Emerson TV Problems: 4 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

Emerson has a reputation for quality products, but the opinions are varied when it comes to their television sets.

Whether you think Emerson is a good brand or not, like any other brand, there will be some issues.

Here are the most common Emerson TV problems, and how to solve them.

Emerson TVs Can Have a Black Screen

The black screen is one of the most common Emerson TV problems. It happens when there is no display on the screen with or without sound. The screen appears to be black or just blank.

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What could be causing this?

Failure of a Transmission Board

Your Emerson TV has a T-con board and at least one power board. To produce an image requires power being supplied to the T-con board.

T-con means ‘timing controller’ and is also called a ‘controller board’ or ‘control board’. It is the main circuit you’ll find between your TV motherboard and the liquid crystal display (LCD) display panel.

Its purpose is to convert video signals into something that your LCD panel can interpret.

If either the T-con board or the power board is at fault, here’s how to find out and correct it.

First, do an audio test

1. Turn on your TV, turn up the volume, and listen for sound

2. If there’s no sound, broadcast something to your TV that has sound.

Second, do the flashlight test

If you get a sound in the audio test but no image, place your TV in the dark, (plugged in and turned on) and get a flashlight.

At an angle, shine the flashlight on the screen and watch for either movement or visibility of your TV menu. Backlight failure is confirmed if you see movement (or just the menu) and if there is sound.

If the flashlight test gives you a completely black screen (along with sound) then your T-Con board is at fault.


If you confirm a backlight issue, your TV power board or backlight inverter is at fault. This could be because of blown fuses that connect to the power board, or due to the power board directly.

Blown fuses need to be replaced and the faulty power board must also be replaced with a new one.

Once a T-con problem is detected, use an old toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to clean the LVDS cablesĀ² of your T-con board. If this doesn’t solve the problem, purchase a new T-con board.

What Else Could Be Causing a Black Screen?

  • Problem with the screen

If all other efforts at resolving your Emerson TV black screen fail, you may be dealing with a screen problem.


This will require the services of a professional.

  • Faulty input device or cable

This is another possible cause of the black screen on your Emerson TV.

This should be suspected when pressing the menu button on the remote displays the menu, and the TV seems to be responding to the remote.

A black screen in this case is most likely due to a defective input device (such as HDMI) or problem with the input cable from the set-top box.


Get a new cable or get help from the set-top box company.

A Word of Advice

Always check your Emerson TV connections before you troubleshoot.

Loosely connected power cords and faulty electrical connections can cause TV problems. So to be on the safe side, plug your TV directly into the wall outlet.

Avoid power strips and surge protectors until you have confirmed and fixed all other problems.

Emerson TV Won’t Turn On

Another very common issue you might have with your Emerson TV is that it won’t turn on. There are a few slightly different cases of this:

  • It stopped turning on suddenly after working before


1. If there is no power light, unplug the TV for 5 hours. This is pretty much a way of resetting the TV.  You should also examine the main fuse of the power board (where the power cord leaves the set).

2. If the reset doesn’t work, the issue could be components that got damaged from overheating. Follow these steps:

  • Open the back of your Emerson TV, let it cool down, then clean off any dust.
  • Next, remove the mainboard and the backlight inverter. If the power remains, the problem is with either one of these parts.
  • Before you try to fix any of the broken parts, ensure that you have proper knowledge about TV internal circuitry. If you aren’t sure about it, get help from a TV repair professional.

Another scenario for your Emerson TV not turning on, is if you got a flashing green light that stopped flashing, then the TV didn’t turn on.

A flashing green light on the Emerson LCD TV is actually a safety feature. When the green light flashes, it shows that your TV is in Protection Mode. This is a possible sign that something has gone wrong inside of your TV.

How does Emerson TV Protection Mode work?

When you turn on your TV, there is a phase of initializing during which checks are made for faults.

In this phase, the light flashes a few times, and if a fault is found, the TV isn’t allowed to be turned on.

Two faults that are likely to be detected are:

  1. A disrupted contact or incorrect voltage
  2. Charges accumulated on capacitors causing circuit overload


First, try a power cycle to reset the TV. This is done by simply unplugging your TV from the wall for several minutes (or even hours, just to be thorough).

After that, plug the television back into the wall and turn it on. If you still find the green light flashing, you need professional help.

If your Emerson TV is still under warranty, make the most of it and reach out to the Emerson care team.

To be on the safe side, use the exact contact information that’s in your Emerson TV user manual. Otherwise, find a qualified TV repair technician to help you out.

Emerson TV Turns On Then Off

Have you found your Emerson TV turning on then off, or turning on then going into standby mode?

The problem is a common issue for Emerson TV sets and happens when the Inverter Transformer on the power/backlight inverter board malfunctions.


As was mentioned in previous sections, doing a reset is always a good starting point. In this case, a manual reset is recommended.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Unplug the power cord from the the outlet and wait for at least 1 hour.

2. Press and hold the power button  that’s located on the TV for 60 seconds.

3. Maintain that hold and plug the TV again into the wall outlet.

4. Continue holding the power button for another 60 seconds.

If the manual reset doesn’t solve the problem, replace the whole board or replace the bad Inverter Transformer.

If your TV stays in standby mode, the next step is to repair or replace the power board capacitors.

Here’s help if your TV won’t turn on though the red light is on.

Emerson TV Shows Colored Lines at the Bottom

Your Emerson TV might be showing colored lines at the bottom of the screen.


Press the TV remote Menu button and check if the line appears over the menu display. Now use another input device such as a DVD player to check if the colored line returns. If it does, you are most likely dealing with panel failure.

A faulty LCD panel will need to be replaced.

General Pros and Cons for Emerson TV Sets


What People like Most About the Emerson TV

  • They are very well built and durable
  • Emerson TVs allow easy casting
  • They have good color and clear pictures
  • The sound quality is good
  • These TV sets tend to be very affordable

Problems With Emerson TV Sets

  • Emerson TVs can show a black screen
  • Emerson TV sets sometimes will not turn on
  • An Emerson TV can sometimes turn on then off
  • Emerson television sets can show colored lines on the screen


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