How Hootsuite Captures Engagement & Reach Data? (Solved)

One of the notable features of Hootsuite is how it gathers data on the reach and engagement of your social media profiles.

Knowing how your online presence creates engagement helps you calibrate your campaigns so you can convert your audience into leads.

That is why it is necessary to check data on your engagement and reach, which Hootsuite does.

How does Hootsuite capture engagement and reach data?

Hootsuite uses many different stats, algorithms, and data management to offer its users detailed reports on their user engagement and reach data. These reports are Overviews, Insights, and other compiled information for users to get an idea of how their posts are doing.

So How Exactly Does Hootsuite Capture Engagement and Reach Data?

Hootsuite gathers information on your reach and engagement when you give it access to your social media profiles.

When you add your social media profiles during the setup of your dashboard, you are asked to let Hootsuite access the back end of your profiles.

Part of that permission you give is the engagement information of your accounts.

That covers reach, clicks, comments, views, shares, among others.

What is the Basis of the Data Hootsuite Captures for Engagement and Reach?

Hootsuite uses all the information that it can gather using the permissions you grant it when you add your social media profiles.

It also uses data based on the information gathered by external services like Google Analytics.

All the data Hootsuite gathers is based on the information it has access to.

Hootsuite does not make the data, as it only curates them in one place, instead of viewing different websites.

What Social Media Platforms can Hootsuite

Pull Data From?

Hootsuite can gather data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

While YouTube has reach and engagement measurements, you can only access it through its website.

Also, you can add analytics tools from the app selection of Hootsuite. These tools include Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Can I Trust These Data in Hootsuite?

You can trust the data that Hootsuite curates because these are sourced from the different social media platforms you add to the dashboard.

Note that the data you get is not a hundred percent accurate.

Some data may still shift when social media platforms purge bots and dummy accounts.

Do Companies use These Features in Hootsuite?

Especially big businesses or companies, the data gathered by Hootsuite is crucial to them so they can measure their success rates for their campaigns.

The data they get helps them determine how good are their social media posts in creating leads for their business.

What Kind of Reports Can I Expect from Hootsuite?

Hootsuite generates a lot of reports from your social media profiles.

Called overview reports, these reports cover the different social media profiles on your dashboard.

Here is what you can expect:

“Overview” for your Social Media Platforms:

This covers reports on your posts, the different engagements, traffic on your page, clicks, messages including sentiments, and video views.

The overview covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Note that some platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn do not have the same information as other networks. These include data like video views.

Mixed Overview:

Mixed Overview gives you a report based on particular you need so you can compare the performance of your social media profiles side by side.

You get to view reports by followers, posts, engagement, traffic, among other possible criteria. Traffic Overview: Traffic Overview gives you a report on how many shortened links you produced for your posts, the number of clicks made, and where these clicks happened.


Amplify is a measurement of how an organization encourages its personnel to share your content on their respective social media profiles.

Team Overview:

Team Overview gives you a measurement of how your Hootsuite teams are performing in support of your campaigns and business.

You can filter these reports to see the statistics of each team for a detailed breakdown of accomplishments versus deliverables.

“Insights” Reports:

Insights reports give you a measurement of the demographics of your audience and what they say.

Conversations derived from Insights are based on what Hootsuite scours over the Internet, with parameters set by you.

The Insights report also measures the sentiment or approval of your brand based on what is gathered from the mentions of your business.

What Are the Most Popular Reports?

The most popular reports on Hootsuite are those related to social media engagement and Insights.

These two reports work together.

The social media performance shows the number of people reached, while Insights gives you a measurement of the quality your audience gets from your product or service.

What Data Do I Need for a Social Media Report?

It depends on the goal of your campaign.

If better awareness is your goal, you need to measure reach and how well is your message amplified.

That includes checking how many people saw your posts, and how many shared or retweeted it.

You may also want to check your competitors and how far is their reaching. You can then compare check how much of the conversation in the industry belongs to you.

If you want to check how your engagement is fairing, you need to see how many people commented, replied, retweeted, or shared, and how many people are talking about your topic.

Check where people are most active talking about your business, and what they say.

A lot of social media management tools offer these services, thus giving you a plethora of options for measuring the success of your campaign.

Are There Other Tools that Can Measure Engagement and Reach?

If you are looking to measure reach and engagement, there are other tools you can use to measure how far your social media reach and engagement are.

If you are looking for an engagement and reach measurement only, there is a good selection of available tools:

  1. There is TweetReach, which lets you see how far your tweets go.
  2. You can also use Tailwind to measure Pinterest and Instagram reach.
  3. Unbox Social also offers tools to help you track your reach and engagement. You also gain access to reports, audience insights, and sentiment analysis.

If you are looking for a full-blown suite like Hootsuite, your options are Buffer and Sproutsocial.

Buffer is the cheaper option between the two and it offers a good deal of information and features.

Sprout social is a good option, cost-wise, but is not as affordable as Hootsuite in the long run.


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