Can BT Baby Monitors Be Hacked? (We Checked)

BT is a well-known household brand and so it’s no wonder that parents have been happy to invest in a baby monitor made by BT.

However, now that word has spread that baby monitors have security vulnerabilities that can be exploited, parents may want to know whether their BT baby monitor has the protection it needs.

Here’s If BT Baby Monitors Can Be Hacked:

Hackers can gain access to a baby monitor by exploiting its security flaws or by taking advantage of weak passwords. The latter is more likely to be the cause of problems with these devices because many people use weak passwords that are easy to guess.

BT baby monitors

Can BT Baby Monitors Be Hacked?

BT baby monitors negate the likelihood of being hacked by encrypting live video streams and all data that is stored on the cloud. 

Password-protected log-in and two-factor authentication work in tandem with encryption to ensure that BT baby monitors are an undesirable target for a simple hack. 

Users can also take additional steps to improve their overall WiFi security which will further reduce the chance of their baby monitor being exploited.  

Why Does My BT Baby Monitor Sound Like It’s Being Hacked?

Baby monitors can sometimes make unexpected sounds and we’re not talking about the noises your baby makes!

Naturally, when it comes to the audio feed from your BT baby monitor, parents expect crisp, uninterrupted sound.

However, although BT baby monitors have great sound quality, there are some things that can interfere with your experience.

Fuzzy sounds, static, distortion, and even white noise or high-pitch squealing (again, not from your baby) can be very annoying – and to some – even lead to the question of whether or not it’s a sign of hacking.

Understandably, given the coverage around the threat of baby monitors being hacked, it’s no wonder that many parents may be alarmed by any unusual sounds from their BT baby monitors.

Thankfully, these odd audio occurrences are due to the limitations of the technology, or sometimes, the monitor working as intended.

Sounds Mistaken For Hacking On Your Baby Monitor & Why They Occur

  1. Interference in your audio feed, such as static, distortion, and white noise is not likely to be a sign that you’ve been hacked.
    • Remember, electrical items in your house can cause your baby monitor to make these noises.
    • Try moving items such as microwaves, computers, modems, and other devices away from your baby and parent units.
  2. High-pitched squeals are a common occurrence when your BT baby monitor’s parent and baby unit are placed too close together.
    • Increasing the distance between the two devices will prevent this unwanted sound.
  3. Incessant beeping should not cause you concern in regards to a potential hack.
    • If your BT baby monitor is beeping then your unit is trying to signal an issue.
    • If your unit is beeping then it could be that the battery is low, that the distance between baby and parent unit is too great or they’re too close together.
  4. Clicking sounds should not alarm you.
    • Lens changes and the night vision feature can cause clicks from within your device.
    • These sounds are almost certainly your baby monitor working as it should.

Why Would Someone Hack A Baby Monitor?

For most of us, it is hard to understand why an individual would want to hack into the privacy of a family home.

It is rare, but there have been reports of this over the past decade.

There are three main reasons why someone would do this:


Even though it is incredibly distasteful, some people may want to hack a baby monitor in order to play a practical joke. Whether it’s a drunken misjudgment or teenagers trying to have fun, this type of hacking isn’t usually a cause for concern.


It may be hard to believe, but there are some people out there that find pleasure in simply spying on a family. Although this type of hacking won’t necessarily put those being spied on in harm’s way, it is incredibly creepy nonetheless.


Probably the most spoken about reason is hackers who attempt to gain access to personal data, using a baby monitor as a stepping stone into your home network.

Once they have hacked the monitor, they can have access to other devices that are connected to your WiFi such as your phone or your laptop.

It is worth noting that with radio baby monitors, the individual would have to be in extremely close proximity to the monitor to successfully hack it. This makes it very unlikely to happen.

With WiFi baby monitors the process is not simple, especially since manufacturers are implementing increased safety measures and encryption technology for baby monitors.

Are There Any Reports Of BT Baby Monitors Being Hacked?

If you’re in the market for a new baby monitor and have been eyeing up one of BT’s models, then you may have asked yourself whether or not there are any reports of their devices being hacked.

