Do Smart TVs Update Themselves? (Explained For Beginners)

Like your smartphone, your smart TV also has firmware.

This firmware is what runs your TV, enabling you to download and watch movies on different streaming apps, and like your computer, it also needs updates to run smoothly.

Do Smart TVs Update Themselves?

Smart TVs do have update schedules that will download firmware updates for you. They do this to update as quickly and efficiently as possible, but you can also do an update manually if you like. These updates fix bugs and will enhance your TV security.

Can Smart TVs be Updated?

Smart TVs have firmware, which you can update for better user experience. Here’s how you update the software and firmware on smart tvs.

The firmware of smart TVs are not that different from their computer counterparts, so treat firmware updates for TVs just like you value updates from your computer’s manufacturer.

Do You Need to Update a Smart TV Manually?

You can set your smart TV to download the firmware updates for you.

But you may also set your smart TV to update manually, especially if you are trying to save on bandwidth.

How Often Should the Firmware of a Smart TV be Updated?

Like your smartphone or computer, you should update your operating system as often as you can.

Doing so will allow your TV to receive updates such as bug fixes and security enhancements.

How Do I Check that a Smart TV is Running the Latest Firmware?

The best way to check your smart TV’s firmware is to check for updates.

You can find this in the “About” section in your Settings menu.

Once you see an update is available, you may choose to download it or hold off until you get feedback from other users.

Or, you can also join the Internet forums of your smart TV manufacturer since they will post updates.

You can do this if your smart TV is not connected to the Internet.

In this case, you can download the firmware update from another device and save it to a flash drive and then install it once you are ready.

How Do you Check the Firmware Version of Your Smart TV?

For Samsung smart TVs, you can check your firmware version by pressing the menu button and go to support.

  1. You will then see an option for a software update.
  2. Highlight it, but DO NOT click it.
  3. Press info on your remote and your TV will show you your firmware version.

For LG smart TVs, go to your Settings, and select Quick Settings.

  1. Under Quick Settings, go to General, and select About this TV.
  2. From here, you will be able to see what version of webOS your LG smart TV uses.

For Sony smart TVs, press the Home button on your remote control and go to Help.

  1. Go to customer support and look for system information.
  2. The version number is below the software version.

For Vizio smart TVs, go to the System Information menu, found in the settings.

  1. Below the model name, you will see an entry marked as Version, which pertains to the firmware version installed on your smart TV?

What Happens if You do not Update Your Firmware?

If you don’t update your smart TV’s firmware, you will miss out on some benefits such as updates on your TV’s security patches and bug fixes, which can provide you a smoother experience.

In some cases, firmware updates also bring new features to your smart TV.

On some rare occasions, firmware updates may sometimes free up space on your TV.

Can I Stop my Smart TV from Updating Itself?

You can opt to set your smart TV to notify you of any updates, so you can choose when to update.

Never shut down your smart TV when it’s installing the update.

Your TV may not work correctly, or in the worst case, not work at all.

That would be a big headache, as you will have to take your smart TV to a service center to reinstall the operating system.

What is Updated When a Smart TV is Updating Itself?

When your smart TV is updating, the firmware it uses is updated.

This includes security features, bug fixes, and other things that you need to keep your TV running smoothly and up to date with all others on the market.

Why Do Smart TVs Need to Update?

Smart TV firmware needs updates to provide you with a smooth and worry-free experience when using the TV.

As listed earlier, these updates have benefits, including bug fixes, security updates, and sometimes newer features.

Think of firmware updates as a way to keep your smart TV running at par with the standards of TVs without upgrading hardware.

Unless you are after major hardware upgrades such as screen resolutions, the firmware updates are good enough to keep your smart TV modern.

Also, firmware updates also improve the performance of the hardware of your smart TV. Expect better performance, which makes viewing more pleasing.

What Does it Mean When my Smart TV is no Longer Supported? 

This means your smart TV manufacturer will no longer be releasing firmware updates for it.

You can still bring it for any repairs with your manufacturer, but its current operating system will be in its final form.

How Long Will my Smart TV be Supported by the Manufacturer? 

This depends on the manufacturer.

TV manufacturers provide support for many years.

Maintaining support also consumes resources, which is why they have to put a limit on the duration of support.

Can You Downgrade the Firmware of your Smart TV? 

The process to downgrade firmware varies from brand and TV model, so you need to look up the exact model number of your smart TV to perform this.

Not all smart TVs have this capability.

Samsung has blocked users from rolling back or downgrade firmware.

Will All my Apps be Compatible When I Update the Firmware? 

Not all apps will be compatible, especially if you sideloaded some apps on your smart TV.

For the most part, popular smart TV apps like Netflix are usually compatible.

Sometimes, these app developers also roll out updates to ensure compatibility with your firmware.

Do Digital Media Boxes like Apple TV have Updates? 

Just like their smart TV counterparts, Digital Media Boxes like Apple TV also have firmware updates.

Their firmware updates provide the same benefits of stability and bug fixes.

The only difference is they can only be updated via an Internet connection, unlike its smart TV counterpart, which accepts USB firmware installation.

Should I Set my Smart TV to Automatically Update its Firmware? 

Not all users like to have automatic updates, and here is why:

  1. Once your smart TV finishes downloading its firmware updates, this would render your TV temporarily unusable as it installs the updates.
  2. If you were watching your favorite movie, you would not want to be interrupted suddenly with the installation.
  3. It would be nice to set the updates to install at a time you are not using it. Also, not automatically updating firmware gives you time to review the update, what it will do for you, and how it has been for other users.

You may want to read up on the feedback on your smart TV’s latest firmware updates:

  • Will it improve your smart TV’s performance?
  • Will there be incompatible apps?
  • Will there be any issues with other devices linked with your smart TV?

These are some of the things you should consider before clicking the update button when you are notified of any firmware updates.

Once you are convinced of the changes, then that is when you update the firmware of your smart TV.

If you read many users are having issues, consider holding off any updates until an update to fix the bugs is released.

Can You Change the Firmware of Your Smart TV? 

You may have read that some smart TVs have better firmware than others.

You may be tempted to change it, but you don’t want to spend money on another TV.

Changing your firmware is like switching between Windows and Linux, except this requires a deep knowledge of debugging and rooting your smart TV, much like jailbreaking your iPhone.

Basically, this is a very complicated process that only really informed users are going to try and undertake.

Be warned that changing it may be irreversible, or worse, may brick your smart TV, and render it useless.

Also, this process voids any existing warranty with your manufacturer. If your smart TV breaks because of this modification, you have to go elsewhere to have it repaired.


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