Smart TVs & Facebook: 15 Answers (for Beginners)

Watch your favorite game, or the latest news, without having to squint on a small screen – Facebook can now be used on your Smart Tv as an app!

Just like YouTube or Netflix, Facebook can now be used as an application to access from your remote.

While most prefer to use Facebook on the computer (because clicking with a mouse is easier than navigating with a remote), there are a lot of consumers who are excited to see their friends and updates from the comfort of their couch.

As Facebook becomes usable on your smart TV, here are some things you need to know about its TV format.

Do All Smart TVs Work with Facebook?

You can now open Facebook on your smart TV no matter the version.

However, it should be noted that you will have to download the application from your Smart Tv store, and older models may not load the application as fast.

Can I Access Facebook on my Smart TV?

If you are looking to browse your Facebook newsfeed from your smart TV, you can access it through the TV’s browser and navigate with your mouse.

The browser on your smart TV will give you a version of Facebook like the mobile version.

If you are looking to watch videos published on the platform, Facebook has developed a sub-platform for Smart TVs called Facebook Watch.

Facebook Watch focuses on Facebook videos from the pages you follow, as well as suggested Videos based on your watching habit.

Some manufacturers like Samsung have integrated Facebook’s smart TV app as a built-in feature.

Other more recent smart TV platforms have the Facebook Watch app available for download.

Can I add the Facebook App to my Smart TV?

Yes, but not all smart TV platforms have Facebook available right when you first buy it.

If your smart TV does not have the Facebook app, you can download it on your TV’s app store or library.

The first app they created is found in older smart TVs and is usually included by default. This app lets you view your news feed, post comments, or likes.

Facebook Watch is more recent. This one is more oriented to smart TVs, as it solely focuses on video content.

Some say Watch is Facebook’s response to Google’s YouTube, with very similar features.

Can I Watch Facebook Live on my Smart TV?

You can watch Facebook live videos on your smart TV through the browser. Or, if your smart TV has the older app, you can use that to watch live videos.

However, if you want a better experience, this is where the Facebook Watch comes in.

Facebook Watch is streamlined for watching videos, including the ones you upload on your profile. It was designed for smart TV use, with a TV-friendly interface that works with your TV’s remote control.

Facebook launched Watch and it comes bundled by default with Samsung smart TVs.

How to Use Facebook Watch:

To use Facebook Watch, make sure you have another device logged into Facebook. An ideal device would be a desktop or laptop.

Open Facebook Watch on your smart TV, and select login.

The app will show you a numeric code which you need to input on your device.

Go to and input the code on your TV. After you input the code, you can now watch videos from your Facebook account.

Aside from Samsung, Facebook released the Watch app on smart TVs that use the following platforms:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV (4th generation or newer)
  • Android TV
  • Some Hisense VIDAA TV models
  • Oculus TV
  • Portal TV

There’s a good chance your smart TV will be able to run Facebook Watch as leading manufacturers like Sony use Android TV for its operating system.

But some smart TVs don’t have Facebook Watch, such as those made by LG and Vizio.

How to Screen Mirror:

You can still watch Facebook live videos on their TVs by screen mirroring.

To do this, your smart TV must have a built-in mirroring device such as Apple TV or Chromecast. Also, your smart TV and mobile devices/computers are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Open the video you would like to project on your smart TV and switch to full-screen mode.

Look for the rectangle icon that has a Wi-Fi icon on the upper right corner of the video and click it. A list of devices will appear and look for your smart TV.

Select your Smart TV, and wait for it to pair.

Can You Mirror Facebook Videos to Digital Media Boxes?

Yes, but most digital media boxes support screen mirroring.

Some of these devices include the Roku TV stick.

Often, mirroring means using one of the HDMI ports designated for it. Meanwhile, TVs can only read one (1) HDMI port at a time.

Since digital media boxes use an existing HDMI port, your TV can only process either the digital media box or the port used for mirroring.

However, a few digital media boxes support mirroring, like Apple TV, which is already compatible with Facebook Watch.

Mirroring to your digital media stick will at least let you view your news feed on a bigger screen.