Perhaps you own a BT baby monitor and are concerned that your model may have vulnerabilities that have been exploited.

The good news is that there are no reports that BT baby monitors have been hacked.  A quick google search will reveal this.

Can You Check If A Baby Monitor Is Being Hacked?

Although unlikely, the reality is that baby monitors can be hacked. So it is no wonder that owners of these devices want to have some idea of what to look out for if it were to happen to them.

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Tell-Tell Signs Your Baby Monitor Might Be Hacked

The following information is an indicator that your baby monitor could be hacked.

It is always worth investigating the issues fully before jumping to conclusions.

That said, if you are experiencing these issues it would be wise to proceed with caution and stop using the device until you’ve identified that the cause is not due to hacking.

  1. Your camera has a mind of its own.
    • Your camera on your baby monitor should only move or adjust with your input.
    • Whether you are using an app or a parent unit, the controls for your camera should be locked to your commands (unless you’ve granted someone else access).
    • If you find that your camera is moving, seemingly with its own free will, then you should be concerned.
    • A hacked camera can pose an immense security risk to your home, not to mention that it’s also creepy.
  2. Your baby monitor is talking.
    • The only audio feed you should pick up from your baby monitor is the sounds from the room your baby is in. Or, the audio from the parent unit back to the baby unit (if talkback is enabled on your device).
    • If you have heard another voice from your baby monitor, this would indicate that someone has gained access to your device and is hijacking the audio feed.
    • Disconnect your device if you have fallen victim to this type of hack.
  3. LEDs on when they should be off.
    • Most monitors have an LED on the camera that either changes color or switches off when the camera is not active.
    • If you see that the LED is indicating that the camera unit is activated when you know that no one is using it then this indicates that potentially someone other than you is using the camera at that time.
    • It is essential that you understand exactly how your specific baby monitor uses LEDs to signify whether or not your camera is activated.
    • It is also worth checking with anyone else who might have access to your account as they may have activated the camera without your knowledge.
  4. Changes in your settings.
    • If you’ve noticed any changes in your baby monitor settings then you should investigate whether anyone you know has updated them without you knowing.
    • If you’ve found that passwords have been altered, or that you can no longer access your camera because of password changes, then immediately cease using the device.

Can You Protect A BT Baby Monitor From Hackers?

Here are several ways in which you can help prevent your BT baby monitor from being hacked:

  • BT baby monitors do not have a default password. Choose a password that has both upper and lowercase, numbers, and symbols. Try to not use the same password for your monitor that you use for other devices.
  • Make sure you have enabled automatic updates on your BT baby monitor, or if this is not an option ensure you always accept firmware upgrades. You can check whether the firmware is up to date using the app.
  • Make sure your router is also secure and you have changed the default password.
  • Do not enable remote access unless you need to.
  • On the BT app you can view which trusted devices have access to your camera by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Manage Trusted Devices’. Keep tabs on this and disable access to any devices you do not recognize.

Are BT Baby Monitors Encrypted?

BT has implemented a robust selection of security protocols to give your baby monitor the protection it needs to keep hackers at bay, including 128bit encryption.

BT Baby Monitor Security Features

  • Models that use the app have what’s called two-factor authentication.
    • Users use a password as well as a unique code that is sent via email or SMS.
  • To view any live video from your BT baby monitor it is always necessary to log in via a username and password (created by the user).
    • AES encryption of your video stream is end-to-end from the baby unit to the app.
  • All saved files that are stored on the cloud are encrypted, this includes snapshots and all other information.

BT is proud to confirm that its app now offers:

“bank-grade encryption and 2-factor authentication…”

Can BT Baby Monitors Be Hacked When Not On WiFi?

BT produces baby monitors that can function without using WiFi and also monitors that have WiFi capabilities.

Some have both, for example the BT Smart baby monitor has an indoor range of 50 meters along with WiFi connection that allows app monitoring.

However, disconnecting from your network isn’t necessarily safer – even when not connected to the WiFi, you cannot be 100% protected from potential hackers.

The best thing to do is to implement the advice mentioned in the ‘Can You Protect a BT baby monitor?’ section found above.

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