that it has collected is used purely for generating stats about listening habits and displaying this data within helpful categories. However, it will store some of this data for later use.

For example, will keep the data it needs in order for you to view and track the changes in regard to your top artists, favorite genres, and most listened-to songs.

Can you Get Statistics on your Spotify Usage Elsewhere? is not your only option when it comes to analyzing how you use Spotify. In fact, there are multiple websites and resources that users can choose from.

Take a look at some of the most well-known tools that you can use to get your Spotify data presented to you in the way that you prefer.

Here are 5 Websites to Check your Spotify Listening Habits:

  1. How Bad is Your Spotify
    • This is a website that features an AI that will judge your listening habits. However, don’t expect it to be kind. The website grew in popularity due to its scathing reviews of what users choose to listen to.
  2. Instafest
    • Turns your Spotify data into what looks like a festival lineup list, with your most-listened-to artists appearing as the headline acts.
  3. Obscurify
    • This website gathers information about your Spotify listening experience and then works out how obscure the music you listen to really is. There are also categories that rate whether your music is happy or danceable, and more.
  4. Spotify Pie
    • Will analyze all of your Spotify usages and then neatly display the information in a pie chart.
  5. Music Scape
    • Allows Spotify users to view a landscape that represents their Spotify experience by incorporating the mood of the music that they listen to.

Spotify does, however, have one feature that gives users data on their listening habits. For more on this, take a look at our article all about Spotify Wrapped.



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