What Are Included With Smart TVs? (Explained)

What makes smart TVs standout from ordinary TVs is its features.

This is what makes these devices smart, as these TVs play almost anything, and do a lot of things!

What do Smart TVs Come With?

Not all Smart TVs come with these features, but some do come with devices such as Bluetooth, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, wi-fi connection capabilities, and many more. If you don’t have something upon purchasing the Smart TV, you may have to pay an additional cost in order to get that device.

These features are what manufacturers use to gain leverage in the market.

You might want to start by reading our guide to what smart TV features really matter.

Do Smart TVs Come with Roku?

Not all smart TVs use the Roku platform or operating system.

Some brands that use Roku as their smart TV platform are Philips, Sharp, and Hisense.

Do Smart TVs Come with Apple TV?

Smart TVs don’t include the Apple TV app by default. But, it is available for download.

Note that not all smart TVs can download Apple TV.

Smart TVs that are known to have the Apple TV available for download are Samsung, Sony, LG, and Vizio.

Do Smart TVs Come with Android TV?

Not all smart TVs use Android TV as their platform.

Each manufacturer has their respective platforms for their smart TV. Some of them use Android TV, while others use their system.

If you are looking to buy a smart TV with Android as the platform, consider buying a Sony Bravia.

Do smart TVs come with Fire TV?

Not all smart TVs use Fire TV for their platform.

Like Android TV, Fire TV is used by select brands. These brands include Toshiba.

Do Smart TVs Come with Bluetooth?

The newer smart TVs in the market now include Bluetooth as a standard feature.

This can be used to pair your smart TV with your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

You cannot use it for file transfers between your smartphone or computer and your TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with Cameras?

Not all smart TVs come with cameras.

To check if your smart TV came with a camera, check the upper bezel of your smart TV. You should find a camera lens towards the middle.

If there is none, you may also check behind the bezel. Some smart TVs have cameras that you may retract when not in use.

For more information on how to find the camera of your smart TV, please read the article Where are the cameras and mics in smart TVs.

Should your smart TV not have a camera, you may check with your manufacturer on which camera works with your TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with HDMI cable?

Not all smart TVs include HDMI cables upon sale.

Some stores try to sweeten the deal when you buy smart TVs from them, even when HDMI cables cost next to nothing.

If yours does not come with one, you could probably find one for less than fifteen dollars at the same store.

Do Smart TVs Come with Ethernet or LAN ports?

Ethernet or LAN ports have become a standard feature among smart TVs.

Since TVs are not mobile devices and, more often than not, will be placed in a stationary position, it makes sense to include wired Internet connectivity.

They stand to enjoy the wired connection, as Ethernet is more stable than using Wireless connections, or wi-fi.

Do Smart TVs Come with wi-fi?

Most smart TVs have wi-fi connection capabilities that pair with your home network.

While there are older TVs that do not have wi-fi, this is now a standard feature for modern smart TVs. 

Apart from having an Ethernet connection, smart TVs also enjoy wi-fi in cases where it is impractical to run long cables from the router to the TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with Microphones?

Not all smart TVs have microphones.

Smart TVs will only have microphones when they have cameras built into them.

You will find this microphone not too far from the built-in camera.

To know more about this microphone, please check the article Where are the Cameras and Microphones of Smart TVs.

Do Smart TVs Have Internal Storage?

But this internal storage is limited and utilized for storing installed apps on your smart TV.

Do smart TVs have USB ports?

USB ports are a standard feature in smart TVs. You can use this port to watch videos or project photos from external storage.

Do Smart TVs Come with keyboards?

But you have the option of installing a physical keyboard to help you navigate your smart TV.

By default, the smart TV lets you use an on-screen keyboard to guide you in typing text during a search.

Since smart TVs have Bluetooth connectivity, you can opt to pair a Bluetooth keyboard so you can have an actual physical keyboard to type on.

Also, you can plug a USB keyboard on the USB port of your TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with Chromecast?

Not all smart TVs have built-in Chromecast.

