How Well Does Hootsuite Manage Campaigns? (Solved)

If you run your social media operations with different themes or topics as a basis of your posts, you ought to get a social media tool that helps you segmentize the several campaigns you need to run.

How good is Hootsuite at managing campaigns?

Hootsuite offers Business and Enterprise subscribers the option to breakdown content into different campaigns for better tracking and management. Hootsuite is remarkable in managing because of the features it gives social media campaign teams in planning and executing different marketing efforts towards the desired results.

Is Hootsuite Known as a Reliable Campaign Manager?

Given the features Hootsuite offers, the campaign management system is reliable.

While some of these features are not yet perfect, it serves as a sufficient boost to your campaign managing needs.

What Features Does Hootsuite have to Manage Your Campaigns?

The Hootsuite campaign manager is an organizing system that lets you organize your content into campaigns.

If you are running a marketing campaign, the campaign manager lets you tag posts accordingly, which sets extra parameters for tracking your performance.

The campaign management system is integrated as well in the following Hootsuite features.

1. Synchronize Postings Across Different Social Media Platforms:

Hootsuite gives you the option to post on different profiles of your social media platforms at the same time.

The features save time, as you don’t need to copy and paste the same content and switch between tabs or devices to post.

If you are creating a post for a campaign, all you have to do is create a post and tag it for the campaign.

2. The Scheduling Function:

Hootsuite lets you schedule content for posting at a particular time and time zone.

Instead of clicking Post Now, you have the option of scheduling at a later time or use the Autoscheduling feature of Hootsuite.

The Auto schedule feature automates the distribution of your content at a time when users of a social media platform are active. You can set parameters, including the frequency of posts and the time Hootsuite will post on your behalf.

When used in tandem with the campaign manager, you can filter your content by the campaign in the content calendar.

Doing so allows you to identify gaps in your publishing schedule, so you can add or reschedule other content for better distribution.

3. Analytics:

Analytics also lets you reach your social media campaign to your audience.

You can select your campaign in the Analytics dashboard so you can see all posts related to the campaign you are running.

If you are monitoring traffic to your website to check your products and services, you can integrate Google Analytics into your Hootsuite.

The integration lets you measure how much of your sales come from your campaign.

And as part of the analytics functions of Hootsuite, you can also measure your engagement and response time of your team to your audience.

4. Insights:

Insights let you hear what people have to say about a product or service.

If you have a campaign, it would be good to hear what people are saying about business during the rollout of your marketing efforts.

By tracking mentions of your business, you can respond to questions made by your potential customers and convert them into sales later.

While Insights is not linked per se to the campaign management system of Hootsuite, it is still a powerful tool to measure the success of your brand.

5. Photo editing and Media Library:

You can store and edit photos in the Media Library of Hootsuite.

If you need to repost content later, you don’t need to upload the image you used, as you can look for the photo and repost again at a time you think it would make the most impact.

What Hootsuite Plan is the Campaign Manager Available?

The Hootsuite campaign manager feature is available for Business and Enterprise subscriptions.

This would not be in the free version, but many users believe that it is worth it to invest in this feature.

What Social Platforms Can Hootsuite Manage?

Hootsuite can manage your profiles for the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

For Facebook and Instagram, you can only post to pages or business profiles.

The personal account is added to gain access to the said pages.

You can also post to Facebook groups you are an administrator in.

What Does Facebook Think of Hootsuite?

With the updating of the privacy policy of Facebook, the social networking site has not exactly been too welcoming with posts from social media management tools like Hootsuite:

  1. First, Facebook restricts the posting of content from services like Hootsuite to pages or groups only.
    • If you are trying to build your online identity as a subject-matter expert in your field, then you are better off creating a page instead of using your profile.
  2. Second, the algorithms of Facebook are not exactly friendly with tools like Hootsuite.
    • With the struggle to get on top of the news feed of your audience, Facebook prefers content published through its official app or web interface.
    • If you use Hootsuite, it may become a challenge to get into the sights of your customers, given this bias.
  3. Third, the Hootsuite preview of your content is not accurate all the time.
    • You might notice some discrepancies that you may have to tweak.
    • This downside isn’t much of a deal-breaker, but you got to keep this in mind when you are developing content.

Make sure both appear correctly. You can always do a test post if you need to.

What Types of Campaigns Can I Manage Inside Hootsuite?

There are 2 kinds of campaigns you can manage on Hootsuite.

The first is the organic campaign.

The organic campaign refers to non-paid content distribution across your social media profiles, revolving around a central theme or message.

This campaign revolves around a theme that you choose to promote your product and service.

The second is the advertising campaign.

Advertising campaigns on Hootsuite focus on your paid efforts to make your brand more visible on social media. Here, you track your media spending on your social media profiles and how far it has gone to reach your audience.

It goes in tandem with your organic efforts in promoting your business.

How Do They Stack up Against the Competition?

Buffer has a campaign management tool that also lets you sort your content based on the different campaigns you list.f

It functions much like the Hootsuite campaign manager.

The Buffer campaign management tool is available on the Business plan that starts $99 a month.

Compared to Hootsuite, the cost of Buffer is cheaper for the campaign management feature.

That is considering that the price of the campaign management tool of Hootsuite requires you to pay $599 monthly at the very least.

How Detailed Are the Reports Inside Hootsuite?

The reports of Hootsuite are very detailed.

You get to see the clicks, amount of time spent watching your videos, how many people saw your content, among other things.

You also get a remarkable perspective on what people say about your brand.

Considering what you pay for, Hootsuite gives you a detailed breakdown or overview of your social media performance, and how your efforts convert into leads.


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