How Do I Delete Facebook on my Smart TV?

If you want to remove Facebook on your smart TV, go to your app list and select Facebook.

The app information for Facebook will appear, including the Uninstall or Remove button.

Click Uninstall or Remove, and your smart TV will delete Facebook for you.

How Do I Logout of Facebook on my Smart TV?

If you are on the browser or old Facebook app, click on the menu, and the logout option will be at the bottom-most part of the options.

You can find the menu button on the upper right corner of the screen.

On Facebook Watch, go to the left side of the screen where the menu is. On the bottom left side of the screen, you will see the logout option.

Why Can’t I Cast Facebook to my Smart TV?

There are four reasons why you cannot cast Facebook with your smart TV:

  1. Your device and smart TV are not on the same network: The TV and gadget should be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Your smart TV does not have screening capabilities: Not all smart TVs have Chromecast or MHL built into them.
  3. Another device may be connected already: To pair a new device, you will need to unpair the device currently connected to your smart TV.
  4. There may be a system error or a bug: To remedy this, you need to reset your mirroring device and your smartphone or computer. Restart your devices and check if the cast icon appears on the upper right corner.

Can You Use Facebook Watch Without a Facebook Account?

Like YouTube, you can access videos on Facebook without an account.

The limitations are the same with YouTube, but you need to be logged in if you want to view private contents or videos with limited audiences.

However, using Facebook Watch continuously without an account may result in repeated prompts, later telling you to log in or sign up.

Can You Install Facebook Messenger on a Smart TV?

You can’t install messenger by itself.

Facebook Messenger on smart TVs can only be used with Facebook Portal TV.

Otherwise, you will have to use the browser if you want to open your Facebook messages.

What is Facebook Portal TV?

Facebook Portal TV is a web camera that you attach to your smart TV to turn it into a video chat screen.

This web camera can detect movement to keep the user within the frame.

Using Portal TV, users can watch videos together through the selections available on Facebook Watch.

Portal TV requires either an account on Messenger or WhatsApp.

It takes up one HDMI slot on your TV for it to work.

Can You Use Portal for Facebook Live?

Facebook rolled out an update that does let you use Portal as a tool for your Facebook live videos.

This feature is perfect for people who want to share moments with their whole network, especially for those who cannot physically travel.

Portal also makes as a good alternative to using your smartphone for live videos, as your phone may run out of batteries in the process.

Also, smart TVs can be plugged directly to the Internet, which gives your Facebook live a more stable connection for fewer lags.

Also, the fact that smart TVs can be plugged directly to the Internet router through LAN gives it a more stable connection as compared to your smartphone on Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

How Do I Pair My Phone to My TV?

On your smartphone’s settings, go to Display.

On the Display settings, look for cast and enable wireless display.

Your phone will now look for nearby devices it can mirror.

Once your smart TV appears, select it, and it will pair to display your phone on the TV screen.

What TV Channel is Facebook?

Facebook is not a channel on your TV.

It is an app you use on your smart TV.

While some smart TV remote controls have a Facebook key, this is only a hotkey or shortcut, which lets you access the app quickly without scrolling through rows of apps on your TV.

Is it Safe to Use Facebook on Your Smart TV?

One thing to remember about using Facebook for smart TVs is that it is very much like using apps like YouTube or Netflix.

Since Facebook requires the Internet, it naturally means that you are potentially exposed to vulnerabilities.

As mentioned before, any application on your smart TV requiring Internet access means opening and leaving a gate open, which can be used by hackers to access your network.

However, remember that this is very rare, and it is highly unlikely you will be hacked or invaded by someone online.

To know more about smart TV security, please check out our article on Smart TVs and Hacking!

At the very least, Facebook Watch will only be pushing video suggestions based on your viewing and Facebook search history.

Facebook itself is a risk, as it has a lot of your contact information, including phone number and email. Your data can be compromised if someone gets to hack your account, or a massive security breach happens on Facebook’s database.

These are the very same vulnerabilities that you encounter with other apps like YouTube or Netflix.

The only way to prevent this is to ensure that you put in place higher levels of security for your smart TV.


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