How To Block Apps On Smart TVs? (Easy Guide)

To block apps on your smart TV, you will need to dig into your TV’s security and permission controls.

The process differs for each brand of TV and can also change per model, depending on the year the manufacturer released the TV.

Remember that blocking apps are not a hundred percent fool-proof but only serves as a thick wall that needs to be breached to get through:

How to Block Apps on SAMSUNG Smart TVs

On the Home Screen of your TV, go to the Apps section.

Select settings or the gear icon on the screen. Depending on the model of your smart TV, you may find the icon either on top or at the bottom of the screen.

Look for the app you want to disable access and select Lock/Unlock. Then select a lock.

You will be prompted to input a PIN code, then click done. The default PIN of your Samsung TV is 0000.

If you want to unlock or repeat with another app, follow the steps above.

How to Block Apps on LG Smart TVs

For LG smart TVs, press the home button on your remote control and open the Settings menu.

Under settings, look for Lock, then go to Application Lock.

You will see the list of apps installed on your smart TV. Select the apps you want to restrict or choose Mark All to block all apps.

Select Ok.

To unlock an app, you can go back here, or you will be asked to input a PIN code during each access.

To input your PIN code, press the smart home button and go to the Settings menu.

Then look for the Lock option, and select Set Password. Enter your preferred PIN, then select Close, and then Ok.

How to Block Apps on VIZIO Smart TVs

Blocking unwanted content on Vizio smart TVs requires accessing the Parental Controls. You are not able to outrightly block specific apps. 

The Parental Control settings vary from one model to another, so you must check with the user manual.

In the manual, you will find the default PIN code to enter the Parental Control Menu.

Enter it, and you will be able to change the level of access to the apps on the smart TV.

App access may be restricted or requires you to go into the Parental Control Menu to restore. While other apps only need you to input the PIN code to open.

How to Block Apps on SONY Smart TVs

Blocking apps on a Sony smart TV entails you to create a Restricted Profile.

To set the Restricted Profile, you need to create your PIN first.

To do this, press the Home button on the remote and go to settings.

Go to Security and Restrictions and Create Restricted Profile. For Sony smart TVs running Android 9, you can find this menu setting under Device Preferences.

Set your PIN and confirm it.

You can now select which apps you will block and which one you will exempt.

Once you are done, exit from the menu and enter your PIN to complete the process.

Can you Block Specific Apps on Smart TVs?


When setting up your restrictions, you can select which apps are allowed and restricted in settings.

Depending on the app, you may enter a PIN or whitelist an app for people to use.

How to block the unauthorized installation of apps on a smart TV?

The best thing you can do to prevent the unauthorized installation of apps on your smart TV is to block the app store using the methods listed above.

You can also disconnect the Internet connection through your smart TV by removing all WiFi credentials or blacklisting your smart TV on your router.

How to Set up Parental Control on Smart TVs?

Parental Controls help you regulate content on your smart TV.

While it is limited, enabling this feature helps a lot in filtering age-inappropriate content children may see.

Samsung TVs:

If you own a Samsung smart TV, you can enable Parental Controls by going to Settings and opening the Broadcasting options.

Select Program Rating Lock Settings, and input your PIN.

Turn on Program Rating Lock, and then choose between TV Rating or Movie Rating.

Choose the Rating Level. All programs or movies with that rating level and above will be blocked.


If you own smart TV by LG, you can set Parental Controls by pressing and holding the Settings control for a few seconds.

That will bring you to the Safety menu. Switch to the On the Safety feature.

If you have not set your PIN, do so now, as this will be needed when you set the restrictions on your TV.

After setting the PIN code, you can now select the different blocking options.

Vizio TVs:

For Vizio smart TVs, press the Menu button on the remote control. Go to the Settings icon and click it.

Look for the Parental Controls and input your passcode. The default passcode for Vizio is 0000.

Once you open the Parental Controls, you can lock or unlock program ratings, channels, and programs by ratings.

Sony TVs:

For Sony smart TVs, the Parental Controls may be opened through the Settings Menu.

Assuming you have set your PIN code, you need to look for the Parental Controls or Parental Lock option. This option depends on your smart TV model.

There are two (2) options for Parental Controls: Streaming and Broadcast.

You can open either and set the desired program rating you will limit access to from the two possible menus.

Note that all smart TVs, regardless of brand, depending on the program ratings loaded on the TV. It cannot block content from shows or movies that do not have that embedded rating code.


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