Hootsuite & Outlook | 6 Answers You Should Know

Tools that help you keep track of the people who reach out to your business are a must-have, as you need to be able to note the progress of your engagements with customers.

Being able to transfer leads picked up from social media into a CRM platform is a helpful function, which is where services like Hootsuite and Outlook come in.

Here Are Some Things You Should Know about Microsoft Outlook and Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management system that lets you oversee your online social media accounts, while Microsoft Outlook is a personal information system with tools for managing calendars, tasks, and emails, among other things. They do not integrate, but they can work together.

1. Does Outlook Like Hootsuite?

Microsoft as a brand, which includes Outlook, has integrated Hootsuite into its system.

You can add Hootsuite to your existing Microsoft products that use Outlook. These include SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

2. Does Hootsuite Integrate with Outlook?

Hootsuite does not integrate directly with Outlook, but you can use other Microsoft tools that use Outlook and integrate Hootsuite.

Perhaps the most common way of linking Hootsuite and Outlook is through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hootsuite integration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Customer Relationship Management system made by Microsoft to help businesses keep track of their leads, and it has a Hootsuite plug-in available.

When linked with Hootsuite, you can cull information from your social media and listening platforms and send it to Dynamic CRM.

You can also integrate Hootsuite with SharePoint. You can share social content from Hootsuite to your SharePoint account, then send out this content through Outlook.

There are also third-party services, such as Zapier and tray.io, which can link Hootsuite and Outlook. However, we do not advise using third-party services with Hootsuite, as this can cause security issues.

Check our article on common Outlook problems to know what issues you should consider native to the Outlook system.

3. What Can You Do in Outlook through Hootsuite?

Even without direct integration, you can still have a productive workflow between Outlook and Hootsuite.

You can engage with customers on social media and then export their data to Dynamics and Outlook in order to schedule a follow-up.

You can also use the Calendar feature of Outlook to create your content schedule for Hootsuite.

Just export this data into a CSV file and upload it to Hootsuite’s Bulk Uploader.

4. Do People Typically Use Outlook with Hootsuite?

Because there is no direct integration between Outlook and Hootsuite, people do not normally use the two services together.

Connecting Hootsuite with Outlook requires other services to bridge them, so they are not used commonly together.

5. What Are the Primary Tasks People Use Hootsuite for?

Hootsuite was designed primarily as a social media management tool.

It started first as a one-stop-shop that helped you post to Twitter and schedule tweets. It later expanded to cover the other big names on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It has since evolved into an all-in-one marketing solution that covers the different aspects of your social media marketing operations.

It has added tools such as Analytics, Insights and Social Listening, Campaign Management, and Collaborative tools. More tools are unlocked at higher payment plans.

6. What Services Does Outlook Seamlessly Integrate to?

Outlook integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products.

You can use Outlook with the Microsoft Office Suite, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint.

Outlook also works as a standalone service, which replaced Microsoft’s old email service, Hotmail.

Outlook also integrates with non-Microsoft products. Most of these products are CRM systems.

Some of the notable CRMs that Outlook can integrate with are:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • Prophet CRM by Avidan
  • Nimble
  • Pipedrive
  • Method: CRM
  • Act! CRM

The Outlook app on computers, meanwhile, can integrate with other email services, including Google.

You can read more about Hootsuite and CRMs here.

Final Thoughts

With tools oriented toward engaging customers and keeping track of contacts, Outlook is a great choice for businesses looking to enhance their CRM functions or operations.

Though Hootsuite has some features of a CRM, it does not integrate directly with Outlook, and needs extra software to link with it in any capacity.

That said, Hootsuite and Outlook serve two different functions, and they are both highly recommended, even if they do not work directly together.



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