TV Won’t Turn On – But Red Light is On? (Here’s Why)

It’s a common scenario: the TV won’t turn on, but the red standby light indicates it’s still receiving power. Many individuals experience this issue and are left wondering what steps to take in order to resolve it.

In this article, we will discuss possible causes for this problem and provide practical solutions that may help get the TV back up and running.

By understanding the reasons behind a non-responsive TV with a red light, readers can confidently approach the issue and work towards a resolution.

Read on for a more detailed exploration of what might be causing the problem.

Common Causes

Power Issues

One possible cause for a TV not turning on with the red light visible is a power issue.

This could be due to loose or damaged connections, such as the power cord. Ensure that the power cord is connected securely to the TV and the power outlet.

Also, inspect the cord for any visible damage or fraying, as this may require replacing the cord.

Faulty Remote Control

Another common issue that may cause a TV not to turn on while the red light is on is a faulty remote control. To check if the remote is the cause, try turning on the TV manually using the physical buttons on the TV. If the TV turns on successfully, the issue may be with the remote control.

You can try resetting the remote by holding down the Return and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds until a message appears on your TV.

That’s works on several models. If it doesn’t – then try looking in the manual for how to do it.

Internal Component Failure

If the TV still doesn’t turn on after checking for power and remote control issues, there might be an internal component failure. This could include problems like blown fuses or capacitors.

In cases like these, it’s best to consult a professional technician for further troubleshooting and possible repairs.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the Power Supply

First, inspect the power cord for any visible damage.

If you find any damage, you can get a replacement at by searching for your TV model to find the exact power cord you need.

Though you see the red light, on some models it might be a standby light that is on for a while, even though the TV isn’t properly connected to power.

Also, ensure that the power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet and that the standby light is on.

Try a Different Outlet

Sometimes, the issue may be with the electrical outlet rather than the TV itself.

Unplug the TV power cord from the current outlet and try plugging it into a different one to see if the issue persists.

Test the Remote Control

A faulty remote control could also cause the TV not to turn on.

Try replacing the batteries in the remote and check if the problem still exists. This can help rule out any issues with the remote that could be causing the TV not to power on.

Perform a Power Cycle

Lastly, you can try a power cycle as a possible solution. With the power cord unplugged, hold the on/off switch on the TV down for 10 seconds. Release the switch and wait a few seconds then plug the electrical cord back into the outlet.

Your Samsung TV should turn on and resume normal functions.

Seeking Professional Help

Manufacturer Support

It is always recommended to contact the manufacturer’s support team if the TV won’t turn on but the red light is on. They can provide guided assistance, troubleshooting tips, and warranty information for the specific model. Most manufacturers have dedicated support websites with contact details, diagnostic tools, and frequently asked questions to help rectify common issues.

In some cases, manufacturers offer online chat services as well, which can provide faster and more personalized help.

Keep the TV’s model number and serial number handy, as this information will be needed for proper assistance.

Local TV Repair Services

If contacting the manufacturer does not yield a solution, consider seeking assistance from a local TV repair service. Many local shops specialize in diagnosing and fixing various television issues, and they might be able to provide a quick and efficient solution.

Before taking the TV to a repair shop, it is wise to call ahead and provide information about the problem, the TV model, and any troubleshooting steps already taken. This will help the technician assess the situation and give a rough estimate of repair costs. Additionally, researching and comparing multiple local repair shops can help find the one that offers the best service and pricing.

To summarize, when a TV won’t turn on but the red light is on, consider seeking help from the manufacturer’s support or a local TV repair service. Both options can provide guidance, troubleshooting, and potential repair solutions.

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