5 Best Smart TVs With Facebook (With Prices)

If you’re trying to watch a show from Facebook Watch, the social media giant’s video-on-demand service, it would be convenient to have a smart TV that is able to integrate Facebook Watch onto your TV.

Facebook Watch has a large variety of shows for viewing, and you don’t need to make do with watching on your mobile phone. Instead, you can link your account to your TV for a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Here Are Our Picks for Smart TVs that Support Facebook Watch:

Our Top Pick for a smart TV that can support Facebook Watch is the LG CX OLED 48-inch smart TV, which has excellent picture quality. Our Budget Pick is the Vizio V405-G9 40-inch smart TV, which comes with great resolution and support for HDR for under $500.

Criteria for the Picks

We picked the smart TVs below based on how you would use Facebook on your smart TV.

You’ll need to cast the Facebook Watch app to your smart TV, so that means the smart TV must have some form of accepting the mirroring from your device.

All smart TVs listed have screen sizes of at least 40 inches and are the smallest model in its range.

Facebook Watch supports 4K videos, so the smart TVs listed have 4K resolutions.

And, of course, all the smart TVs included here can access the Facebook Watch app.

Note that not all smart TVs come with the Facebook service pre-loaded, so you may have to download it through the TV’s respective app store.

Our Top Pick: LG CX OLED 48-inch smart TV

The LG CX OLED 55-inch smart TV is the clear winner here.

It’s near-perfect, with only a few flaws to report.

The price might seem a little outrageous, but there are many smart TVs on the market that are even more expensive.

Here are some of the good things about this smart TV:

  • The CX OLED, as its name implies, has an OLED screen (as opposed to an LED screen). This means that you’re getting the best picture quality on the market. You get stunning colors, thanks to the billions of colors OLED can use for the images.
  • This smart TV also comes with the a9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K, which helps enhance images and audio.
  • If you are a gamer, the CX OLED is built for gaming, too. Thanks to NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync, you get less lag, better refresh rates, and a smooth, extremely responsive gameplay.
  • Thanks to Motion Pro, the CX OLED handles fast motion in movies and sporting events with ease.
  • The CX OLED also comes with the Magic Remote, known for its voice and motion control, which makes TV viewing and scrolling a breeze.

This smart TV is close to ideal, but it still has some flaws.  Here are a few problems you may run into with the LG CX OLED:

  • While OLED gives excellent picture quality, it also runs the risk of permanent burn-in. You may experience discolorations on your screen, although it does not happen all the time. If you know how to set your smart TV display correctly, it will not be an issue.
  • The next issue with the CX OLED is the Automatic Brightness Limiter. Some large portions on the screen may not be as bright as you want it to be.

But even with these flaws, you still get excellent quality.

The Budget Pick: Vizio V405-G9 40-inch smart TV

The Vizio V405-G9 is a 40-inch smart TV below the 500-dollar mark.

At this price point, you get some great features:

  • Great 4K resolution
  • Support for HDR content
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Since it uses webOS, you can access Facebook Watch through the app store.
  • For gamers, there’s not a lot of delay or lag, even with the gaming mode off. However, the Vizio V405-G9 does not have auto-low latency mode, so you may want to lower latency during game time.
  • The V405-G9 also handles glare well, so even when watching in the daytime, you won’t have any problems with it.

The less-than-stellar aspects of the Vizio V405-G9:

  • While decent, the viewing angles of this smart TV aren’t the best. People viewing the screen from the side won’t get the best picture quality.
  • The interface can be confusing.
  • The sound quality leaves room for improvement.
  • It is not equipped with local dimming, and it does not get very bright.

For a smart TV below the 500 dollars, it’s not bad at all. It could be better, but at this price point, it’s still a great pick.

Samsung Q90T 55-inch smart TV

The Samsung Q90T 55-inch smart TV is the biggest and most expensive smart TV in this article, but it deserves recognition for its quality.

  • This smart TV is quite versatile and handles sports, movies, and gaming very well. It’s even excellent as a computer monitor.
  • You get fast response times and FreeSync support to reduce screen tearing and stuttering when used for games.
  • This TV features a Direct Full Array that gives you precise control over the lighting zones of the TV, which results in rich colors.
  • You also get the Ultra Viewing Angle that reduces glare and enhances color, so the picture quality is excellent, no matter where you are seated. This feature is perfect for when you have friends over watching a game or movie.
  • The HDR image quality on the Samsung Q90T is remarkable.
  • If you like surround sound with an added dimension, the Q90T comes with object tracking and uses the top and bottom speakers to give you a sense of movement.
  • If you like smart homes, you will be pleased to know that the Q90T has Alexa built into it. You can integrate this with your smart home system.

The Q90T shines in many aspects, but one downside is the so-called “dirty screen effect” that some users report. This means that the screen can appear blotchy and colors can seem patchy.

Perhaps the biggest issue is, of course, the sticker price and the actual size of this TV. Both are quite large. The price and size may be too much for many customers.

Sony X950H 49-inch smart TV

The Sony X950H 49-inch smart TV is another smart TV worth considering for your Facebook Watch streaming.

Priced a little below a thousand dollars, the X950H has some great features.

  • Triluminos Display gives you an accurate rendering of images, just as the video creators intended.
    You also get a Full-Array LED with local dimming, which means better dark scenes and remarkable contrast.
  • If you are a gamer, the Sony X950H works seamlessly with your Playstation, as the gaming mode offers 4K support and smooth, responsive gaming.
  • The X950H  has great quality images, thanks to the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. This one of the best processors that Sony offers.
  • And since this is a Sony, making it an Android TV, you also get Google Assistant with Voice Control. This means you can integrate this smart TV with your smart home system.

And now the downside of the X950H.

  • The lack of support for a variable refresh rate may cause the image to be less smooth than the ideal.
  • The viewing angle is narrow. If you have a lot of guests over, this can make for disappointing viewing, since the view from the sides can be difficult to see.

Hisense H8G 50-inch smart TV

The Hisense H8G 50-inch smart TV is another good budget option.

You get excellent contrast ratios and a full-array local dimming. And if you are a gamer, you are in for a treat, as from a budget perspective, this TV has low lags and delays.

The HDR support on the Hisense H8G is disappointing, and it doesn’t bring out the best colors. While it can overcome glares, the H8G has a narrow viewing angle, which can be disappointing when used in a wide seating area.

How much should you spend on a smart TV with Facebook?

Given all the features in the criteria, a budget of $1,500 should be more than enough. But if you find a TV that fits your needs for less, then why not?

You should be able to find a great smart TV that fits all your viewing needs and hosts Facebook Watch.

Final Thoughts

Finding a smart TV for viewing Facebook Watch should not be a challenge, as there are also plenty of good options not listed here. Facebook had also upgraded the experience to include 4K streaming, which is an excellent option for high-quality viewing.

You may not feel the need to get a TV with 4K, but you can still get good quality with other smart TV models with lower resolutions.




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