Does Hootsuite Affect Reach? (Positively Or Negatively)

One reason why people or businesses invest in tools like Hootsuite is to improve or generate more leads through social media.

Such tools help ensure your content is published at the right time for better reach. 

Some social media managers complain about how the reach of their content seems lower than usual.

Some say Hootsuite is the culprit.

Does Hootsuite positively or negatively affect the reach of my brand?

Many claim that Hootsuite does not have much effect on the reach of your content. It has been observed that the reach of posts made on Hootsuite can affect your reach in a more negative way, compared to posts made on the default social media app directly.

Remember that Hootsuite is only a tool, and still requires a good understanding of social media to produce the best results.

Can My Reach be Affected Negatively by Using Hootsuite?

As mentioned, no evidence links Hootsuite to low or underperforming content on social media.

An important factor that affects reach is the quality of content.

If your content is terrible right from the start, chances are, your reach will be worse.

What is “Reach”?

Reach is defined as the total number of people who managed to see your content.

That means, if you manage to see a post five (5) times on your news feed, that is counted as only one point towards your reach.

What is the Difference Between Reach and Impression?

Reach, and impression may seem the same but are different.

As defined earlier, “reach” is the total number of people who saw your content. An “impression” is the number of times a person saw your content, regardless of clicking it or not.

Thus, your reach may be lower than your total impressions.

Can Hootsuite Boost my Reach?

Hootsuite can help you boost your reach, only by making sure your content is published at a time your audience is online and active.

Most of the work done to make your content stand out is still dependent on the social media management team, and how it interprets its analytics, insights, and the quality of content you publish.

Good contents go a long way and help increase your reach.

Hootsuite will only help you roll out your campaign plans.

Do Some Social Platforms Penalize Hootsuite?

No social media platform will admit to any bias with regards to the use of third-party tools like Hootsuite.

Social media platforms only penalize tools like Hootsuite when they exhibit spam-like behavior.

Has Hootsuite had Problems with Social Reach Historically?

Hootsuite has not had any known problems with the reach of content published through its dashboard.

How Do I Get the Best Possible Reach with Hootsuite?

You can make the most of Hootsuite in getting the best possible reach by having excellent practices in social media.

Keep in mind that Hootsuite is only a tool. How you use it to your advantage is what matters here.

You may have an “Enterprise” subscription, but not knowing what to do and how to roll out your social media strategy will only result in the wastage of your Enterprise subscription.

Remember that the Business plan subscription goes for at least 600 dollars a month, and enterprise subscriptions can start within the 2,000 dollar range.

To make the most of your Hootsuite subscription, Here are some tips worth considering:

Understand the Best Approach for Every Platform

At this point, let’s break it early: the best techniques vary from one social media platform to another.

What works for Facebook may not work for Twitter.

Understanding the best approach also means knowing your audience and where they mingle.

If you are marketing a youth-oriented product for students, you may want to stay away from LinkedIn and focus on platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Take time to understand social media demographics. It will help you get their sentiments, how they think, and what matters to them the most.

If you consider these when creating content for your social media assets, you will have a better chance of getting a better reach.

Create a Strategy for Your Content

Whether you go for organic or paid reach and impressions, you need a good strategy as a foundation for all your content.

Study the interests of your audience, including their identity. If you can do social listening, check what they are saying about your industry in general, and even your rival business.

Your content must fulfill realistic goals. You can’t always go for making a sale with every Instagram post. Instead, consider using your content strategy as a tool to build your brand and identity in the industry.

Learn also to gauge success with engagement and how your following increases over time.

Give Your Audience a Reason to Follow and Share Your Content

That means your content should encourage your target market to click on that like and share button.

In this context, you don’t need to churn out a ton of marketing posters.

Instead, the content you publish should tickle the senses of your audience. Inject a little humor, or provoke different thoughts to give people something to reflect on.

Whether you choose something inspirational or funny, at the end of the day, your content should trigger your audience to click the like and share button.

Consistency is the Key

Consistency in social media means publishing content at a time most ideal for your platform.

By having a regular schedule of content, you give your followers something to look forward to. They will seek your content, and even visit your page to get updates.

It also helps that you post at a time your audience is most active.

While Hootsuite published in its blog the ideal times, it is still better to check your analytics to see when your audience is usually active.

Having consistent publishing habits that include an optimized time helps you have a wider reach.

Improve Responsiveness

Social media will always be about human interaction, and that means creating conversations with your audience.

Look at the comments or replies to your post. Start replying to them to keep the conversations going.

If your brand is known for replying to customers, they will continue supporting you.

They may even endorse you to friends or immediate networks.

How is the Relationship Between Hootsuite and Social Platforms?

Hootsuite has a good relationship with the top social media platforms.

Some of these platforms have recognized Hootsuite as a partner, which means you get top-notch support for the integration.

Although some platforms have limited integration, it is not biased against Hootsuite, but a policy that affects other similar services.


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