To know if your smart TV has Chromecast, you can check your TV manual. Built-in Chromecast is one of the features often advertised to entice customers to buy the TV.

If you are looking to buy a smart TV with a built-in Chromecast system, check out the products of Vizio and Sony.

Do Smart TVs Come with MHL?

Not all smart TVs come with MHL.

You can check if your smart TV has MHL support by checking the back and look for an HDMI port labeled with MHL.

This is the HDMI port you need to select if you want to mirror your compatible device to the TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with Netflix?

Not all smart TVs have Netflix preinstalled.

Netflix can always be installed when you access the app store of your smart TV.

But as a popular app, Netflix comes preinstalled in many modern smart TVs.

Do Smart TVs Come with Facebook?

Not all smart TVs come with Facebook, but you can download it.

Note that Facebook had two different reiterations of its smart TV app.

  1. The first version allowed you to view your news feed, photos, and functions.
  2. The second version replaced the previous version and focused on a more TV oriented application.

Called Facebook Watch, this app focuses on the video functions of Facebook, giving you access to your saved videos, live streams, and suggested videos based on your interests.

Do Smart TVs Come with YouTube?

Not all smart TVs have YouTube preinstalled.

You can download YouTube on your smart TV’s app store if it does not come included out of the box.

YouTube comes preinstalled only on smart TVs that use Android TV as a platform. A good example would be Sony.

Do Smart TVs Come with Hulu?

Not all smart TVs come with Hulu.

You can install it from the app store of your smart TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with Spotify?

Not all Smart TVs come with Spotify, so you will have to download it.

You can download Spotify from your smart TV’s app store.

Do Smart TVs Come with Skype?

Skype is not a common preinstalled app on smart TVs.

You can download it from your smart TV app store.

Note that you need a microphone and a camera attached to your smart TV to work.

Do Smart TVs Come with Zoom?

If you want to use your smart TV during a Zoom meeting, you can only use the smart TV to mirror your screen from your smartphone.

Do Smart TVs Come with Apps?

The main feature of smart TVs is the ability to access a wide variety of content through the apps.

While you won’t have an array of apps out of the box, your smart TV is going to have at least a browser and an app store which you use to look for the other apps you want to use.

Do Smart TVs Come with Amazon Prime?

Not all smart TVs come with Amazon Prime. You can download it in your app store.

Amazon Prime comes preinstalled in smart TVs that use the Fire TV platform, which is owned by Amazon.

Do Smart TVs Come with Games?

But some app stores on smart TVs let you install games native in the system.

You can play these games using the remote control of your TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with a Remote?

Smart TVs always come with remote control for you to use.

Also, your smart TV will have a remote control app that you can download on your smartphone, so your phone can also control your TV.

Note that the app remote for your phone may not have the full functions of the remote, so it would be good to be aware of possible limitations.

Do Smart TVs Come with an Antenna?

Not all smart TVs have antennas.

You will have to pick up a third-party digital antenna if you want to watch live channels on your TV.

These channels don’t need an Internet connection to work.

Do Smart TVs Come with Channels?

Smart TVs come with apps, not channels.

Often the same TV networks also develop these apps.

If you want to watch regular TV, you will have to go outside the smart TV platform and use the TV tuner.

The TV tuner requires a digital antenna to operate and pairs with your home cable package and programs.

Do Smart TVs V=Come with DVD Players?

A few smart TV manufacturers came out with smart TVs that included a built-in DVD player.

But, these have been discontinued, as you can watch movies using the apps you download on the smart TV.

Do Smart TVs Come with Touch Screens?

There is an attachment you can use to convert your smart TV to make it a touchscreen.

However, Smart TVs were meant to be enjoyed from afar and not up close. This makes it hard for many people to justify using the touchscreen unless they stood incredibly close to the TV.

Also, due to the display technology of the smart TV, images viewed when close to the screen are not as clear as compared to a computer monitor.

Do All Smart TVs have 4K Displays?

A lot of the new smart TVs feature 4K display technology.

This feature is one of the main selling points of Smart TVs.

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